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  1. Hello, writing from 2020 with the same issue here 🙋‍♀️
  2. Have the same issue with the tile fill. Did you find an answer?
  3. Hi, it's 2019. Is this for real? No OpenGL option to see textures on VW Viewer?
  4. Have the same issue and agree with Wesley. Anyone has a solution?
  5. New day, old problem... What am I missing? 😞
  6. Hello there 🙂 Having a weird issue with trees. Last week I rendered a viewport with no problems. Couple of days later I open the file, update the render and this is how my trees are looking like: So: those trees are 3D Symbols I've got from the Vectorworks Library "Objects - Landscape plans - 3D image Props Photorealistic". I then scaled those using the Object Info Palette. The trees were placed into its own design layer. I went looking into the design layer and the trees had the same appearance as in the rendered viewport, looking like a crazy stamped repeated symbol. What I did then was click on "edit 2D symbol". I didn't do any work inside the symbol just wanted to see what it was looking like - if anything weird was happening. It looked normal. So I exit the symbol editor and... voila. Trees back to normal. Any explanation? 🤷‍♀️ Do I need to repeat this to the 3D symbols every time I get back working in a file? Cheers
  7. Simple as that! Updating the Graphic Card did the trick. 👍 Thank you lots!
  8. Hello everyone! I've been having this issue for a while and can't find a solution for it. Whenever I use Flyover or change my render mode to OpenGL, I get a dark shade over my drawings as seen in the image below: If I untick "Draw Edges" on my OpenGL options, it gets back to normal as below: Either way I can't see the edges unless switching to Hidden Line. Is there something obvious I'm missing? 🤔 (probably. I'm a newbie) Any idea how to fix this? Cheers
  9. Hello hello! Screen flickering here every time I do anything on the "Classes" tab of the Organization menu. It is reeeeally weird and I see this post is from 2007, any solution? Version of VW : Vectorworks Architect - VW 2019 SP2 (build 463397) (64-Bit) Operating System: Windows 7 Professional What is your screen resolution? 1920 x 1080 (I work with two HP Elite Display E222 monitors). A detailed explanation of what flickers: when I click on the "Classes" tab of the Organization menu or when I click on any Class name, visibility, tags etc in that same menu the drawing on my design layer (visible behind the window menu) zoom by itself to a different position and then, back. Also funny (although not exactly a flickering issue but maybe relevant): when I'm working with viewports or referenced files and I reload them, changes are only visible after I zoom out. Need to scroll the mouse or I can't see the changes.
  10. Wow there's still so much to learn. I'm a VW beginner and I have no idea how this works =/ would anyone reccommend a tutorial for using this marionette tool?
  11. On VW 2019, you can open the Organization window and drag and drop your layers/sheets stacking order. The dropdown layer menu will be updated accordingly.
  12. Update for VW 2019: Enable multiple View Panes; then, Create a Floating View Pane. Unselect Use Same Visibilities in All Panes (I usually save views to work on two screens).
  13. If like myself you're a beginner scrolling through the page: try to update All Viewports (I have a shortcut key but I wish there was a shorcut for this similar to the "refresh" button on Internet Explorer). I've learned this routine to be the key for the snapping tool. Also, make sure Single Object Interactive Scaling Mode is on; Snap to Object is on; Layer Options is Show/Snap Others and Class Options is Show/Snap/Modify Others. I had other issues before with the Snap tool in a different file but it was related to slab objects only: (see link) - if anyone knows what caused it, it's difficult for me to understand what is the cause of most of the issues I experience with VW. It's like: one minute everything is working, and then without changing any settings next time I open the file things go weird.
  14. What I do at the moment is creating Layer filters, so I can "group" my design layers for each floor. If you go to Organization > Design Layers > Manage Filters you can open the "Layer Filters Manager" and create filters that will be available at the navigation panel. I agree it would be lovely if you could expand a menu using the hierarchical display mode as you can do with classes.
  15. Hi Ida Having very similar problems working in Vectorworks 2019. I see that your post is from 2016. Did you ever find a solution? This is happening only to this one specific file, and to slab objects only. All slab objects in this file have the same issue. When I select reshape tool, the polygon handles are not visible. If I try to move the slab object, it disappears. If I try to create a copy of it, both objects (original and copied) disappear. If I try to edit the slab in any other way - boundary, modifiers, etc. - nothing is shown and when exiting the edit mode I get that same message: "The geometry for the slab you are editing can not be computed. Hit Yes to delete the slab or No to continue editing." Those slabs are native VW objects; with class "None" and "Z Ref: Top of Structure" referent to my stories. If I remember correctly probably all of those slabs were created from shapes using the AEC tool. After some reading in the VW forum I figured the best approach would be to delete and redraw all my slabs. The new slab objects have normal edit behaviour. But this is a complex project for a tennis club with multiple levels, so you can imagine how annoyed I am with this solution...
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