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  1. @zoomer I'll look at the curtain wall tool, I use it for almost all my windows. Not sure if you can use a custom profile for mullions.
  2. Would like to be able to have a bottom rail profile for the railing tool same as well as a top rail. In the attached image I've created a glass railing using panels, I set the posts to a class that I turned off. The thing I couldn't do was create the bottom shoe rail inside the railing tool I had to do this as a separate extrude along path. Would be nice If we had the option to add additional rails in the railing tool. First image is the rail I created in VW second is linked to Twinmotion.
  3. If Windows A, B, and C are all Window Styles. You can open window A in the Resource manager open the Import General Settings dialog and choose import from Window B. This of course means that window style A and B would now be exactly the same.
  4. You could also just draw a bunch of rectangles click click, any random size. Then select them all and in the OIP set the width and height to the size you want for all of them at the same time.
  5. Thanks @Matt Panzer and @mike m oz I got it to working now. It's always the little red button somewhere. Now to play around with the settings.
  6. Been trying for over an hour and re-reading the help file. No matter what I do I cannot get this work. Like Fabrica the preview image in wall closure dialog shows correctly but the closures aren't showing in the model. Also I notice if I select a window or door the Wall Closure option is greyed out in OIP. Was really hoping this would be a feature that worked as I use 3d models for images all the time and the lack of wrapping really ruined the look of the models. If anyone can get this work could they post an example file for us to download and look at the settings.
  7. You can use the new Grid line tool to do what you want. Put your North South Grids on one layer and Your east west Grids on another layer. Create design layer viewport of your Grids and place it on the layer with your 2D elevations. You can rotate and mirror the Viewports as needed.
  8. Turn on all your layers and classes, Set the layers to show snap modify others. Select everything and rotate 180 degrees.
  9. If you are using VW 2021 you can set the grid line weight to 0.00.
  10. I recall having the same issue a while back. What I did to resolve it was choose a custom post symbol from the VW library. Once I did that it saved the symbol into my current document. I then copied the symbol in my current document renamed it opened it up and changed it to what I wanted. I was then able to select the modified symbol in the post/railing setting.
  11. Another option is to create a sheet layer vp and in that viewport change the layer stacking order so that the floor plan is above the roof. Then set the floor plan layer in the viewport to grey.
  12. @Tom W.Stacked Wall Version 2020Stacked Wall v2020.vwx
  13. Here is an example of a stacked wall that I used for a project. It involves faking some of the material thicknesses and using component offsets. It does mean that I have to draw over the block in my section viewports to make it look correct.Stacked Wall.vwx
  14. Thanks @Matt Panzer I was going to do that but I wanted to make sure that I was not missing something first.
  15. In VW 2021 the grid line tool was updated so that now grids will automatically show up in sections and elevations. This has be a great time saver for me. Does anybody know if or how I can get the section markers that I create in plan view to also automatically show up in my elevations and sections?
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