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  1. @Pat Stanford ?! Having the Long/Lat stored at part of the PIO record would be amazing. Frankly, I assumed that was already there, but hey, I'm always grateful for enhancements and for customer requests being heard. 60 days, I assume you're referring the release of v2021 - is it that time of year already?! Wow. I can wait 60 days if you're advocating on my behalf to get this feature fulfilled. Thank you so much. Georeferenced data is integral to so many of our projects and sometimes we need to be able to display on a map the location of a feature (for example, a data tag that displays the Long/Lat for each tree). We sometimes work with environmental scientists who collect 'threatened and endangered' plant and animal gis data and they hire us to map the location of these existing features. For this particular project, we were producing shapefiles for a project partner who will train "citizen scientists" to monitor the trees for the purpose of gathering climate change data. So the shapefiles we produce out of Vectorworks are not just for something mundane like knowing where to construct the planting beds. The shapefiles are not the end of the project but the beginning of the next phase of the project. As we speak, people in Gary, Indiana are discussing the project, developing educational signage, and beginning to receive training that complies with the National Phenology Network program. It's a very exciting project and we hope to do more of them. Thank you so much, Anna
  2. I have locus points for proposed trees and a worksheet displaying information about the trees: ID, Latin Name, Common Name. I want to add the Longitude and Latitude of each tree to the worksheet but I cannot find what function to use in the cell to display that. I have a georeferenced file. I'm waiting for an email reply from tech support but this is urgent and I have no idea how long it'll take to hear back. Does anyone know how to display Latitude and Longitude? I've attached a screenshot of my file showing the Data tab of one of the objects that needs Longitude, Latitude displayed. It also shows the worksheet I have set up for displaying the tree info. What function goes in those dang cells? By the way, Xcenter, Ycenter, XCoordiante, YCoordinate do NOT work - they display the location based on x,y of the file not taking the georeferenced location into account. Having said all that, I'm a bit worried the trees are not in the correct location. The location of the highlighted tree locus in the file is 2882818'9", 2315428'6.156" while the coordinates of this location (Gary, Indiana) are 41 North and 87 West. Also, to help you understand what you're looking at, the tree loci are a shapefile I exported from my project file and imported into this file for the purpose of checking on what I produced. This shapefile is a deliverable to the client who will put the tree location shapefile into an app so that people can locate the trees as part of a national science project. Thank you! Anna
  3. @Carlos Sainz - Yes! I've been in contact with tech support about this and I think they now understand. I hope this can be fixed soon. For now, I know that I rotated my georeferenced north "design space" 90 degrees to the right, so I placed north arrows on the sheets and rotated those 90 degrees to the right. It got me through.
  4. @Kevin C, the north arrow does not always have to be facing up. It is acceptable to rotate the drawing in construction drawings - as long as the north arrow is pointing in the direction of north for the drawing presented, of course.
  5. What is the recommended way to rotate the view in a viewport so that north is not up but to the right? I have been able to do it by creating the viewport in design space with design space using a temporary rotation. But the north arrow in that viewport still points up. I am unable to rotate the north arrow because it is following the georeferencing of the file, which is what I of course want it do. I don't want to do any funky stuff to "make it work". I want to set this up the way that Vw wants me to do it. What is that?
  6. What version are you working in? Vectorworks 2020 says it can import a GeoTiff. http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2020/eng/index.htm#t=VW2020_Guide%2FImport%2FImporting_georeferenced_images.htm&rhsearch=geotiff&rhhlterm=geotiff&rhsyns= Having said that, I'm here because I'm having a problem importing a GeoTiff right now and I'm working in v2020...
  7. This would be just like the automated numbering of existing trees using the Existing Tree tool, which allows you to set a prefix (such as a capitol letter E) to the automated numbering system. It starts at 01 and counts up as high as you need it to go. This is of particular importance on a project with lots of trees, and we get one of those at least once every year. We currently have a project with 1,400 existing trees that we need to manage, and we'd like to give that same level of detail to the hundreds of proposed trees. With individualized tree IDs, we or the client can better manage tree care and planting schedules (e.g. I'm going to plant tree numbers 01-50 this year, numbers 51-80 within three years, numbers 81-100 within five years.) Please make this possible!!!!! Thanks, Anna
  8. There seems to be only one setting for Object Snapping, either it is on or off. What about specific settings for: snapping to an object's center but nowhere else I want to place proposed streetlights of a new model on top of existing streetlights so they are replaced in the exact location. To place the new ones on the center of the old ones, I have to zoom in really close to match only the center, zoom out to find the next one, zoom in really close again to find only the center. This takes too much time. (and AutoCAD has settings for this.)
  9. This would be a tool to manage things like: -layout of the contents of a every sheet (exact location, dimensions and attributes of viewports, worksheets, title blocks, sheet border) -the north arrow of every sheet (including location of it on the sheet and its attributes) -the scale of every sheet (including location of it on the sheet and its attributes) It is very time-consuming to have to enter the Object Info Palette for every sheet to make edits and hope that I'm making the same edits precisely to each sheet without making a mistake... on 170 sheets...
  10. Tim, Thank you. A couple of things... I already had a Sheet List in my document. I tried editing the individual sheet titles within it and it works. I don't recall it being able to do that before. Perhaps it is new, or I just didn't realize I could do that. (Great, thanks!) HAVING SAID THAT...the Sheet List could be greatly improved... I have sub-groups within my drawing and have to tell the sheet list which sheets to include in that particular set. To do that, I tell it the sheet number range by adding to the criteria "Field Value" "S_Sheet Number_SN" ">=" through "Field Value" "S_Sheet Number_SN" "<=". And it's a cumbersome process. And it automatically adds a bunch of "Record" "My Custom Record" "is present" I don't know what those are for, but if I remove them, the program automatically puts them back in. ALSO, I should have described this in the original post (and I will just make it a new one) - I would like an OVERALL SHEET LAYOUT MANAGER. This would be a tool to manage things like: -layout of the contents of a every sheet (exact location, dimensions and attributes of viewports, worksheets, title blocks, sheet border) -the north arrow of every sheet (including location of it on the sheet and its attributes) -the scale of every sheet (including location of it on the sheet and its attributes)
  11. This is something I know AutoCAD Civil 3D can do. Our office now uses VW whenever we can, trying to replace both AutoCAD Civil 3D and in some cases ArcGIS with VW, and it would be great if we could create viewports automatically along a project alignment. I just started a project in VW on a narrow corridor that is 25 miles long. For the scale, we will need about 40 sheets. I created the viewports myself and it took a lot longer than it would have in the other programs.
  12. Please make a window or tool for managing the titles of individual sheets. I know I can make some parts of a title block apply to every sheet. However, for individual sheets with different info, it is very time-consuming to edit each sheet on a project with many sheets. Our recent projects have 150-200 sheets. This could also be used to more easily make a Sheet Schedule.
  13. I am working on a landscape master plan that includes the removal of some structures and landscape features, such as old planting beds, concrete footing for a signpost that is no longer there, streetlights. The things to be removed are two object types, some are symbols in my resource browser and some are polygons that I drew in design space. For the symbols, I figured out how to create a Record Format and "link text to record" - this allows me to place a large letter "R" on top of each object that is to be removed and have that information attached to each individual instance. This is not ideal however. I do not want a big R on top of the symbol because I want to be able to see more of the symbol, and a big X is standard, but I want a graphic X, not the letter "x". This method limits me to the use of text and no other type of object (it does not accept the Callout Tool so that I could have an arrow pointing to the object). Is there a standard way to mark the objects that are to be removed? Is there anything like a Removals Schedule that will create a worksheet listing all the objects that have been marked for removal?


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