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  1. What version are you working in? Vectorworks 2020 says it can import a GeoTiff. http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2020/eng/index.htm#t=VW2020_Guide%2FImport%2FImporting_georeferenced_images.htm&rhsearch=geotiff&rhhlterm=geotiff&rhsyns= Having said that, I'm here because I'm having a problem importing a GeoTiff right now and I'm working in v2020...
  2. This would be just like the automated numbering of existing trees using the Existing Tree tool, which allows you to set a prefix (such as a capitol letter E) to the automated numbering system. It starts at 01 and counts up as high as you need it to go. This is of particular importance on a project with lots of trees, and we get one of those at least once every year. We currently have a project with 1,400 existing trees that we need to manage, and we'd like to give that same level of detail to the hundreds of proposed trees. With individualized tree IDs, we or the client can better manage tree care and planting schedules (e.g. I'm going to plant tree numbers 01-50 this year, numbers 51-80 within three years, numbers 81-100 within five years.) Please make this possible!!!!! Thanks, Anna
  3. There seems to be only one setting for Object Snapping, either it is on or off. What about specific settings for: snapping to an object's center but nowhere else I want to place proposed streetlights of a new model on top of existing streetlights so they are replaced in the exact location. To place the new ones on the center of the old ones, I have to zoom in really close to match only the center, zoom out to find the next one, zoom in really close again to find only the center. This takes too much time. (and AutoCAD has settings for this.)
  4. This would be a tool to manage things like: -layout of the contents of a every sheet (exact location, dimensions and attributes of viewports, worksheets, title blocks, sheet border) -the north arrow of every sheet (including location of it on the sheet and its attributes) -the scale of every sheet (including location of it on the sheet and its attributes) It is very time-consuming to have to enter the Object Info Palette for every sheet to make edits and hope that I'm making the same edits precisely to each sheet without making a mistake... on 170 sheets...
  5. Tim, Thank you. A couple of things... I already had a Sheet List in my document. I tried editing the individual sheet titles within it and it works. I don't recall it being able to do that before. Perhaps it is new, or I just didn't realize I could do that. (Great, thanks!) HAVING SAID THAT...the Sheet List could be greatly improved... I have sub-groups within my drawing and have to tell the sheet list which sheets to include in that particular set. To do that, I tell it the sheet number range by adding to the criteria "Field Value" "S_Sheet Number_SN" ">=" through "Field Value" "S_Sheet Number_SN" "<=". And it's a cumbersome process. And it automatically adds a bunch of "Record" "My Custom Record" "is present" I don't know what those are for, but if I remove them, the program automatically puts them back in. ALSO, I should have described this in the original post (and I will just make it a new one) - I would like an OVERALL SHEET LAYOUT MANAGER. This would be a tool to manage things like: -layout of the contents of a every sheet (exact location, dimensions and attributes of viewports, worksheets, title blocks, sheet border) -the north arrow of every sheet (including location of it on the sheet and its attributes) -the scale of every sheet (including location of it on the sheet and its attributes)
  6. This is something I know AutoCAD Civil 3D can do. Our office now uses VW whenever we can, trying to replace both AutoCAD Civil 3D and in some cases ArcGIS with VW, and it would be great if we could create viewports automatically along a project alignment. I just started a project in VW on a narrow corridor that is 25 miles long. For the scale, we will need about 40 sheets. I created the viewports myself and it took a lot longer than it would have in the other programs.
  7. Please make a window or tool for managing the titles of individual sheets. I know I can make some parts of a title block apply to every sheet. However, for individual sheets with different info, it is very time-consuming to edit each sheet on a project with many sheets. Our recent projects have 150-200 sheets. This could also be used to more easily make a Sheet Schedule.
  8. I am working on a landscape master plan that includes the removal of some structures and landscape features, such as old planting beds, concrete footing for a signpost that is no longer there, streetlights. The things to be removed are two object types, some are symbols in my resource browser and some are polygons that I drew in design space. For the symbols, I figured out how to create a Record Format and "link text to record" - this allows me to place a large letter "R" on top of each object that is to be removed and have that information attached to each individual instance. This is not ideal however. I do not want a big R on top of the symbol because I want to be able to see more of the symbol, and a big X is standard, but I want a graphic X, not the letter "x". This method limits me to the use of text and no other type of object (it does not accept the Callout Tool so that I could have an arrow pointing to the object). Is there a standard way to mark the objects that are to be removed? Is there anything like a Removals Schedule that will create a worksheet listing all the objects that have been marked for removal?
  9. Art, I understand now. I tried that on my trees and it is not doing anything. Perhaps it would work if I was placing proposed trees, but the Existing Tree tool is a little different. I tried re-selecting all my 2D settings for existing trees (in place of re-inserting a proposed tree's symbol), and the shoulder line was not updated or changed in any way. Anna
  10. I have reviewed the forums and posted a question for how to do this. It looks like this is a long-standing wish (one post was from 2004). I'd like to be able to set the length of a plant tag shoulder line for ALL plants. For example, I have 2,000 existing tree symbols on my current project, and the shoulder lines are either too short to be seen or ridiculously long, or anywhere in between. I cannot possibly edit each one individually. There needs to be a master setting for this. PLEASE fix this soon! Thanks, Anna
  11. - - Tim and Art: I never changed the origin in the first place, but I went ahead and tried it. I got the same results as the person from the 2004 post - nothing changed. I tried placing a new existing tree symbol, and that one had a rather long shoulder line. - - Art: What do you mean by "search/replace"? How do I do it and what am I looking for? Are you saying this will show me each plant and I can see if each one changed and if any remain unchanged? Sorry, I just didn't understand. It looks like I'll be sending in a Wish List request. Anna
  12. Thanks Tim, I tried that - two issues: 1. It doesn't allow me to set the beginning and ending of the shoulder line, so it simply won't do what I need. 2. Even if it did, that tool is meant to be done is small groups and that would take too much time. I have more than 2,000 plants on this project. It looks like this is a function that needs to be added. anna
  13. I know how to set a tag to have a shoulder line however, I do not see any place to set the length of the shoulder. I am adding tags to several hundred existing tree symbols. When I turn on the tag shoulder line option, the shoulder line displays and it is often much too long (ridiculously long). Is there a master setting somewhere so that I can change all the trees at once to have a reasonable tag shoulder length? By the way, solving this today would be a great birthday present! Thanks, Anna
  14. I made a custom detail, made it a symbol, and imported it into my drawing for a landscape design project. The detail is a section of a rock retaining wall. I read the VW (Vectorworks) Help Menu on Create Detail Viewports, and I see that VW can link the Design Layer callout to the detail on the sheet, but that seems to work only if the source of your detail is part of your main drawing. In that case, you make a detail viewport on top of your drawing and set a close-up scale (for a more detailed look at your plan) OR, use the Section Line tool to cut through a 3D model. I do not have a 3D model. Is there a way to link a callout in my drawing to the detail on my detail sheet?? Thanks, Anna


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