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  1. Hi Pat It looks like that feature is only available on a Mac.
  2. Thanks for the speedy reply. I perhaps haven't used the best terminology - what you have mentioned is multiple views/panes of the same drawing/document. What I mean for a wish-list is to have different documents open on different panes. You can currently have multiple document tabs open within vectorworks but it would be great to view these on separate screens.
  3. Perhaps there is a good reason why this isn't yet a feature - but it would be so helpful to be able to have multiple drawing windows open within the program, enabling them to be viewed on multiple screens. I'm often needing to work between drawing tabs on a project, and whilst moving between tabs is okay, seeing them side by side would speed up my work flow for sure! I know this is common across other software programs as well.
  4. Hi Adam, Yes a few of us have external monitors, however its just happened again for someone in the office without an external monitor, and they have a brand new HP desktop. They tried deselecting everything from the drawing they had copied from and it still happened. Its got no rhyme or reason to when it happens that any of us can spot, but is happening for all our machines at least once a day. Its getting frustrating to have to restart VW each time for us. Thanks, we'll try getting in touch with our vectorworks provider.
  5. Hi Adam, Yes that is correct. You can select all the tools and move the mouse around the screen but nothing will show up in the file that doesn't react. But yes it does show up in the other file. Thanks
  6. Thanks for your ideas @Art V So generally there are no active tools that need to be completed when this happens. I guess we often have the objects still selected for speed, so we could try deselecting, though it seems an odd bug to stop everything else working, and its not consistent when it happens. We find it happens with both objects in groups and out of groups, that doesn't seem to make much difference. Thanks
  7. This is something all of us in our office has experienced, and started with VW 2018. VW 2019 is causing this bug to happen more frequently however and I haven't found any other questions on this. When we have multiple drawings open to copy certain elements from one to another, the bug seems to stop any other drawings functioning. After coping something, that drawing remains in full operation where we can continue working, however as soon as you go across to another open drawing to paste, it, you can't do anything! You can select tools etc. but nothing happens on the drawing itself. If you flick back to the drawing you've copied from, its remained active as if you were trying to paste, or any other function within this drawing. Its like it stops registering any other drawings open and no further changes can be made until we restart VW. Sometimes simply reopening all the drawings is enough. Please note this is often when just two-three drawings are open, we rarely have more than that open at one time. Any insights would be most helpful! Thanks
  8. @bcd thanks, its definitely not the cable or monitor - its only the workspace / sheet space flashing and changing colour. The rest of the program remains normal (exactly like AnaRF's problem)
  9. I'm also having this exact same issue in a drawing on my new laptop. I have an Intel UHD Graphics 620 card. the file I'm working on is a small 3D house, the file size is currently at 26mb. Today is so much worse then it was yesterday as I could close the document, re-open and the flashing would stop for a least a couple of hours. Today its flashing as soon as I flyover the model even after closing and re-opening multiple times.I have a few external wall textures in the drawing but nothing too elaborate. Its impossible to work on it when its doing that so any advice would be greatly appreciated! I've attached my DxDiag too @PVA - Jim if there is any chance you could take a look? Thanks DxDiag.txt
  10. @RussU Thanks Russ, I'm on Vectorworks fundamentals and don't have the publish to PDF option. My PDF printer is currently temperamental on my machine (though is getting some better results at lower dpi on others machines in the office). I was hoping to rely on the vectorworks export option now they've added it in to the 2019 package.
  11. Yes I think you're both on to something - further testing shows the higher dpi setting helps up until 750dpi then nothing improves after that. The viewport scale effects that too. Here are some test pdf's if its of interest. This is all done through Export to PDF insulation test 72dpi.pdfinsulation test 750dpi.pdfinsulation test 600dpi.pdfinsulation test 450dpi.pdfinsulation test 300dpi.pdfinsulation test 150dpi.pdf
  12. Thanks for the quick reply, yes this image was on 300dpi and have also tried 150dpi and even rasterizing the pdf. I've also tried turning the 'export patterns at on-screen resolution' on and off. There aren't any other options to test on the Export PDF dialog that I haven't tried. I've looked through the vectorworks preferences and nothing obvious there to try changing.
  13. Hoping someone can shed some light on this one! Please see picture attached - my export to PDF (vectorworks 2019) is changing the insulation drawn with the batt insulation tool to zig-zags, not loops. I've tried some trial exports and it seems related to the size of the insulation, but I can't find enough of a pattern to explain when and why it simplifies the insulation. If I print to pdf (not export to pdf) the insulation remains as loops! The drawings really aren't that small, so shouldn't simplify the insulation. I'm wondering if there is any setting I can change to override it from doing this - not obvious and I've done trial and error for quite a while now with no solution!
  14. Still getting this problem intermittently, sometimes comes back with a full machine restart - rarely comes back with a VW restart only. Using the latest service pack on VW 2018. Its a real pain!! Also when the render tab disappears, and I try using VW for simple 2D line drawings only, the whole drawing window flashes white constantly after any change I make. Just drawing a line causes it to flash and least once, and anything slightly more demanding, like duplicating a line, causes numerous flashing. Its exhausting to look at & becoming beyond frustrating.
  15. As of today, my render tab on the 'object info' has disappeared! I opened Vectorworks today and it is no where to be found... Its been there the rest of the week. If anyone could shed some light on how to get it back, it would be most helpful, I've run out of ideas! Please see screenshots attached - Mine currently vs. vectorworks as it should be.
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