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  1. Hi Rob, Lovely to hear from you! Trying to track down the manufacturer, I'm not near the venue at the moment, waiting on confirmation from them. Very much appreciate this. There is no major rush for the symbols, just trying to get ahead of the game! Cheers, Jazz
  2. Evening all! (or whatever time it may be in your respective places) Yep, I started with using polygons, but couldn't find a suitable chair model in the resources. I need to take more measurements and pictures of the actual bank if I'm going to get it anywhere near close. I've definitely mucked up something somewhere. I just wondered if there was an actual 'seating bank' model section somewhere, rather than building from scratch! The venue has 'conference' style seating that can be put out as extra seating in the front. THat's actually pretty easy using the models from the resource browser. With the bank retracted it can be put into cabaret style seating, or meetings etc. I appreciate all the advice, once I get it looking anywhere near the actual venue I'll post up a couple of shots. Cheers guys, Jazz
  3. Hi Scott, The venue is mostly used in the out position, when it's retracted it pulls under an overhang, effectively creating a full wall. A retracted model is quite easy to replicate, it's the out position that I'm having difficulty with. I didn't know whether there was a specific tool for creating seating banks, much like the seating layout tool, but actually creates a raked format. I've seen accurate seating banks on other drawings but not sure how they were created... I can't seem to find a model of a suitable seating bank seat to even start building a rough model...
  4. Morning! I'm sure there is indeed somehwere some manufacturer details.... where though is another question. Let me try and track that down. I don't know if its an 'off the shelf' version that happily fitted in the space or whether its been built specifically. I've got the seating layout, but not make and model. I'm getting one of the in house peeps to check, but it'll probably be next week. Cheers for that fella! Jazz
  5. Morning! Ah, that makes sense with the attribute fill. I also like the idea of working in none then reassigning the objects later. To be fair I usually end up doing something similiar as I completely forget to change layers and classes. My drawings can end up quite messy sometimes! Yes, when I drew the beam structure I drew the whole structure, then converted the outline to a poly, which I extruded, then extruded the internal negative spaces and subtracted the solids. Sometimes it bugs me in VW when you make an structure out of several objects and as you move around you can kind of 'see' the edges, sometimes they do a little flicker. I realise the actual beams themselves are made of multiple sections, and its kind of a silly thing to be annoyed at but thats the reasoning behind the way I constructed the beams. If that makes sense. Oh yeah, loooaaads to learn, at the moment I'm just trying to make my workflow more efficient and effective with little tips and shortcuts etc. Cheers! Jazz
  6. Hey, Ah, yep, I understand that, but was hoping there was a way of doing it so the fixtures were visible whilst working in 3D but not producing that effect. If that makes sense?
  7. Good morning all! Wondering if anyone can advise and/or assist!! Recently working in a venue that has a new seating bank, one of those lovely motorised collapsible ones, and there are obviously no drawings available anywhere useful that I can access so I've been attempting to build my own of the venue. Does anyone know how to replicate said types of seating banks? I can't seem to find appropriate VW symbols for it. Has anyone had any experience with this? Cheers in advance! Jazz
  8. Hi Benson, Thanks for the info, the reason I converted the arc is that it was creating a centre vertice point and looking like an unclosed poly, please see attached pic. I couldn't seem to find a way to stop it doing this so then converted it to lines. I'm clearly being a dunce and not looking in the right place! I see what you mean about it slowing everything down a bit, it explains why I was a bit laggy at certain points. Ah, cheers for the tips about the walls, gave it a quick bash there but couldn't get the peaks to extend to the poly roof. I'll give it another bash after I've had a second coffee! Kinda unrelated question, but one I've been coming across recently, I've now added the hanging pendants and other electrical items to the drawing. When I've added the lights it has changed the way the 3D view looks, obviously because its now trying to render using the light sources I've added, but now it looks kinda dark and a bit difficult to navigate. Is there a way of turning this off?! Thanks so much for your time and tips! Jazz
  9. I've attached the completed beams as well as a pic of the venue... Again, thanks for this. Not quite got the textures right, still having issues with getting the walls and floor to play correctly but thank you so much for helping me out. It's pretty damn close, good enough to visualise the production we are hopefully putting in there. Cheers! Jazz websters upstairs v2.1.vwx
  10. Thanks for that. Ah yes, I think I know what's happened on the main structure, my centre must have been slightly off when I mirrored the arcs, I did have to extend and trim lines, so I've probably not zoomed in enough when doing so. The sub structures to create the lattice work seem to be composing as closed polys. I do intend to get some formal training in VW, it's on my list of CPD. I'm sure I'll get around to it at some point! I appreciate all the assistance in the meantime! Cheers, Jazz
  11. Amazing! Thank you so much!!! Was that the issue with the poly not being closed? Ah, wait, just seen the 'closed' tick box. Guessing thats how you close the darn thing?! How did you spot the overlap? I can see when you select the poly that you can step through the vertices. It only seems to flash up a little box then it disappears, it's very difficult to identify... is there a better way to view this? Apologies for all the questions, I'd love to be able to learn so I don't have to keep annoying everyone for help! Thanks so much again. Jazz
  12. Hi Marissa, Thanks for the quick response. I've attached the VW file in v2018, let me know if a there is a better version. Ah, ok, I didn't realise that was a thing. It seemed to come up as closed and all the lines seemed to connect. Anyway, file attached. The way I've been building the frame is to create a solid beam then subtract the other beam shapes to create the lattice work. Then I was going to flip the beam in 3D so it stands upright. I'm guessing there is an easier way to do all this, I'm not really proficient at any of the 3D stuff, I kind of hack away at things until I get roughly the result I'm looking for. Kinda like the monkeys with typewriters and infinite time being able to write the works of Shakespeare... Zoomer - It is definitely filled solid in attributes... just checked before I embarrassed myself any further! Thanks all! Jazz websters upstairs v1.3.vwx
  13. Hi there, I'm fairly new to VW, so I don't fully understand its workings and I'm having a very frustrating time. I'm trying to create gothic roof beams in a drawing of a church for a show I'm working on. I've drawn the lattice work using the line tool, then added any arcs using the arc tool, converted the arc to lines then used compose to create a polygon. When I try and extrude the polygon it only seems to extrude as though it were lines, not as a solid structure. I've tried converting this to a 3D polygon and use the push/pull command but it doesn't seem to locate the face in order to pull it out. If anyone can tell me how I'm being stupid I would be most grateful!! Many thanks, Jazz


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