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  1. Ian M.

    Walls disappear in Renderworks

    I was hoping for answers, but it seems everyone here has the same issue. I have walls that are disappearing. They show up in plan view, I can use the flyover tool, but OpenGL only shows me two parallel walls and not the perpendicular ones. In Renderworks mode, the walls appear briefly, but then they all disappear in the final rendering. This is happening with a file that I downloaded from Vectorworks (!) tutorial page: "Drawing Organization - Using Stories". I am curious if it is something that happens with older files that are converted to 2019? disappearing walls2.mov
  2. Ian M.

    Web View Low res images!

    @inikolova I have not yet figured out the photo to 3d model process and I was wondering if there is a tutorial that could take me through the steps? I also don't understand the cloud model generating feature. I have multiple "schemes" in my file. Using Vectorworks on my desktop, I can pick and choose which layers, clases, etc. I want to see in my model, but in the cloud services there is NO control over the model that is generated? Am I missing a major step? How do I control how the model is generated in the cloud services folder? If I can't control/customize it, what use is it?
  3. Ian M.

    Musical Symbols

    Since Vectorworks employees are not drummers, it is probably best to ask the drummer in question how they set up their drum kits. Every drummer is going to do it differently.
  4. Ian M.


    @JustinVH I am enclosing a screenshot showing the Resource Manager window with "piano" typed into the search bar. There are only two pianos shown in the results. In the lefthand column of the Resource Manager, the folder under "Vectorworks Libraries_Objects - Ent Stage" only shows two files (see "piano4.png"), but using my computer's "Finder" window, I see 12 different files under the same "Vectorworks Libraries_Objects - Ent Stage" file structure (see "Piano5.png"). What is the explanation for that? Why can't the Resource Manager see those files?
  5. Ian M.


    @JustinVH I confess that, so far, I am not hooting and hollering about how the Resources Manager works. I used the "Help_Download Content" menu to get the "Spotlight Libraries - Entertainment Objects Libraries". The file successfully downloaded onto my computer, and I can now see that I have "Orchestra Layout 2D.vwx" and "Orchestra Layout 3D.vwx" in my "Vectorworks_Libraries_Objects - Ent Stage" folder, but searching in the Resources Manager does not turn up the files with "piano"?! (see attached "Piano2.png) I used the "Browse a Document" menu to look at the "Orchestra Layout 2D.vwx" file, and finally the 2D piano images showed up in the Resources Manager, but the 3D files that I know are on my computer, in the Vectorworks libraries, still do not show up. That doesn't seem very effective to me. Am I missing something?
  6. Ian M.

    Musical Symbols

    @Kevin McAllister Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. It turns out that I needed to download the "SpotlightLibraries - Entertainment Objects Libraries" via the Help_Download Content menu. Piano.pdf
  7. Ian M.


    I confess that I am new to the Resource Manager, having only just upgraded from 2013, but I have watched the video tutorial, have turned on every resource option in the Resource Manager, and I get a variety of Forbo linoleum samples, and a Johanson bar stool - no piano. Can you tell me exactly which resource folder it is in?
  8. Ian M.


    OK, it is 2018, now and there is still no Vectorworks piano symbol?
  9. Ian M.

    Musical Symbols

    Is there a piano symbol(s) available for Architect?
  10. Ian M.

    Occupant Load Formula

    shouldn't the formula be IF(A-INT(A)>0.01,INT(A)+1,INT(A)? Assuming you want any value .01 greater than the integer to be rounded up?
  11. Ian M.

    Occupant Load Formula

    @Chad Hamilton HAarchs What version is your attached file, please? (It won't open for me, but I'm back in 2013)
  12. Ian M.

    Using two screens

    It is quite easy to to do what you want with a Mac...and I only have Vectorworks 2013. I connect my MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015) to a Dell monitor. Under "System Preferences_Displays, there are options for detecting other monitors, choosing whether the monitor "mirrors" the main display or provides additional work space, etc.
  13. Ian M.

    Vectorworks 2013 and Sierra 10.12

    I have been running Vectorworks 2013 on Mac OS X Sierra version 10.12.6. It works just fine for long periods of time, then suddenly gets cranky and crashes when doing even simple tasks. Sometimes I can just reopen Vectorworks and carry on, but others I end up restarting the computer. Sometimes that works well, and...sometimes not. Alexander Sagatov, Senior Technical Support Specialist, says I need to revert back to El Capitan.
  14. Ian M.

    Disappearing Text

    Thank you for all your suggestions. It is something to do with Vectorworks 2013 on Os 10.6.8. I dealt with it a while ago and am trying to find my notes...
  15. Ian M.

    Disappearing Text

    I am working in Vectorworks 2013 on a file imported from a DWG format and I can't get the text to remain visible, regardless of what font I set the text to. If I edit a dimension or a text block, it might stay visible for a moment, but minutes later, everything disappears. I have used the "custom modification" tool to select all text, I have set the class attributes to visible colors, all classes are turned on, and I have used "Font Book" to "validate" my font files. Enclosed file: "Untitled 2" shows my drawing with the font recently set to "Helvetica", which ought to be one of the most commonly used fonts. "Untitled 3" shows the same drawing a few moments later with none of the text visible... Untitled 2.pdf Untitled 3.pdf


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