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  1. If someone has access to the hatches, could you post an updated link? Many thanks.
  2. Hmmm... Vector Depot doesn't seem to exist anymore? I just see ads for other websites, or is that the way it is supposed to work?
  3. 16 years later, it is about time there was an answer to this question. It may depend on your version of Vectorworks. In the "Architect" edition, draw the desired polygon, then go to the "AEC" menu, select "Create Objects from Shapes...". A pop-up window opens with a pull-down menu allowing you to select "Object Type". Pick "Site Modifier" and check the box "Show Properties Dialog". Click "OK", and the "Site Modifier" Object Preferences window will open with all kinds of options to define the Site Modifier.
  4. The Object Info Palette for a Roof Face has an option, "Name" - how can this name be extracted/accessed for use in a worksheet? Thanks.
  5. I have a worksheet that has found the objects it was told to find (polygons in a specific class), but the right-click (I use control-click) does not zoom to the selected object as it should. I was trying to get information from referenced viewports, but apparently you can't get field values from records in a referenced drawing, so I deleted the reference, saved all the referenced data to the file, then tried to use my worksheet. The worksheet acknowledges the existence of the polygons and their records, but control-click will not Force Select the object, and Vectorworks does not zoom to the selected object. Something has been lost in my process 🙃
  6. This conversation explains why there is a software program called MeshLab (https://www.meshlab.net). I have downloaded it, but stopped in my tracks when I saw all the tools and options. I feel confident that it can solve the issues that have been discussed above, but I definitely don't have any of the necessary skills yet. I would love to hear from the Vectorworks community which point cloud file format they like to use? There are so many options that I hardly know where to start on deciding which format to use. I really like https://3dscannerapp.com
  7. If a Vectorworks user has created a new tool and posted it to the Vectorworks forum, how would I access that tool? I have searched for instructions, but I must be using the wrong search terms. Thanks in advance for any help.
  8. I just stumbled across this and it sounds amazing. Thank you for taking the time to create this tool.
  9. I am working in a rotated plan view, trying to insert a revision cloud. Instead of the cloud being drawn where I drew a rectangle, it is offset and skewed to match the drawing's X-Y axis. This is very annoying. Is there a secret setting for revision clouds that I need to change? Rotated Revision Cloud Object.mov
  10. The "Rotate Plan" command has been easy to use, so it is frustrating that there are tools that don't work well in that mode. I was wondering about a custom UCS, so thank you for confirming that notion for me. I haven't worked with that very much and I worry that I will screw something else up...
  11. I can't find a way to have a Space object or a Property Line object's Fill show at a certain opacity, but have the Line remain at full opacity for the Boundary and the Label. Almost every other Vectorworks object does allow setting fill and line attributes separately. Any suggestions? Screen Recording 2022-06-30 at 11.59.43 AM.mov
  12. To sort of answer my own question...it seems that "Space" objects need to be made in "Top/Plan" view. The label can then be set to the rotated plan view angle and the boundary will stay in place: Screen Recording 2022-06-30 at 11.34.40 AM.mov
  13. I am working in a "Rotated Plan" view. I created a "Space" object, but it sets the label at the original orientation. Using the "Settings" button in the OIP, I corrected the "Label Angle" to match the rotated plan angle. This successfully oriented the space label, but it also rotated the space boundary. How can I use the "Space" object so that the boundary sticks in place, but the label orients the way I would like it to? Screen Recording 2022-06-30 at 11.22.08 AM.mov
  14. I want to give the property line a fill color, and give that fill a transparency, but the transparency is applied to the entire property line object including the boundary line and annotations. Other Vectorworks objects seem to understand the attributes palette's instructions regarding "Fill" vs. "Line" - am I missing something, or is this just another piece that is not fully integrated?
  15. I am here because I drew a 3d Poly to represent an audio cabling run. Since the cable is expensive, it would be great to have a worksheet quickly add up and compare the lengths of various routing combinations. This would seem like a very import function to have for ducting, cabling, piping, etc. Is there a tool in the piping or ducting tool set that does this?
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