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  1. I've been experiencing screen flashing and delayed response to changes made in the object info palette as well as crashes if I attempt to make another click in the palette too soon when one of these delays is under way. I have finally captured a file from which part of this is repeatable on my setup. Open the file in VW2021 Attempt to change the background render of the viewport to OPENGL. The image will flash after about ten seconds. There will be no change yet as expected but during this time the OI palette is not responsive and VWs has crashed occasionally to desktop when I try clicking the update button more than once. Now if you have waited until the flash click the update viewport button. If you fail to move the mouse away from the palette the program is very sluggish in initiating the rendering process. VW 2021 SP4.1 (Build 6109975) 64bit 8930 1555 & 1625 Richmond Ave.vwx My OI palette resides over top of the main program window, right side with title bar covering the notification bell. The main window has the navigation - classes palette active & anchored on the right side (and both layers palettes). Hopefully this helps capture this bug (and it is not my GPU hardware failing).
  2. Is there some simple method that I'm missing for creating a Section Viewport perpendicular to the working plane of an object? The Section Viewport tool rejects Viewports that have been aligned to 3d working planes. Having to Rotate a whole 3d model out of plane to capture the detail at a sloping corner seems a bit awkward.
  3. So I think maybe is in the same category. VW2021 sp4.1 The item clouded in the section viewport is a group of three objects assigned to an invisible class. A symbol within that grouping, also assigned the invisible class is invisible but the other two objects which are assigned a visible class inside the invisible grouping stubbornly remain visible. This does not occur when utilizing "Open GL" rendering as seen by the gray in section detail 3, but when utilizing "Hidden Line"(the foreground setting in section detail 3) and "Dashed Hidden Line" they erroneously show objects within invisible groupings. This doesn't occur with regular viewports, details 1 and 2. Unfortunately I don't know of another way to control clipping of the depth of field except though sectioning.
  4. I think you can use the Hole Tapped (metric)-3d tool under Detailing. Get the custom size to as close as you can. I think it will limit the pitch to 0.84. Ungroup the plugin, ungroup the solid addition, ungroup the solid subtraction, select the sweep that looks like the threads and adjust the pitch to 0.75 Then all I think you need to do is redo the subtraction and addition to get the physical 3d object again. It will not be a plugin anymore but it should be a length of threaded post with 0.75 pitch. The depth of the profile might be a little off though.
  5. As I write this the 'Grid - Rectangular' tool is attempting to calculate how many horizontal grids it can place in a height of 16256mm with zero Y Spacing. I didn't want any horizontal lines so I accidentally inserted zero into the spacing field. ATM VWs has achieved the utilization 140MB to complete its endeavor and refuses to give up. There doesn't appear to be a means to cancel operations anymore, at least not on the Windows platform. Forced +?-*~CRASH°-*~? to desktop appears to be the only way out. All because I wanted 4 circular grid bubbles at my annotation line ends. 😂
  6. Are there any optimized profiles for the NVIDIA Quadro P2000 that we should be using for VW2021? Can these settings cause flickering? In the past 8 weeks or so I've noticed that the primary screen that I run VW on has been unpredictably flashing the VW application content, the secondary screen with identical hardware doesn't usually flash, but the whole system did go down during one of these events. I also get unusual response from clicking in the object info palette. Kind of like a delay until moving the mouse. This has also caused the program to crash if I try to move on too quickly to another click event. Is there a possibility of the Razer mouse driver and VW being in conflict, or the video card hardware about to die?
  7. Stretching my mind a bit here, but I recall that there were a aspects that Autocad's document exchange format DXF did not track but of course their dwg format did. I would start with trying to export to DWG version 12. (I've not checked if that version is still there in the export settings) VW10 can import DWG files.
  8. The palette of Classic Vectorworks Colors appears unedited, as carried forward from the Minicad days. However the palette of colors named Standard Vectorworks Colors does not match the VW2013 version of the same name.
  9. I've been using a circle to generate railings. I find that wherever the path changes abrupt direction like an intersection node of a polyline, as opposed to a radial corner, I can snap to the quadrants. But the point generated for the tool seems to be projected onto the active drawing plane if in plan view. There are definitely some areas where the developers need to work on. When in an ISO view you can snap the first end of a line to the quadrant point at an end or change in direction but the closing end point will not snap to the opposite quadrant in the junction. (To find the centre of the profile's intersection for instance.) And snapping from the end point of a 3d line to another 3d line end point is also a lot of trouble. Especially if the closing end point is located where another object's point is, like the quadrant of the circle extrusion. The line is often created on the active x/y plane at zero z but for seemingly unpredictable reasons will occur at z elevations other than zero. I do a lot of decomposing and recomposing of nurbs pathing to get the tubing (circle profile more often than flattened ring) flowing continuously in the correct locations for 3d railings.
  10. I find that switching to Wireframe allows snapping to intersections, quadrants, end points and the surface but I've not found much use for the latter.
  11. Thanks Matt. I so miss the days when companies produced encyclopedic manuals with extensive indexes for their software. My searches are frustratingly unsuccessful. I never seem to know what word or labels have been assigned to what I am seeking. Indexes were such an amazing resource for finding new and forgotten things.
  12. What setting causes the little cubes to display beside the design layers? I seems to be file specific. They don't show in our Imperial temple but do in the Metric one.
  13. 1. Try to get the note text under the leader line. Only happens when directly aligned with the dimension line. 2. Try to select the dimension by selecting the note text; you cannot! This is related to a previous bug report sent in shortly after notes were introduced which was confirmed but may not have been elevated to bug status. My previous report noted that one cannot select note text after decomposing a dimension string except via the bounding box method.
  14. There is also the small chance that the VW9 bolt script works in your current version. Small because a lot of Vectorscript functions have been deprecated and renamed after being rewritten since that version.
  15. Thank you. Previous draftsman set line weight scale to 2 in normal viewports.
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