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  1. Trying to insert a sheet metal screw, I'm given three drive types. Regular slot, cross slot and square slot. I want to show a pin-in torx. Anyone know if there is a way to do that without manually detailing the head which strips the object/shape options (front, top, etc.). Thanks
  2. That's it! I'm sure there is a reason it was decided this was better. I wont try to analyze it, just glad to know it now.
  3. Thank you Nikolay, I have looked through these and tried all of the different selections and angles to go at this. I have tried directly editing the text but there is still no choice I have found to position the text of the scale below and to the right of the lines. I can select a style to have the text under the line, but found nothing that allows me to select where the scale text is positioned left to right. If you look at the first image I posted. This is the 2020 object info palette. You can clearly see there is a selection for scale alignment. This can be selected as "right" which puts the scale to the right of the label...where I have always placed it for years. The second picture is 2021. That selection and the easy access text choices are gone. Although I think it has been made more difficult by having to directly edit the object in 2021, I can deal with that, but I dont find the ability, specifically, to align the scale text to the right of the label. I've had to open 2020, create the drawing/scale label styles I want with the scale text to the right, save that file, open it in 2021 and save that as sort of a template to use for drawing labels. 2021 recognizes these labels and doesn't ruin them, but I haven't been able to just make one in 2021 like this. If you can specifically identify how I can make drawing labels look like this, in 2021, I would appreciate it. See below...seems pretty simple to me...or it should be, and was. I hold out that I could just be missing it somewhere tucked in some other spot someone decided was better.
  4. Thanks. Silly me, thinking it could be something simple like right clicking the line selection and it providing an option to "set as default". That would be far too easy.
  5. Does anyone know if there is a way to set the default line type? I know I can select line type, then the dash style and that will be the line going forward until I select solid line...for instance. But when I select line type again, it defaults back to the line it is defaulted to by Vectorworks. I want to be able to lock-in the default line type I plan to use when not using a solid line so that I dont have to take the extra step every time of also having to choose the dash style over and over again. Thanks
  6. 2021 has been annoying me with this. Where is my Scale Alignment choice? This used to be so easy. Select alignment, text size, all right here. But now there is this and I have to go digging and edit text size etc instead of simply doing that right on the front of the pallete. I haven't found a way to align my text to the right, under the line. I'm having to pull drawing labels from 2020 documents to use in 2021 in order to make my drawings look like they always have because I haven't figured out if there is even this ability in 2021 anymore. Anyone know anything on this? Thanks
  7. I'm still a little confused but I will come back when I have more time to play around with all of this. I do see view change type indicators in the lower right of my screen when I undo, It will say stuff like "undo object", 'change view" as it counts back (may not be exactly what it says, going by memory)
  8. I always have mine set at 100. I dont notice performance issues with any document I originate, but I do have lagging problems with imported AutoCAD filed from others, like architects whose files look like they get paid per object! It's like playing space invaders to get rid of all the overlaid polygons, etc. to get down to just the lines needed. And I'm not talking about necessary polygons with hatches, etc., I'm talking about white filled polygons that dont need to be there that seem to be traced over the lines behind them. I'll try setting the undos back to a low number and see if it helps performance while dissecting and deleting the massive amount of junk in those files. We sure have strayed form the topic, but this happens everywhere.
  9. There is some good info coming from the back and forth. I wish I had joined and looked around here a long time ago! I do appreciate the undos...a lot, because once in a while I will alter a drawing...say, a cabinet section I've drawn, and use that to make another view of another cabinet section, sort of picking its bones and adding in other stuff. If I'm on the ball, I made a copy of that view to alter; but sometimes I'm so focused on speed I forget and start changing the original. I'll realize it at some point, and now I'm aware enough to make a copy of the changes I made, then undo until the original is restored or as far back as I can, then paste the copy of the progress I had made altering it so I haven't lost that work.
  10. So you are saying a zoom after a series of undos, wipes out all redos? Trying to wrap my head around how this makes sense. Not that it doesn't happen, but it doesn't seem like very good design.
  11. On Windows, there doesn't seem to be an equivalent to command+S. I've tried control, Alt and the Windows key. It would be great to be able to configure multiple functions to key strokes. Even using a key to both exit a text box and activate the selection tool. BUT, I did discover something that makes reaching for the escape key not any faster. I discovered a quick double left click in an a clear area just outside of the text box does exactly what I said above. It exits the text box and activates the selection tool quickly. So I'm removing the escape or enter on the number pad from my keystroke at-a-glance notes. That's the solution for me if I can remember. It's funny because years ago I developed a habit of double clicking anytime I wanted fresh out of anything to be certain I was. Turns out its not a bad habit!
  12. Thanks for the input, All. I'll play around with the command+s. That's the windows key according to the web? I thought "save" was control+S. Speaking of Saving. I have been aggravated in the past that I dont have re-do's in the same qty as un-dos. Called Tech support about it and the person suggested the best they could figure was a recent save. I dont have gobs of re-do's usually but it looks like that may be the problem. Saving seems to affect the re-do's but maybe not the un-dos? I set autosave for a longer duration, but in the unfortunate event I need re-dos right after a save, I'm likely not getting them. I haven't taken the time to force this behavior to prove it exactly. I used to have autosave at very frequent intervals because years ago on an older version the program would lock up on me and I would lose work. I have manually saved more frequently recently when working with CAD file imports because at least 2020 locks up, thats why I was forced to move to 2021 which seems to handle imports better. For some reason, Autocad files from architects give VW fits and makes it sluggish and "not responding". Anyway thats another subject, maybe I'll start a question to see if the community has any suggestions. I HAVE gone the post-it note route and forcing myself to go to the keyboard stroke when I reach for a tool with the mouse. That's a little defeating on the time purpose but will pay off in the end. I have also re-assigned a few tools to different keys closer to the left side of the keyboard so I can hit the combos with one hand. I wish VW was more adaptable that way, and let me decide which keys require an alt, control, etc.. You can assign keys but its not wide open to whatever you want to do. When is the mind reader headset coming out so it can anticipate and select the next tool for me?😉
  13. Thanks Pat, I also just discovered the enter key on the numlock keyboard does the same thing, but the escape is probably better, dont have to take my hand off the mouse or reach over with my left hand. I dont find a way to deselect without clicking the mouse though. That's as fast as a keystroke...maybe faster. I'm trying to see if key-stroking is actually faster than reaching for everything with the mouse. The smart options display isn't for me yet. Too easy to graze it and takes too long to appear at cursor idle, even at 1 second I feel like I have to stop and wait.
  14. I'm training myself to use more keystrokes to activate tools rather than cursor over to the the tool palettes. Something I've noticed for some time is when in a text box, the "X" is obviously just an x while in text box and doesn't not serve the purpose of selecting the selection tool. Is there a key stroke that can exit a text box? Thanks
  15. Justin H, I'd rather not share the template with the public. Is there a way to PM or contact you directly? Premium tech support? I only spoke with tech support verbally and that person didn't not take the step further to ask me to send the example. I would love to also solve the problem of VW getting laggy when importing Autocad files. I sent an example of this once and never got a follow up from VW. On the phone the person was just saying there were a bunch of objects and said he would circle it around the techs and get back to me. I have this problem frequently. It seems VW cant handle the amount of data that can be overlaid by architects (sometimes I wonder what the heck they were thinking ...so much junk). I have to try to work around it, trying to isolate what I need dealing with the delay and program not responding for minutes on end, then copy what I isolated to a fresh document to work efficiently. I'm just drawing in 2-D. I would think a program that can draw 3-D would be able to handle massive data. My computer is fully capable. ThreeDot, I feel you. I have worked around a LOT, but then again I'm not well trained. Most of what I know is handed down or self taught. Every now and then I get a good tech person who can lead me in the right direction. My problem is I dont have hours and days on end to just learn, I have to learn as I draw and sometimes barely have time for that.
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