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  1. PVA - Jim

    Until Next Time

    This Thursday, April 18th 2019, will be my last day at Vectorworks Inc. At least for the time being. It's been my privilege to be part of forum these past several years. Joining Vectorworks in 2007, I've enjoyed the relationships and professional connections I've made here. But due to personal priorities, I'm making a shift to spend time with family. I wish you all the best — thanks for the kind words, the sometimes harsh reality checks, and the honesty shared with me. I have signed up as a Beta tester, so you may very well see me around under a personal account @Jim W and one day I hope things return to normalcy and that I can come back and continue my work with you all again. The rest of the Customer Success team will be stepping in to fill the various roles I filled here, and as many of you have seen, more and more employees participate here daily. I think things will go well.
  2. To do it for a Viewport, you should include the Renderworks background as part of the Render Style. View > Set Renderworks Background sets the environment for renders in the design layer side, which I do not use. You CAN control it per viewport as its own setting, but its easy to override that or forget it so I normally advise using it within Render Styles.
  3. PVA - Jim

    How to color-fill in a NURBs curve shape object

    If we did, it would likely be after something happens to address the odd dichotomy of Screen Plane vs Layer Plane. Most likely getting rid of that concept entirely and having all objects exist in real 3D space and having their fills be able to respond to that.
  4. PVA - Jim

    DWG export - not exporting space label

    You should contact tech@vectorworks.net directly about this and have them take a look and these files, I suspect they can show you how to correct it without having to recreate it.
  5. PVA - Jim

    How to color-fill in a NURBs curve shape object

    NURBS curves do not have a surface associated with them so they have no fill. However you can usually use Modify > Convert > Convert Copy to Polygons, then you can compose and assign fill colors to the closed surfaces.
  6. PVA - Jim

    Microsoft Surface

    I have not seen much related to touchscreens. We did a bit of work to bring in touchbar support, but it is not widely used and Apple has so far not seemed like they will bring it to many other devices. On the Windows side, touchscreen machines that adhere to a standard and not a proprietary touchscreen solution are even more rare.
  7. PVA - Jim

    Student License Extension Request

    Your new expiration date is 2019-07-15, however Vectorworks might still say that its going to expire in April until the next time it checks into our activation servers.
  8. PVA - Jim

    VectorWorks MEP

    That's the problem, there were no links, they were physical paper media that have not been printed in decades. If it is not found in the Help, it may not exist anywhere you can get at it.
  9. PVA - Jim

    VectorWorks MEP

    I know they are scheduled, however I don't think they have been created yet. There were much older guides for them but I believe they were only ever offered in paper/manual format and weren't multimedia. I know very little of the MEP tools myself.
  10. PVA - Jim

    Roof not creating a shadow during render

    If you restart Vectorworks, does the texture then block light as expected? If not, reply back with that texture applied to a simple text sphere or other solid object in a sample file attached and I can take a look.
  11. PVA - Jim

    Deleting multiple symbols

    You cannot delete multiple items from that popout resource selector element that drops from the tool bar. You have to use the Resource Manager palette directly. It should allow multiple selection on both mac and windows and should let you delete large selections all at once.
  12. PVA - Jim

    Vectorworks 2019 "not optimized"

    Merged similar threads.
  13. PVA - Jim

    Lit Fog and Glow Textures

    It is not. At the moment, Lit Fog will only acknowledge lights from a Point, Spot or Custom configured Light object.
  14. PVA - Jim

    Student License Extension Request

    Contact your distributor directly for this one, the account looks to be stuck but I do not have admin privileges for that account because of the region it's from.
  15. PVA - Jim

    Image Prop blocks sunlight

    That trick worked for me in Renderworks, did it not for you? In OpenGL it wont be possible as it can't handle complex texture properties.


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