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  1. Provide a dashboard (under a user’s account) that allows a user to track history and see status. A user would be able to delegate access to others (like coworkers) so that everyone within an organization can see the status, actions, and resolution (if available) of a support ticket. Thanks! Anna
  2. Can I only get coordinates from a stake object or can I use this method to get the coordinates of an object (a custom symbol)?
  3. Please hit the "vote" button to the left side of the original post (an up arrow and a number below it) if you would like to see this feature!
  4. I have a symbol that we use to identify specific locations and we need to display the latitude and longitude coordinates of each location. We have been using a Stake as a callout and have it set to display the lat and long coordinates in decimal degrees. I am now trying to show this coordinate information in a worksheet. I do not know what function to use to get the latitude and longitude into the cells. (or it's not possible.) I tried using =ycoordinate, =xcoordinate, but this returns the x/y location in design space and not GIS coordinates. Since we set our files to be georeferenced and use an Adjusted Origin, the location will not be the distance from 0, 0. The function needs to understand the latitude and longitude coordinates. Do you know what function I need to use? Thanks! Anna (attachment is a screenshot of a worksheet I was messing around with to try to get this to work. It could have separate columns for latitude and longitude, or one column with both and with a comma between. It is showing the x/y distance from 0,0, not coordinates).
  5. That's what I did. It was sufficient for my needs at the time. See my reply to Tom W.
  6. I did not make this tunnel using a duplicate DTM. I ended up using one DTM, a tunnel structure that goes in and back out of it on the other side, and a polygon inside the tunnel on this side (from a tip on the forum) to fake the look of a tunnel opening. (final product not shown).
  7. This makes sense. I've done this on a project where we needed to track trees removed (because they died) and replacement trees. Thanks for reminding me of that. I can basically reuse what I made for that.
  8. Markdd, How do you get the custom color palette file saved in that location? How do you update it when a change is made after it has been saved there? Anna
  9. I have made a custom color palette for the company. I would like to share it with the others in my office. Additionally, I work remotely and we share files through Microsoft OneDrive. How do I get the company custom color palette to them? I used the Help Menu and it states "With the Color Palette Manager, create or import custom color palettes". I am looking at the Color Palette Manager and I do not see a way to import or export a color palette. I've attached a screenshot of what I see in the Color Palette Manager. I also did not find a way to share the custom color palette through the Resource Manager. Thanks! Anna
  10. I created a nice edging using the Hardscape Tool in path configuration mode. I have not figured out how to create a Boundary configuration hardscape that has a border on only select sides. Is this still not possible?
  11. I would like to set company standards for the Plant Style settings for each plant symbol in our plant library. I'm working on making a worksheet that will display the settings (in columns) for each plant. QUESTION: How do I get the By Style / By Instance setting into the column of a worksheet? I want to know for each setting if it is set by style or instance. The columns would be, for example (see attached image): Plant Tag style/instance Scheduled Size style/instance ACGR by style 2.5" B&B by instance THANKS! Anna
  12. I see. This is clever. You use the border settings (which I think of when I need a soldier course, for example) for making steel edging. I hadn't thought of that. Alternatively, use the Hardscape Tool in Path mode to create steel edging. I'll try them both!
  13. Wow, 8 years ago! I asked for this a few years ago but not through the forum. It really would help me a ton when I'm reshaping a plant group to align to a specific edge. It easy to grab a midpoint thinking it's the next end point.
  14. Why?! Why does a positive number rotate counter-clockwise and a negative number rotate clockwise?
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