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  1. Hi @rebu1985, In file B, right click on File A in the references part of the navigation palette or organization palette and select edit. From here you should be able to turn off the option to automatically update out of date references during the file open. Apart from this, it shouldn't automatically update the references if you've got both files still open when you save the edit to the reference file. Unless anyone knows any other option for this.
  2. Hi @Michal Zarzecki, This is an interesting one. Please can you send over the file so that we can take a look and investigate this issue. You can either direct message me or send it through to technical support (uktech@vectorworks.net). Thanks.
  3. @Art V, There should be an option within the advanced options called download update (when holding Alt). You can then use the downloaded file to do the offline update. If for whatever reason, the download update option isn't listed, you can use the attached documents to use the Mac terminal or the Windows command prompt to download the update files. You can either download a general update or a targeted update to get the desired result. Offline update [Mac].zip Offline update [Windows].zip
  4. Hi @Carles Olle, You could try running the repair then trying again. This should then refresh the list of available service packs. Within the updater, go to Advanced Options > Repair.
  5. Hi @Sally yang, If this is the issue I am thinking of, it is caused by importing DWG which moves the user origin. This then changes how plants are placed. This has been fixed with the release of Vectorworks 2020 SP2.1. I suggest that you try updating your service pack and trying again.
  6. Hi @willofmaine, Please can you try going to Tools > Options > Vectorworks Preferences > Display > change Navigation Graphics to Good Performance and Compatibility. If that doesn't work, would you be able to share a copy of the file (either here or on a private message) so that I can take a look.
  7. I've found that in a previous file, toggling on and off the Mass Plants option has removed the decimal places from the tag.
  8. Within the NVIDIA control panel, do you have the option to add a program called CineRenderNEM? If so, try adding that as that's the driver we use. Make sure to add the version which is located within your current version of Vectorworks' program folder.
  9. Hi @Sherriff, This will most likely be down to the settings in your NVIDIA control panel. Please try the following: Right click on desktop > NVIDIA Control Panel > Configure Surround, PhysX (might be PhysX settings) > set the Processor to your GTX card > Apply > Manage 3D settings > Program Settings > if Vectorworks 2020 isn't in the drop down menu click Add > select Vectorworks 2020 > Add Selected Program > Apply. I hope this helps you.
  10. Hi @MHBrown, If you try running Vectorworks 2018 on your current Mac Pro then it will most likely crash. Personally I would recommend that you purchase a new Mac. Please make sure that what ever you end up getting meets the system requirements here: https://www.vectorworks.net/sysreq?version=2018
  11. Hi @Simon B, Are you able to see your drawing if you click on fit to objects or does it zoom out? Would you be able to send over a copy of this file so that I can investigate the issue.
  12. I have now managed to replicate the issue like you have. It seems to depend on when the object is assigned a class. If the object is created with the the class active then it will break however if you create the floor in the none class then assign the floor your newly created class then it seems to work as I first discovered. Here's a link to a video I just made on it: https://cloud.vectorworks.net/links/11e9cef165cf621282270a7c60cb7e10/
  13. Hi @ligbert, Please try opening these files with your current version of Vectorworks. Vectorworks can open .mcd files. You may however need an earlier version of Vectorworks to do this. If you are unsuccessful in opening the files, please send all the files you require over to your local Vectorworks technical support to get converted.
  14. Hi @michaelk, I have tested this and have seen that for whatever reason in VW 2019 when you create a floor in this way only the top part gets a texture. The texture for the bottom and sides get set to none by default. To get around this, I suggest you experiment with slabs or extrudes. I shall notify the engineers of this (VB-164676).
  15. Hi @LarryO, Do you have an example file which you can share so I can test this? Regarding the navigation palette, this could possibly be because you're in the fundimentals workspace. Try going to Tools > Workspaces > Architect. If that doesn't work, try Window > Palettes > Navigation.
  16. Hi @Randy12, This will be because one of your workspaces has become corrupt. You will need to reset your user folder by doing the following: Close Vectorworks > Finder > Go > hold Alt/Option and click Library > Application Support > Vectorworks > rename 2019 to 2019old > open Vectorworks.
  17. Hi @ghunter, You can downgrade your service pack by going to the Vectorworks 2019 Updater program (Applications/Vectorworks 2019/Vectorworks 2019 Updater) > click Advanced Options > hold Alt/Option and click Change Version > select your desired service pack > OK.
  18. If you have one, please can you try disconnecting your external monitor and restart Vectorwroks and try it again. This issue can be caused by external monitors. If this does not work, please contact your local technical support directly.
  19. Hi @turnerhoskins, Please can you try drawing something when you go to the file which doesn't react. Does this get drawn on the other file?
  20. Hi Julian, I still believe that this is an origin issue. If you don't feel comfortable posting the file here you can either direct message me with the file as I would still like to investigate this issue.
  21. Hi @Amorphous - Julian, I have seen this as a symptom of an origin issue (where objects are over 5KM away from the internal origin). Would you be able to post the file so I can take a look?
  22. The bug report has been assigned and is being worked on. It has been linked to two other reports.
  23. Hi @Fernanda Diaz, Please can you post a copy of the file so I can investigate.
  24. Hi @O Design, From looking at the list of shortcuts we have I don't believe this is possible as standard. List of shortcuts: http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2019/eng/VWKeyboardShortcuts.pdf If it is possible to do this with a script, the best place to ask is in the Vectorscrpit section of the forum: https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/forum/20-vectorscript/
  25. I have been able to replicate the issue within your file however I am unable to do so in a blank file. I have escalated this issue to our engineering team to find the cause of the issue.
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