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  1. ghunter

    Variable and Fixed Angle Truss F34 0-25Deg

    Thank you Rob and Justin, greatly appreciated! Glen
  2. ghunter

    Variable and Fixed Angle Truss F34 0-25Deg

    Thanks Justin, I have created a custom junction (attached) but I am struggling to figure out the L1, L2, and L3 values that you need to set in the custom configuration (corner) settings so that it connects correctly on both sides. The flat side connects properly but the angled side does not. Are you able to assist with the shape I've drawn to shown to show where each of those dimensions is actually located ? Unfortunately I am having trouble attaching the 3.1Mb VWX file to this post. The shape is 50mm at the narrowest side, long sides are 290mm and the angle between them is 10 degrees. Thanks
  3. I can't get any Braceworks to calculate any hanging positions that contain the supplied F34 Box truss symbol. In the attached images any simple structure similar to those that contains the F34 Box symbol saying that it isn't properly supported, whereas any structures that don't contain it are fine. I tried a few different combinations including just hanging a connector on its own from a hoist but that didn't work either. Any thoughts? Thanks
  4. We are using these F34 0-25° Variable Hinged Junction (2.5° Incremental Settings) to connect straight Cosmic-Global truss to create a "curved" truss for hanging a curved projection screen. For ease we tend to shape the screen to correspond with the house rigging points. https://dq.com.au/product/f34-0-25-variable-hinged-junction/ Braceworks doesn't seem to support hinged junctions and there doesn't seem to be any connectors less that 45° for Cosmic-Global F34. Ideally we'd like to run calculations on the assembled truss esp. total point load for each of the hoists, even it it mean having multiple symbols defined in 2.5° increments that we could use to create the system. Has anyone run into this problem or seen any solutions? Thanks
  5. Hello, can you please create a truss symbol for Truss Vert GLP-Cosmic Truss F34200 290x290x2000. This is a common length but for some reason there is only the 2150mm truss in the current library. There is already a Horz version of the 2000mm truss. Thanks
  6. I would like to register a request to keep the legacy Number Stamp tool alive. It is a very quick method of numbering sets of banquet tables and other symbols where you frequently have to remove all the numbering and resequence the objects. Thanks


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