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  1. @VIRTUALENVIRONS Define too old. I'm past my 6th decade and I love working with Twinmotion because of the fact it is very simple to use. The learning curve is hours instead of years. Now spending years learning 3Ds or C4D probably would probably take me well into my retirement years.
  2. Attached find an example of a titleblock with the date set to update when published. TB Example.vwx
  3. @spettitt interesting comment. I would be willing to put my VW skills up against anybody else's, and I use the auto classing feature all the time. I do have two issue with auto classing -More objects should be automatically assigned to classes. I want to spend time drawing not sorting objects or remembering to change my active class. ( Per the SNL skit I want more cowbell) -I wish I could assign dimension styles to different classes rather than all going to the one dimension class.
  4. Have you tried creating an image prop and placing it outside the window?
  5. @Shortnort You only want to group the wall that you want to isolate, not the other walls. in your case the FRP. See the example I sent you.
  6. Rather than breaking the exterior wall into separate wall types I will use one wall type. Then I create another wall type for the FRP panels. If you create a group from a wall it won't interface or affect other wall types around it. I do this all the time for bathroom finishes or adding curtain walls into wall openings. See attached example 438807149_WallSample2.vwx
  7. 1. Select Edit Plug In Style of the graphics legend In OIP 2.Select Define Legend Source 3.Select Define Custom Source 4.Add a Criteria for example 'Wall Style - is not - Wall Style Name' The new legend tool shows a lot of promise but there is a lot of options to learn. Some years the VW new features are MEH! I think this will be one of the good ones.
  8. I just tried this. If you click/click left to right you get a left swing door, if you click/click right to left you get a right swing door. However it always has the door open to the outside of wall. So now all we need is a third click for the swing direction, or have the swing direction determined by which side of the wall you place your second click. .
  9. I think that is the way it should work. I wouldn't want my VW-Datasmith-TM updates to keep undoing all the changes I've made in TM. I haven't tried this but I believe you can import several different iterations of the same model into TM. You can also get the xyz location of the ball in VW then use the transform panel in TM to move the object back to that location.
  10. I would use the wall tool and use a texture for the rendering. In the attached images, the wall on the left uses AEC/Wall projections to create the corrugated effect the wall on the right is a plain wall. I sent both walls out to a render program and applied a applied a metal panel texture to the wall on the right. I thing using a texture would be much easier to accomplish what you want.
  11. I was trying to deal with the same issue yesterday. I can have a roll angle for a beam, but as soon as I turn it into an OWSJ I lose that option. I ended drawing the OWSJ joist to the length I wanted with the framing member tool, then converting it to a group so I could rotate it in the vertical plane. If someone has a better way to do this I would really like to hear it. Also I like that they combined all the wall tools into one tool. I wish they would do the same with the Structural member tool and the framing member tool.
  12. @Christiaan I don't want to use the legacy web view but I didn't know about the new one. When did they add this feature, it's not listed in the what's new of the help menu.
  13. @Dave DonleyThanks for the info, I was wondering why I had to add web view to my menu.
  14. @LB007, If you don't see the "Export Web View" command under the File menu you may need to edit your work space to add it to your menu. Also if you use Twinmotion their 3D Cloud sharing is far superior IMO to the VW web view. Your signature doesn't say what VW version you are using.
  15. 1. Draw Wall 2. Create Extrusion 3. Menu Command .. AEC/Fit Walls To Objects Super fast and you can redo it anytime you need to.
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