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  1. Hi everyone, I'm currently trying to hatch with paving pattern. I'm having trouble to understand how does the following window works exactly... Say if I want to use this paving pattern but the size of the paver is 900mm x 400mm, how can I achieve this? The default is 1000mm x 500mm. I was trying to adjust the 'I' and 'J' but couldn't figure out...
  2. Sally yang

    Planting figure showing different direction--how to fix

    @Tony Kostreski Thank you! That's very helpful! Good to know the plants can be rotated!
  3. Hi everyone, I'm currently doing planting design and found the figure showing different direction. I've attached a screenview. It only started this morning. The same figure was normal yesterday. Could anyone explain what happened and how to fix? Thank you!
  4. Sally yang


    Hi David, I am having the same issue here. All the hatch associated with the hardscape disappear in 3D viewports after make the hardscape into 3D. Have you find out how to resolve this problem?
  5. Hi everyone, I'm rather new to the 3D modelling of Vectorworks. Currently, I have a problem with the 3D setting of the Hardscape. I understand if I just draw a surface, I can extrude and creating 3D , and selecting texture through the object info palette. However, if choose to make the surface as hardscape, it seems I can only do the hatch in the plan view. I did set the hardsurface as a 'slab' with thickness. But in 3D viewport it's just a white solid. Is it possible to show the hatch I applied in plan view in 3D view? It helps for design at concept stage otherwise all the 3D slabs I have to adjust in the object infor-render part. For example, the decking hatch in plan view and the 3D view. Currently the deck is hardscape.
  6. @Tony Kostreski Thank you! That works! I guess now I should go back to the resource management to make sure all the categories are there
  7. Hi Everyone, I'm having a bit trouble with my planting list. I have selected a prescribed worksheet (plant list) to show my planting schedule. The pre-made one list plants based on its' category. But some category is missing so my planting is not listed in the schedule. How can I add the category into the worksheet and make sure all the plants are counted? Thank you! As the following showed, there is no category of succulent and orchid so currently, I changed the agave as a shrub to make it be included in the schedule but I don't want to change the orchid section as shrubs... I have tried to insert rows but I don't know how to link the row with the actual plant... If anyone could help that would be great!
  8. Sally yang


    Hi all, I'm trying to edit plant style but after changing the spread, clicking ok, the plantdatabase jump out then an error message showed. At the moment I have trouble to cancel it. Does anyone meet same problem before?
  9. Thanks @Hamo This is useful. I put scale bar on the actual drawing and it does help when the drawing is printed on various paper size people still can read it. With the tittle block I also found out the problem. When I change the scale of the sheet data, I should only go 'right click tittle block-setting-sheet data', instead of 'right click tittle block-editing plug-in style' which I have been doing...Because if I edit the style it will wipe off the project-specific data and insert one default data carried by the style.
  10. Hi all, I'm currently having some trouble to make the scale show properly in tittle block on each sheet layer. I have three A1 sheets. One is site plan showing the drawing at 1 : 1000, the second one shows the drawings 1 : 250, and the third one shows the drawing at 1 : 100. I have used a tittle block (inserted on sheet layer). Through editing tittle block layout I made sure that the 'Scale' section is linked to 'sheet data.scale'. So I'm hoping by changing the sheet data (the scale part) each sheet will show the scale respectively. However, when I change the scale in sheet data all the sheets will have the scale I changed. It looks like it's a default value assigned to all sheets... The tittle block is VAA-TB horiz style with customised logo and company information. I'm not sure if it's a problem with sheet data management or it's a problem with tittle block ... If I can't do this way, can anyone let me know how to set up the manual entry? Thanks!


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