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  1. Hey guys- curious if anyone has tried installing and running on one of the Surface models? thanks
  2. sure thing Jim, thanks. btw, VW2014, I forgot to mention.
  3. Hello everyone, I'm having trouble with "publishing" a saved view. My drawing is setup with several sheet layer viewports as well as saved views. They all show up correctly when I open the Publish command box. However, when saving to PDF, the sheet layers viewportss save correctly, but the saved views save as the entire lightplot, rather than the specific location in the saved view. The saved view does work correctly when I'm navigating around the full light plot. Thanks for any ideas. John
  4. thanks guys. I'm still fairly new with VW. I have no trouble drawing most of what I'm doing, but I'm generally working out of a rep plot. This particular show is in a new space and as soon as I got into the import, I knew I was going to need some advice. Does anyone know about the VW training days at LDI. There is a basic class and an advanced class. I'm curious what the distinction between the two is. I feel like I might be somewhere between the two but don't have time to do both classes. Finally, Steve, the new version of the book is really nice. If I taught, I'd use that book.
  5. Hey guys-I'm about to start a plot from a DWG import that will include everything, pipe grid, theatre building, scenery, theatre seats, etc. I'm looking for advice on setting it up prior to starting the actual plot drawing. Any pitfalls to look out for? Suggestions on layers, classes, etc. thanks very much-
  6. Josh- I would also be very interested in this plug-in.
  7. thanks guys, I'm going to setup a test file name of the existing VW and LW files and sync the two and see what happens. I just didn;t want to think I was saving some time, while actually creating more work for myself.
  8. Hello everyone here's my question- I just upgraded to LW5, and I'm curious how my existing VW2010 repertory plot drawing and my existing LW file for the same drawing will react with each other when I turn the syncing on. SHould I be nervous starting with two existing files rather than starting the exchange from scratch? thanks-
  9. Thanks very much! That was it. I'm still new at this, can you tell???
  10. Hello everyone- I am having a new issue with repositioning fixture labels. Simply put, all of a sudden, I cannot do it! Running VW2010 SP4 Build 126481 Win7. Nothing I'm aware of has changed with the machine. Upon first install I had no problem, now I do not get access to the "blue square" indicating i can grab the label.The result is moving the entire fixture. Is there a preference I could have checked somewhere by accident? I have deleted and recreated the label legend with no change in condition. thanks for the help!
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