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  1. I vote for "Modulus", the english language is without shame in grabbing words from other languages and reshaping the definition. ūüôāridere
  2. Scale functionality sets the multiplication factor for the printable area in a Design Layer(s) in addition to annotation placed in those environments. No more manually sizing up or down text fonts (such as when used in AC's Model Space) to suit the final print output. The plus of VWs is that a work file can contain more than one Design Layer with different scales and visibility whereas the last time I worked with AutoCad only one Model Space existed per file, excluding Xref functionality. A 3d model can be created at the centre of it's own environment without other 3d objects potentially being visible to one side or the other. Very flexible!
  3. If deciding upon a Razer product your selection will need to be recognized by their synapse 2 software to work on the Mac. When I received a new Death Adder to go with the new company issued PC I was going to let it go to the Jr Tech who was to work on my former Mac workstation and retain my old (dirty) DeathAdder for myself. But the Synapse 2 software required for the Mac could not find the new budget version of DeathAdder. The large ergonomics of the Death Adder have been a big plus for me and assigning the thumb buttons to switch sheets/layers a feature that I could not imagine doing without anymore, whether it be on a PC or a Mac. But I will say that one of the Naga's will be worth testing out, especially if you are considering operating from a PC. The placement of <CTRL> and <ALT> on most PC keyboards makes it next to impossible to use many frequent short-cuts with one hand without incurring repetitive stress injury from stretching one's fingers too far apart. One might (?) be able to assign some thumb buttons to act as modifier keys and definitely the <ESC> key. Every time you modify something in the Object Info Palette on a PC you need to press <ESC> or click in the main window before the other keyboard shortcuts become available. The menu system does not respond to changes while the object info palette is active. This behaviour might be limited to shortcuts where a modifier key is not required.
  4. Unfortunately it would appear that the column tool does not place the centre mark into an annotation class. I don't think any refinement of these structural tools has occurred since before 2013. You can layout using 2d steel shapes and those PIO objects create thin dashed centre lines with a centre mark. The embedded cross hairs cannot be rotated independently of the steel profile. 3d steel shapes do not give an option for cross hairs but you can always place your own to suit. I have not loaded up VW2021 yet to see if their are any changes yet.
  5. Class overrides via the Info Palette.
  6. Something like this pool noodle arrangement? Create a column from a circle of the desired diameter with the centre of the circle at location 0,0 and then extrude it to the desired length. Change your view to front or right side (use the keypad 2 or 6 respectively). Rotate the column from the 0,0 origin down to the desired angle. Change the 3d view back to plan view (keypad 5 or 0) and rotate the leaning tower in the desired direction. Finally move it into the desired 3d location. In the object illustrated I tilted and rotated four columns and then did a circular duplicate about the origin of 7 copies at 45 degrees. Did a solid addition to everything and finally created a hemisphere to act as a clip by intersecting the two objects. What you see here is a view from below.
  7. And there is even a good Vectorworks Youtube video, but I couldn't see how they aligned the cube for a true right angle cut through their staircase. Our company is hopeful this can be used for quickly extracting accurate site measuring inside buildings.
  8. I was also going to suggest looking into Pdf Pen Pro, partially because of the cost and my frustrating experience when trying to use Adobe's Acrobat Pro. But alas I don't have that concern anymore, I was moved to a Win PC and have access to BlueBeam Revu again. Now I have to deal with having to press "escape" or click the main drawing window after editing in nearly every palette before a keyboard shortcut works. Whereas before I could have simply pressed X or the particular short cut key on the Mac and the tool would become active.
  9. How does one align the face of a ClipCube to a wall face for a true cut through a staircase in my instance. Of get it perpendicular to a plane of dots. This is in reference to a point cloud's clip cube. I know that the cube can be freely rotated about the cube's z-axis. Thanks.
  10. I think you need a holder for a mug of hot cocoa and maybe a heated back cushion. A former co-worker used to place a shopping cart in all of his illustrations.
  11. export 3d pdf The result is a 3d model of an object that can be rotated about in a good pdf viewer for a fraction of the cost of installing Vectorworks. BlueBeam can import your client's photograph but I'm not sure of its capabilities of merging 3d and 2d. You can get 30 day trials to functionally test it out. But this is only an electronic version of what you had already proposed.
  12. @Tom Klaber Be sure to go and vote up the wish list item if this affects you.
  13. This is only a perception by those who don't experience the time and frustration that this workflow saves those of us who use it almost weekly. This paternalistic barrier to a necessary workflow procedure needs to be reversed soon! Those of us who have been required to utilize this technique are aware of the potential pitfalls and aspects that must be reset for it to be successful. When the engineers incorporate this ability into the copy/paste functionality it will be welcomed but until then we are accepting the responsibility for using the original technique and the barrier to it needs to be disabled. Still using our VW2019 licenses instead of our VW2021 in part because of this. Yours truly, Larry
  14. @Matt Overton Yes, SWEEP was the solution. The tool keeps the profile plumb to the work plane rather than perpendicular to the incline of the path. So I needed the slope to determined the distortion required for the vertical face of the profile so that the thickness of the steel bar capping the guard railing remained at 15.9mm.
  15. @markdd Thanks for the thoughts, The stair profile was thankfully the easy part. My focus in this instance is on manufacturing the custom railing; metal fabrication shop drawings.


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