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  1. If your data Viz is working for other objects then commonly you may have a space or typo in your data which is throwing the viz.
  2. Yes it works as promised, and is a great solution for adding colour keyed items to worksheets. Thanks to @drelARCH for pointing it out and Vectorworkers for implementing it.
  3. @drelARCH brilliant - I hadn't spotted that function as my current project is in 2020, but it looks very much like that is the answer. Many thanks for pointing it out. I will open it in 2021 to try it. Cheers, Marc
  4. I know there is a built in index/key which will show in a viewport for all Data Viz matching colours, but I'm wondering if there is a way to illustrate data viewed in a worksheet with the DataViz colour overlay? Ideally I would like to view my furniture items in 2D within a cell - which is currently easily achieved, but with the Data Viz formatting applied, or if not, then at least a matching DataViz index colour block in a cell alongside the image. Anyone achieved anything similar?
  5. I believe SQLite does not use ODBC, at least it is not necessary via ODBC Manager (at least not on a Mac, but perhaps it does on Windows). So this may get around your issues. It does report an ODBC error on Mac, but it still maintains the SQLite connection. I have not yet tested this fully in SP3 however. UPDATE: SQLite does still work - and works very well, fast and reliable.
  6. I awaited SP3 eagerly (since July last year) of the promised fix for object database connection. While it waited 5 mins before crashing previously, now VWks crashes immediately on connection of any object. Will test SQLite later for direct connection, but for now ODBC is rendered inoperable.
  7. Hi Pat, It works like magic, really, totally indistinguishable from magic. A script which cleans up in 2 seconds that which took me 3 days (I could weep) in a project last week. It may take me a few years to get to your level of scripting, but now I know I really need to start learning this week. Many thanks @Pat Stanford.
  8. That’s excellent and I can follow the logic. Many thanks for all your input Pat you are a star. It is getting late this side of the pond so will have a look tomorrow morning. We are currently on Vw2021 but the symbols came from an older file so I will be testing in VWks 2021. I hope to return the favour someday. Cheers, Marc
  9. I think the most likely scenario is that symbols will be placed in the blank “cleaning file”, then cleaned with the script and the definitions tagged to indicate they are cleaned. Changing the symbol name will likely create other problems with database connections so tagging would be best for us. Given we will be using by a “cleaning” file, then only newly imported symbols will be in that file so any options are good for us. We may need to create a “furnishings” Uniclass class to propagate through the Symbol first, then adjust any text within the symbol to the Furniture Reference Class indicated above. (sorry for delayed reply, forgot to hit send last night).
  10. Ah, good question. In this case I am trying to clean up instances already added in the drawing, but definitions are imported into the file and so also available via Resource Manager for the same file. Plus some symbols are only imported to Resource Manager without being inserted in the drawing.
  11. Wow thanks Pat. The Uniclass 2015 code for Furniture text is,.... I-ZZ-20-10-T-FurnitureReference If you make it work for Furniture Text I may also need another for Equipment etc. so if I can get in and change the script "text" I can make those changes myself. [Incidentally I have solved my previous issues around assigning values to Symbol Definition data. I am using SQLite database connections via Resource Manager so I will video and post as promised. Still awaiting ODBC fix - updates in next Service Pack I understand.]
  12. Thanks for picking this up (again) Pat. If only it was all text I agree it would be easier. Unfortunately it is only text within a symbol that I am looking for. However all symbols are within their own layer if that helps any scripting possibilities. So I am looking to select on the following criteria: all text items within symbols on a particular layer. Some items will have an existing class matching that of the parent symbol and others will not have a class assigned or may have a different class which I need to reassign. Unfortunately multiple product suppliers have a myriad on non-uniclass methods of data formatting which is down to me to clean up. incidentally your suggestion of doing an import into a cleaning file is great advice which I am encouraging colleagues to apply.
  13. I am looking to update imported symbols so that the text within the symbol definitions is assigned appropriately to a "Text" class as I want to be able to toggle the text labels on or off. I can trawl through each symbol definition one-by-one via Resource Manager and select and reassign the text, but is there a quicker way? I have tried creating a worksheet database view which does list my text items within symbols, but not let me change them. Custom selection scripts don't appear to grant access within symbol instances. Currently I'm stumped.
  14. I’m trying to set a Space Number from a text item but not sure how to pick up the Space object. All I know is the handle is 86 and that I can set the record values for Space field names. Is there such a thing as a Space node? I thought I could assign via a Space symbol, but not sure how. Anyone with any experience or examples?


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