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  1. I attach two screen shots here. The original VW2022 file generated correctly. And the same file when rendered in VW2023. <edit: dashed hidden line background rendering and hidden line background rendering>
  2. In my setup it always seems to appear over the pull down menus blocking their use until pulled out of the way.
  3. Hidden render mode is generating stray/erroneous lines from this trimmed framing member. The untrimmed member also has a glitch as seen in the second image. VW2023. Also smoothing angle fails to remove curvature line(s) in standard viewport views. Smoothing angle of 5° usually works with standard steel shapes but I am trying to update our template drawing to utilize the framing member tool for hopefully better 3d manipulation. Although the missing data sets that are generated by the steel shapes might make me change back to them. Looking at a W250x32.7 with the top flange coped and holes for the bolts. Two glitches in the rendering of the subtracted solid, left and enlarged above. And one from the basic framing member, right above. Changing units accuracy doesn't fix this.
  4. I've shared this in the resource area for anyone interested. Its been a progressive development of mine for over ten years. Plugin and VW file Set in VW2022. Unlikely to be any further development, I will not be able to afford the subscription model, but everything is unlocked. Larry
  5. Here is a titleblock manager that relies upon an instance of the title block being on a specified sheet. It uses the data you enter in that titleblock to fill in the blanks of all subsequent pages and it also uses the sheet name and number to populate two fields unique to each sheet. There is a manual revision counter that goes up to 94 and down to E. You can set a date that doesn't change on specific sheets. It requires you to toggle the revision or date function to update the date field to the current calendar date or any changes to sheet name etc. There is also a note option which is currently populated with finish options that can be changed to show other information by rewriting the pull-down data set in the plugin. You can also change the name of the default sheet that the manager looks for by changing the text stored in the plugin string data #3000. The default sheet's name and the string text must be identical. Only the first instance of the plugin on the default sheet will be recognized as the parent data set for all the other sheets. If the first is deleted the manager will look for another but failing that if no instance is present or no sheet exists with the specified name then the management script will not function. The script uses the term GRAST to identify the primary instance so that NAME will not be available to use for other items/objects. Have fun. Larry TBDataManager.vso BasicTitleBlockSetup_4_TBManager.vwx
  6. I should perhaps clarify that the symbols read and move in the x/y/z plane as expected. The framing member inside the symbol will still be using plan view and responding to y movements that translate to z plane movements outside of the symbol's environment. There is a little more cut and paste trickery required or redrawing of framing members to have them rotated onto the z-plane and elevating with changes to the z elevation within the symbol's environment to create corresponding z-plane changes outside the symbol drawing environment.
  7. Ah Ha! GOT IT! Do a solid operation for each or all framing member(s) (add/subtract/intersect) and the symbol(s) will revert to 3d. At which point the symbol(s) can be rotated/tilted off the y-plane and onto the z-plane, after which the solid operation can be undone and the symbol(s) will return to being hybrids. The elevations now read as z instead of y.
  8. Unfortunately that doesn't look like it will happen. My employer refused to sell me their parked perpetual license. He would rather see me tied to the office to use the current version than working a day or two per week at home easing into retirement. I'm nearly sixty now and there is no way I could afford the cost of VW subscription(s) to toy part time with my limited programming skills creating things that couldn't come close to covering their costs. It'll be cheaper to build bird houses, read books, play Civ and dream about what could of been if I were rich enough to throw money at everything that stimulated my mind.
  9. Is there a trick to tilting up a truss or elevator shaft that was laid out in plan view using the framing member tool? Essentially rotating about the x-axis to place the elevations on the z-plane instead of the y-plane. The framing member is used inside a symbol in both cases so that it can be replicated, but the 2d linear element of the framing member is changing the symbols into hybrid objects. Is there a means to prevent the 2d element from being generated so the framing members and the symbol remains 3d until the elements are tilted into position?
  10. That actually seems to have the ability to do what I have wished for many years. I cannot seem to find their legal page though to know who the developer is and their legal address. Can't be buying stuff from North Korea (or China/Russia now) you know. Imagine the havoc a product like this could cause if it has a back door with nefarious intent.
  11. Suppliers and academia convert the ASTM A572-50 imperial size of W14x48 to W360x72 but the tables used in VW2023 have it as W360x71. Wide flange steel beam standard possibly also known as A992.
  12. That arrangement shows a lot of promise. The guys arms are in a more natural relaxed position. He will not be bumping into the keyboard nearly as much as one would with the typical extended keyboards that are ship with computers nowadays. He has enter and correction keys on both sides of his desktop so he need not lose control of the mouse to press the most used key (backspace) on the keyboard. As opposed to this layout also on their web site which shows this man's right elbow fully extended to manipulate the mouse and remain free form the interference of the keyboard's numpad extension. I would be surprised if this doesn't cause muscle fatigue in the right arm or forearm. I still feel that a tablet screen of similar size to the keypad they have developed with multiple pages of menus including contextual options harking back to the old overlay concept of the original magnetic drafting tablets only with coded virtual buttons; combining image based glyphs and touch screen tech to present a relevant menus and options; a swipe this way or that presenting the users frequent graphical menus or keys, swiping being similar to how the android operating systems' extended desktop is flipped or changed.
  13. I would suspect that this is just a matter that they have not yet coded in the ability of the joining member to select/remember which axis that it will be aligning with in the other member. In the case of joining to a ridge or valley the top centre axis of the joining member would need to switch to alignment with the top edge axis of the valley or ridge member. Which is really just incorporating an offset from the bearing member's primary axis; in this case half the member width. In the case of a steel member this would of course be further impacted by the connection node design, that node could also impact the offset or wind up being an intermediary object between the two elements. In the obvious sense that would be one or two steel angles bolted or welded between the members or a less obvious modeled construct that is solid subtracted or added into the junction, like a knife plate and flange coping with holes for bolting. I am simply happy that after more than ten years to finally witness development to the structural steel components. It will take a bit of trial and error on the part of the programmers to code this effectively. I don't imagine that any of them have assembled steel to gain grades for their C+ coding classes. Autodesk has always had the upper hand because engineers could only turn to products other than VWs to do their design work. VW users would have to import or redraw everything. And we all know the joys of importing other file formats. Try importing something from Tekla.
  14. At this point we do our best not to embed objects into more than one sub-assembly. We take an HSS cut some holes in it and then add the components onto the steel. That becomes a symbol and each component is created as a symbol. Occasionally the hss assembly is used in multiple constructions which need to be grouped or contained within another symbol level. But the reality is that the KISS principal is a strong influence when we inevitably need to adjust these complex structures to suit the measurements that come back from the build site. The symbols help maintain continuity between the object as it is portrayed in the building model with the same object that laid out on another design sheet in a way that it can be presented easily for the shop to understand and build it. I'm currently using VW2022 with its glitchy image regeneration issues. Sounds like I should get that upgrade done sooner rather than later, especially considering that they report there are improvement to the structural tools in VW2023.
  15. I'm trying to find basic entities such as Square 3d HSS which are incorporated into assemblies on a primary modelling layer. Basically to extract the standard size of the piece and its length and determine the number of times that part is used throughout all the assemblies present on the primary modelling layer. The trouble I am encountering is when an HSS is within a symbol because it is a frequently used part in all the assemblies present. The create report tool doesn't report any of the materials used within those symbolized parts. The assemblies themselves are symbols so that they can be presented individually on other layers as well as the primary modelling layer. Any thoughts on how the reporting function can be set to delve into the symbols embedded into the parent symbols?
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