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  1. @Pat Stanford thank you very much - It now works - much appreciated!
  2. Hello, I am drawing a one-point perspective drawing and need to render the floor - see picture. If I use the image from attribute (wood) the default direction of the woodboard will be vertical but I would like it to be horizontal. How can I do this? If I select the image and chose rotate this will rotate the whole object not the actual image of the wooden floor. Same goes if I want to scale the object if I want the floor to appear bigger in foreground and smaller in background. Even If I flip horizontally but nothing doing...Can anyone advise please ?
  3. Thanks for this. I am going to give it a go. @@Benson Shaw
  4. @cberg agree on that one with you. and thanks so much@Jim Wilson for clarifying this - this is going to help me.
  5. No this is not a scale model. @@bcd - thanks for the message though. I have the measurements for height, width and depth but this is it. It sounds like NURBS and Lofts and converting to Sub-D might be the best approach for an elevation drawing. In fact I wanted to draw it in 2D in elevation first and then use an isometric view with a 45 degree angle afterwards.
  6. Thank you @kevin@Kevin Allen, I'll give it a try and thanks also @@Benson Shaw for the detailed explanation, I quite like the way you do it. That chair is not the most comfy I would say but it is all about the design!
  7. Hi, can someone help me to design a spiral chair in elevation? I can't get my head drawing the attached chair. I have used NURBS curve but not sure if this the right approach. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you.
  8. I have drawn this Y-shape floor lamp and the two curved lines going up are NURBS curves, the other lines are polygon lines. I am trying to have the floor lamp covering the corner of the window as if it was sent to front but it does not do anything. I thought of using attribute to color fill white but this does not work either. In fact I don't know how to color fill the base as they are NURBS curves. Can you please advise? And I need to have this Y shape lamp in front hence covering part of window so would much appreciate your help as I am surely doing something wrong! Thank you for your help.


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