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  1. Wow pretty disappointing, original post was from June 2016.
  2. Anyone got any ideas as to what's happening in the video below. Have tried restarting etc but no luck. '
  3. Have tried the backups and get the same result unfortunately. Have just submitted to tech support. Will let you know the outcome. Thanks for all the advice.
  4. Hi Zoomer Just checked and that setting is already set to "very high". I have exported all sheets and they all have the same issue. Although it was unlikely I copied and pasted some objects to a blank file to try and replicate, but exported fine.
  5. It appears if I export as an image its fine, only when export as either a single PDF or published as PDF.
  6. Hi guys, thanks for the tips, have checked that and all set to 72dpi (default), have even increased and has no effect. Have also checked DPI setting in the publisher setting as well.
  7. May not be the best title but not sure how to describe. On screen in VW my plan (sheet layer) appears as shown below in the first image. Once published to PDF it appears as shown in the second image. Have tried comparing all the viewport, export, publish, print settings with a working file, but for the life of me can't find the fix. Any ideas?
  8. Hi there, nah no fix unfortunately, we were lucky enough on the particular site, it was so big that we were able to basically not show the whole site and use a small crop.
  9. Hi Michael, thanks for the reply, I did try those different options however it only flips left, right inside out etc, not the one window upside down.
  10. Thanks Pat, yeah I don't know either what's going on. Another task to do manually I suspect.
  11. At some stage int he last 6 months or so it appears that when an awning window is shown as part of a door combo, the opening arrows appear upside down. You can see below the 4 awning windows to the left with arrows shown like "^^^^" this is the NZ standard. The awning window in the door however shows "v". Is this a setting, if so where do I find it. Thank in advance.
  12. Hi Pat, no I have them unlinked as was having so much trouble with the database/keynotes. I can go and manually edit each bit of text and it stays, but the find a replace text tool for some reason switches back. Very worried how many notes in the projects have been affected by this.
  13. Can someone advise if this is a bug or not. Have numerous callout notes in a job. Used the "find replace text" tool to alter a piece of text. Get pop up that 5 instances have been found and changed. Go to the notes and at a glimpse all appears well. Only just found if I double click on these callout notes that the text reverts back to the original. Pretty massive issue when documenting a build.
  14. I have to the design layer, chosen select all and not showing any circle centre points or other handles that far away from structure. The first image below shows the VP selected. The second shows all objects selected on the design layer, one layer on, all classes on.
  15. I have a vwx file that has several referenced viewports, each ref VP looks at a single design layer in separate VW files. In each of the separate vwx files have turned on all classes to ensure theres no stray objects above or below the envelope of the building. When the ref VPs are selected the selection box is about 3 times bigger than the building it is showing, causing numerous overlaps. Is there a way change this selection size? Unable to crop the VPs due to the odd behaviour that occurs when viewing the VPs any any view other than top/plan. Any ideas?
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