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  1. We are experiencing a problem when rendering JPG files from Vision at 1920x1080 300dpi. Vision crashes however the file is still produced although incorrectly broken up into repeating panels as per the attached imaged. Thanks 15" Macbook Pro 2019, 16Gb RAM, Radeon Pro 555X 4Gb, Mac OX Catalina 10.15.5, Vision
  2. Hello, Has anyone seen a library of speaker symbols for Electro-Voice products? Thanks
  3. Hello I am trying to create a simple two-leg bridle that connects to a stick of truss. I've chosen two leg bridle in the toolbar plus Click Insertion Mode. In the first example in the screen shot below, I click the left-most house rigging point, the rigging point in the middle, and then the stick of truss, and get the error message displayed "Invalid Bridle" (must be inside polygon etc etc). In the second example in the screen shot, I rotated the truss 90 degress and did the same sequence, and the bridle is created correctly with the down-leg attached at the correct height for the truss. At first I though it might be because the truss wasn't exactly aligned to the house rigging point, so I made sure they were exactly aligned in the center. Does any body have any tips as to how I can get the first example to work? Thanks
  4. There is potential issue/bug with the display of House Rigging Points. You have the ability to click the "Use Symbol" checkbox in the OIP and specify a custom symbol. That functionality works but what I am finding is that if you close a plan and open a plan a few times, then the House Rigging Points disappear! What you have to do is select the "invisible" house rigging points, deselect the "Use Symbol" checkbox (the symbols then appear but revert to the default VW symbol) and then click "Use Symbol" again to display your custom symbol. VW must "remember" which symbols you previously specified as then the all display correctly (if you previously used different custom symbols). I found I can recreate this issue consistently. Has anyone else experience this?
  5. Thanks Adam, much appreciated. Glen
  6. We don't seem to have SP5 yet in Australia as there is always a little delay, but it was confirmed as still existing in the beta SP5 when tested about a week ago. Glen
  7. Hi, I need to rollback to VW 2019 SP3 as there is an identified bug in Braceworks SP4 so I must rollback. I can't see on the ServiceSelect site how to download previous releases within 2019, only the current release plus prior years' releases. Is there a link to download SP3 so I can uninstall SP4 and reinstall? Thanks
  8. There is a possible bug in the Heliodon tool. When you place a Heliodon in a designer layer, and change the render model to Open GL. If you change the time of day in the OIP, VW does not detect the change in the field and the screen is not re-rendered. If you then type in another time of day and exit the field, VW re-renders but using the PREVIOUS time of day you entered, while showing the new time of day in the OIP. This problem isn't obvious if you entered the same time of day. It appears as though it didn't re-render, then rendered correctly, but in fact it was using the first value you entered to render the current value. I found I can recreate this issue consistently. Thanks
  9. HI Juan, Peter Neufeld at OzCad here in Australia confirmed for me yesterday with some test files it is crashing in SP4 and beta SP5. I believe he has raised an incident so for the time being I've been advised to revert to SP3. Thank you.
  10. Thanks Scott. OzCAD here in Australia confirms it crashes in SP4 and beta SP5 so a report has been raised. I am going to revert to SP3.
  11. I recently upgraded to SP4 and when I use the Reset Braceworks IDs command in any existing plans, VW crashes. The progress dialog displays but about half way in there is a crash. I created some simple new test plans, they seem to reset properly but then they don't contain anywhere near the number of hoists/truss etc as the existing plans. Is anyone experiencing this issue? Thanks
  12. I recently upgraded to SP4 and am using Braceworks. When I choose the Reset Braceworks IDs option the progress meter gets about half way along then VW crashes consistently. If I create a test plan from scratch the fucntion works, however in existing plans it crashes. I tried a few plans and it is happening in all the ones I tried. Anyone else experiencing this problem? Thanks
  13. Thank you Rob and Justin, greatly appreciated! Glen
  14. Thanks Justin, I have created a custom junction (attached) but I am struggling to figure out the L1, L2, and L3 values that you need to set in the custom configuration (corner) settings so that it connects correctly on both sides. The flat side connects properly but the angled side does not. Are you able to assist with the shape I've drawn to shown to show where each of those dimensions is actually located ? Unfortunately I am having trouble attaching the 3.1Mb VWX file to this post. The shape is 50mm at the narrowest side, long sides are 290mm and the angle between them is 10 degrees. Thanks
  15. I can't get any Braceworks to calculate any hanging positions that contain the supplied F34 Box truss symbol. In the attached images any simple structure similar to those that contains the F34 Box symbol saying that it isn't properly supported, whereas any structures that don't contain it are fine. I tried a few different combinations including just hanging a connector on its own from a hoist but that didn't work either. Any thoughts? Thanks
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