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  1. Hi Jeff, Thanks so much for your response. Would you mind walking me thru the steps? I just don’t know how/where to do this when using the “plant list-simple” pre-formatted report. -Rose
  2. Can someone advise how to select the plants for a plant list/schedule (using pre-formatted report plant list-simple)? I am working on a large residential project, & the project is in phases. I’d like to make a list for just the back yard, just the front yard, etc. but the lists just update to include all plants. I know I am missing something. Thank you!
  3. My plant tags show two zeros after the decimal in the plant count. I can't figure out how to take these off. I've checked Document settings, units and set up but there is not an obvious fix there. Thanks, Rose
  4. I am creating landscape areas and in my pdf on my screen they look fine but when I print them they come out almost black. I've intentionally used hatches that are very light-like the dots and diagonal dashes, but they are all like this. My only solution has been to change the opacity to 50% so that the true pattern shows, but unfortunately my text/callouts are then also at 50%. Any ideas of how I can solve this? Thanks! Rose
  5. At this point I am just using 2D so the graphics are the only considerations. Looks like there is no problem w/ having polygons-just not sure if it takes up more memory. Thanks again for your help. Rose
  6. Thanks again, Jim. I did try the split tool but it just breaks the polygon up into smaller polygons. Is there an additional step for splitting from polygon to polyline? I can probably just keep the contours as polygons-just trying to understand the process a little better.
  7. Thanks for your quick reply! I was able to connect the ling segments and then when I used the command Modify>Compose it joined them all into a polygon. I tried to then use Modify>Convert to change to a polyline but it doesn't look like this is an option. So I then deleted the fill from the polygon and changed the line type so it looks like I want it to (single, dashed, joined line) but am I going to get into trouble down the road having all the contour lines as polygons instead of polylines? Is there a way to now change the polygon to a polyline? Thanks, Rose
  8. I have imported a survey from AutoCAD and the contour lines are made up of thousands of connected line segments. I am trying to change their appearance from solid to dashed. I've edited the line appearance in the class but the contours show up as only partially dashed, which leads me to think that there are overlapping line segments . I'd like to convert all lines on each contour to a single polyline-can I do this? Thanks, Rose
  9. I understand what you are saying. In the plant record there is a field for "placement spacing". Is there any way to link that to the worksheet? As for the legend/key, I guess I'll have to upgrade to 2013 (I have 2012).
  10. Thank you for your reply. I am unable to enter anything in any of the cells in the new column however.
  11. I am trying to add a column to "Plant List-Simple" to show spacing recommendations. I can insert a column, and name it, but when I try to add text in the cells below I am not allowed. I tried to copy and paste text from another cell, but I get the following message: "The cells you are trying to change are not editable". I'm a bit stumped as to how to do a Plant Legend or Key w/ Landmark. I want to show each plant symbol and then its name. Ideally I could incorporate this into my Plant List-Simple, but I've no idea how. Any thoughts?
  12. Ok, I figured out my own problem. My drawing is at 1:1, so I have to manipulate the column height/width a ridiculous amount to get it to be the right size. I placed the worksheet on the sheet instead of the design layer and it worked fine.
  13. When I create a plant list it is very tiny on my drawing. I've tried manipulating the text, but that doesn't seem to help. I looked at a previous drawing I have w/ a plant list which is sized correctly, and the drawing is at 1/8"-1'-0" scale. I am drawing at 1:1 in this drawing, so I tried to change the scale to 1/8"=1'-0" just to see what happens, and the list still shows very small relative to my drawing. I've tried to alter column width, but the changes are relatively small. This seems to be a scale issue-is there a setting for scale on a plant list?
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