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  1. Yes The width and depth of bars are set to the size of the units we order.
  2. I grabbed a couple walls from a project. Here you go. Window Example.vwx
  3. Most of the projects I work on use aluminum storefront windows. What I have been doing is cutting the opening in my wall with the window or door tool and then setting its style to opening. Then I use the curtain wall tool to create my windows, window & door combinations. The curtain wall tool lets you place frame bars wherever you want and add openers and doors. Then I turn the curtain wall into a group and slide it into my opening. If you don't group it you won't be able to place it into the wall opening. I haven't found a solution for vinyl flanged windows yet.
  4. @digitalcarbon I did a similar balcony design for an apartment building. Instead of having the support brackets below we had a steel support (seat) at the wall below the balcony and the angled rod connections back to the wall above the balcony ( similar to a canopy support) This way most of the support structure was hidden in the guardrail design. Also notice you are showing horizontal cable guards, not allowed where I live as anything over 2' above grade needs to have a non climbable guardrail.
  5. Here is a simple project I did to prove a point to the 2d only people in my office. I already had a 2d floor plan and elevations to start with so there was no design time involved. 5 hours to model the building including the kitchen. Then I spent 1-1/2 hours in Twinmotion and generated about 10 images. I'm just learning Twinmotion so the images are O.K. but I know they can get much better. From this model I can now do my, roof plan, floor plan, foundation plan, as many sections and elevations as I want, door schedule, window schedule etc. And the most important thing is that when I make a change almost everything is updated across all my views.
  6. Jeff had a few minutes so here is a revised drawings for 2020 that should work for you now. Fence_v2020 r1.vwx
  7. Jeff I'll make one in a 2020 version and post it. But don't have time till tomorrow morning.
  8. Jeff I just opened the 2020 file on my computer it works fine. I'll open on my home computer tonight and see if it works there.
  9. Jeff here it is.Fence_v2020.vwx
  10. I used two fence objects. One for the post and rails and one for the pickets. For the main posts I used a custom symbol offset from centre so that the rails were towards the back of the post. Fence.vwx
  11. What about drawing a rectangle over the rear viewport and applying an opacity to that.
  12. You can also select your group and the object you want to add to the group, then group them again. After that if you want you can enter to the top level group and ungroup the one below (if you want).
  13. Using the Railing/Fence tool I have my vertical bars set to 0 from top and 0 from bottom. No matter how long I make the railing the first and last set of bars are always short of the top and bottom. Has anyone else noticed this. Fence.vwx
  14. Splay command is in the settings dialog for the windows. Materials is something new to VW2021
  15. I just now tried playing around with the new materials in VW 2021 plus the splay command for the windows to achieve basically the same thing that Christiaan is suggesting.


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