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  1. Thanks for the detailed process! I'll give it a bash and see how it goes. The sectioning curve extrude is something I would have never considered. Cheers
  2. Hi, I am struggling designing this armchair -not the legs or cushion but mainly the back and side. Does someone has a way of doing this efficiently? For the cushion I would use subdivision to create the plumpness but for the back, I am totally stuck as there is this curved shape that goes up in the middle. Any tips would be appreciated! Thanks
  3. Hi everyone! I graduated with a diploma in Interior Design from KLC - school of Design in London, UK. I have been looking for work but most of jobs posted require AutoCad, Revit, Sketch up etc and the ones with VW are landscape designers or architects so I am here to find out if there is anyone who would be keen to speak to a graduate interior designer with Vectorworks skills! I am based around Weybridge, Surrey which is about 15 miles from South West London. I would love to speak to any designers / studios who would like to hire, whether on freelance basis or not, a motivated individual that seeks to start his design career! Happy to forward portfolio on request. Thanks! Julian
  4. Answer found 🙂 if that happens to you it is because the Interactive Appearance settings is set to the wrong background color in the floating data bar.
  5. Does anyone know what the data bar is blank when I use the tape measure? I never had this issue before but no data is displaying (!) Thoughts?
  6. @shorter Thanks Steven I will send you my CV. I just qualified but if you know someone that would be great.
  7. Hello, Does anyone know where to find UK/London companies that recruit interior designers with VW skills? I just qualified as an interior designer and looking for work but I see that 95% of jobs (if not more) advertised on job boards etc come with AutoCad skills. I am looking for interior designer roles with VW skills so it seems I need to laser target specific companies that use the software. Any idea?
  8. Can someone remind me of the quick command to make a hole in a wall in 3D instead of using Subtract Solids. I have the answer for anyone who needs to know. Ensure the AUTOMATIC PLANE is on. Push/pull and use hold down ALT, click enter. Thanks,
  9. @Boh Thank you for this. Much appreciated. I will have a good read about it.
  10. A big thank @CipesDesign you have saved my life! Very clearly explained and now I finally understand! Thanks again for this and very grateful for your help.
  11. Thank you. I could not find any video for class that explains class textures. There are a few videos for class but they only mention solid fills which I understand. I can use class with solid fills and can render without any problem a 3D drawing with textures but struggle setting the class to a texture. I wanted to be able to class (say a door/wall ) with a particular "texture" instead of doing this manually for every door/ wall for ex. Do you have a link by any chance that would explain the process? @CipesDesign
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