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  1. I used the 3D Line mode to create a series of fences, but for some reason, in 3D Line mode you can only create single line fence segments, so I had to make several separate fences. I have now changed my mind about the style of the fence, so I made my edits, then tried to use the eyedropper tool to apply the new look to the other fence segments. Using the Eyedropper Preferences, I checked "Other Attributes_Plug-in Parameters", but unfortunately that picks only the "Heightpoint 1" and "Heightpoint 2" values and not the rail, panel, etc. attributes. That is the exact opposite of what I want 😞
  2. ...and it is now late 2020. Has the tiny preview of line types been addressed? This thread goes back quite a way. 😞
  3. I cannot get my sheet to export to DWG in a way that preserves the look of my sheet. I want to send my sheet to my engineer, but the "export viewports as 2D graphics in model space" adds lines that are not visible in my sheet view, making the resulting DWG file unnecessarily complex for the engineer, and requiring tiresome editing on his part to get a DWG file that he can use. For example, in my Vectorworks 2019 file, I have turned off the classes for the exterior finish, sheathing and interior finish, and I am only displaying the wall framing. When I export "using flattened 2d Graphics", hidden wall components are unhidden and added to the file (see attached dwg.pdf). Also, my Vectorworks file hides the door leaf and swing, but the exported dwg file show a bright green lines in the door opening - where do those come from? vectorworks.pdf dwg.pdf
  4. @michaelk Did you ever find an answer/resolution? I have to switch to Vectorworks 2018 to send files to my engineer and I am having this problem. Roof objects disappear in Top/Plan view, but show up in Top view.
  5. Boh, Thank you for responding. What you suggest is exactly what I did. I have created a worksheet to show all the stake objects in my drawing, I have the worksheet displaying the "Elevation Units" setting, and I can edit each line individually, but I guess I am at a loss as to how to "globally change" all of them at once. I have tried selecting all the rows in the worksheet and clicking the "select item" option, but it only picks one of the stake objects. Alternatively, trying to select all the "Elevation Units" fields and clicking the arrow pull-down menu, which conveniently show the alternate settings, only changes one item of the selection. Where is the "Global Change" option? Thank you for your help!
  6. It looks like Vectorworks 2019 has added an option called "Elevation Units"in the Object Info palette which allows you to have a different unit setting for Stake objects than the unit setting for the overall drawing. However, how would one go about changing all the Stake objects in a drawing universally from one setting to another?
  7. Ian M.

    Nurbs Roadway

    @CipesDesign since I have your attention...is there a way to select a station point then specify the desired grade for a specified number of station points? I could measure the distance and calculate an elevation, then "Align stations vertically", but I was wondering if I could get Vectorworks to let me type in "8.33%"?
  8. Ian M.

    Nurbs Roadway

    @CipesDesign Thank you! I didn't know about the reshape modes - that explains everything! I am saved! In which version did they add those modes?
  9. Ian M.

    Nurbs Roadway

    Nurbs road 3 480.mov
  10. Ian M.

    Nurbs Roadway

    @CipesDesign Thank you. Yes, I am aware of the "Vertex Only" setting.
  11. I have inserted a nurbs roadway object into a drawing (see "Nurbs road 1" attached), but when I try to edit the elevation of one of the station points, the object contorts itself into a pretzel. Is this a bug, or am I doing something I shouldn't be? Nurbs road 1.pdf Nurbs road 2.pdf
  12. @MikeB Thanks for the tip on how to get out of a Renderworks rendering. The "command ." and "esc" don't produce any noticeable reaction, but the switch to OpenGL worked very nicely.
  13. I was wondering how to punch an opening in a slab, and I am very pleased to see that simply drawing a polygon for the opening, then selecting both the polygon and the slab and selecting the "Modify_Clip Surface" tool worked like a charm: Edit slab.mov
  14. There is also a setting in Vectorworks_Preferences_Display_Show other objects while in editing modes.
  15. I was hoping for answers, but it seems everyone here has the same issue. I have walls that are disappearing. They show up in plan view, I can use the flyover tool, but OpenGL only shows me two parallel walls and not the perpendicular ones. In Renderworks mode, the walls appear briefly, but then they all disappear in the final rendering. This is happening with a file that I downloaded from Vectorworks (!) tutorial page: "Drawing Organization - Using Stories". I am curious if it is something that happens with older files that are converted to 2019? disappearing walls2.mov
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