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  1. Hi sorry for the late reply...somehow I thought I have replied this but it seems it didn't go through. Yeah it's still available as the last one who has asked was really far away and my email couldn't get through....if you are still interested let me know cheers
  2. Hi, I am very new to 3D. I noticed after I extrude 2D shape to 3D form, my 2D hatch will disappear. In top/plan view, everything have 3D form will just be wireframe. In top view , everthing shows the material I have attached in 3D. The hatch I allocate in 2D shapes are not there anymore. So currently for each design, I have a 2D file with 2d hatach pattern, and a 3D file with materials I have allocated in render. I wonder if there is a way to keep the 2D hatch in the 3D file, so I don't need to switch between two files when there are revisions. I have attached a top/plan view of the 3D file, where everything shows in wireframe...the 2D decking hatch is gone after I extruded the 2D shape.
  3. Hi, my workplace recently updated vectorworks from 2019 -2020. Everything works perfectly except of inserting plant figure: I click the Plant Tool and click the place I want the plants to be, after I finished, the plan/plant group not showing up at the place. Instead, it went to a point that really far from the drawing. No matter which plant I try, it always shows at that point. Any ideas what I can do to fix? Thanks!
  4. Hi if anyone interested to vectorworks (landmark) 2014, please contact me. One user, CD included. purchased through OzCAD.
  5. @ericjhberg Thank you !. Yeah, that's going to be a big headache then..as a planting design focused office we are so excited to see this database being used in projects. We have been trying to add maintenance notes for some common plants we use in design, and hoping when we accumulate enough data one day the planting schedule we can pull out a column for maintenance notes. But if we cannot editing the plant database at the same time it simply means the efficiency of adding the notes will be decreased. Hopefully newer versions can be improved! In saying that, do you know can I copy my database to another station? Because my plant database have a lot more notes than the other one. If can, at least both work station can have similar plant database to work with...
  6. Yes, I mean we didn't do it at the same time. One person right click the figure, edit style, then get plant data, then the plant database can be accessible. Then if this person leave the plantdata base open, the second person try to do the same thing then the error message will come out. Does that mean the first person who opened the planting database needs to close it first?
  7. This is under the vectorworks plant database folder. In the scenario when the second person trying to open the Vectorworks Plants.exe is not there (sorry I got the name wrong in my last thread)
  8. @bgoff The only difference I spot is, if the second person try to open (while the first one has opened the database), the file Plant Database.exe is missing under the Vectorworks Plant folder...The picture I have attached showed the office setting
  9. Thanks Bgoff, yes it's been working for a while (about three months) for other files. We share customised planting schedule, hardscape schedule and hatch. Also we have exported some commone plant symbols shared between two stations. We just didn't figure out how to share plant database until this week. What do you think could be the problem?
  10. Hi All, I recently set up the plantdatabase in our workgroup folder for our small office (two workstation). I clicked Landmark-Choose database place and located the workgroup folder. The problem now is, our two workstation cannot open the plantdatabase at the same time... If one opens, the second one will meet an error message. I have attached an image. Is this normal? Or did we do something wrong?
  11. @Boh Thank you! That worked out! Yes I am on 2019, looks like I have to make sure in leader attributes the line needs to be solid. I thought the class attributes overwrites.
  12. Thank you! That worked out! Yes I am on 2019, looks like I have to make sure in leader attributes the line needs to be solid. I thought the class attributes overwrites.
  13. Hi all, I'm having a problem with my callout tool...It's first time I met this problem and I haven't figure out what's happened. Let me know if you have any advice. Basically every time I do callout, the leaderline is incomplete...the first segment with the arrow is not there. There's only one line coming out from the text box. I tried to change the setting , switched off the file the reopen, or even copy other callout box from other files but none of them worked out. It must be some sort of setting problem. I have attached two images. Any ideas ?
  14. I just figure out this issue...I 'll put the answer here hopefully it's helpful for others : To fill out an area with paving in specific size, the best way is to create your own through hardscape joint pattern setting, instead of trying to adjust pre-made hatch pattern in the library. I found the following page is really helpful. Now I can hatch area with customised pavers. http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2017/eng/VW2017_Guide/SiteModel2/Setting_Hardscape_Pattern_Options.htm A great program.


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