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  1. You might want to have a look at the Surface Array Tool it's under the model menu. In the attached image I made one surface array then copied it and adjusted width to what I wanted. Was very fast to do. There are lots of options in the tool so you would need to experiment with it.
  2. Thanks for all the replies. I've used viewports before to split worksheets, but I find that a clunky workaround. I think for the next project I'll look into setting up my titleblock so that A- and Sheet Number are two different fields.
  3. My project drawing list is too long so I want to split it in two. I created two worksheets Drawing List Part A and Drawing List Part B. I then added a criteria field to have sheets less than A-999 in worksheet A and sheets greater than A-1000 on worksheet B. The problem I'm having is that A-100 and A-1000 both show up in the list for Part B. So how do I get the criteria to see A-100 and A-1000 as different numbers? If I set the criteria Sheet Number to >= A-1000 I get all my sheets except for A-100, If I set my criteria to Sheet Number <=A-1000 Below is a simplified version of my drawing list. Even though A-1000, A-2000, A-3000 etc are less than 900 they still show up in my list. How do I resolve this?
  4. TomKen

    Joining 3 walls with different styles

    L join the same walls, T-join the odd wall, then use component join to connect the cores. I run into this all the time on projects where walls all have the same stud core but change cladding materials
  5. TomKen

    Best way to cast shadows in section viewports

    Matt. I use 4 Heliodons on a layer called suns. I have one in each of the four directions then use the Visualization pallete to control which Sun is on in the Viewport. Although I didn't do it in the attached image I usually set the time or date one minute or day apart. ie. 9:00 a.m. = south 9:01= west, that way I know which suns to turn off in the viewports.
  6. TomKen

    Stacked Openings in Wall - 2d Plan View

    Place the upper opening on its own class. Then turn off that class. The opening will still show up in 3d views and will be off in the plan view.
  7. TomKen

    T model window

    I find the window tool very limiting in what configurations you can make. Lately I've just been placing window or door openings in a wall, then using the curtain wall tool to create what I want. You can create almost any shape you need with the curtain wall tool. Then I make a group from the curtain wall and place it into the opening. It would be really great if VW would allow you to place a curtain wall into another wall.
  8. TomKen

    Roof Construction

    I use the create roof tool to make several simple roofs. Once I have several roofs that give me a close proximity of what i want I un-group the roof object into roof faces. After that I will use the join tool or edit boundary to finalize my roof. I find this quicker than just making all roof faces at the start.
  9. TomKen

    Flippin' Flipped Doors

    You could just duplicate the leaf in the resource browser, open it for editing and rotate it about the centre 180 degrees. So that you have a left and right leaf. Also you don't need a custom leaf to create a door with a vision panel, that option is available in the OIP under leaf.
  10. TomKen

    Dimension Trailer Presets

    If you want to add the trailers afterwards, you still only have to type each trailer once. For example to add typical to a bunch of dimensions select all the dimension you want to add typical too then use the eyedropper tool. With the eyedropper tool select a dimension with the typical trailer, then change it to the bucket and apply it to one of the dimensions you have selected, all the selected dimensions will have the word typical applied as a trailer.
  11. TomKen

    Dimension Trailer Presets

    Right click a dimension that already has the trailer that you want and select "Create Similar Object" The new dimension will include whatever you had typed in the trailer field.
  12. TomKen

    Fitting a slab to the slope of another slab

    Add the soil layer to the slab components so that it tapers like the tapered layers below. Create an extrude at height you want the soil level to be horizontal. Select the extrude and the slab object, right click and subtract the extrude from the slab.
  13. TomKen

    Concurrent Open Documents?

    I usually have the main project file open, then open other project files to grab details as needed. One issue i have found with having multiple files open at the same time is that sometimes the navigation browser gets stuck on one of the files and won't switch to the other files.
  14. Iredale Architecture is seeking an Intermediate Intern Architect or Technologist to join our team in Victoria B.C. Canada. We are a full-service architectural firm of thirty professionals, working from offices in Vancouver, Victoria and Calgary. We provide services for a wide range of projects including civic, cultural, educational, light industrial, commercial and residential. The Intermediate Intern Architect or Technologist will have the following required skills and expertise: · Minimum 5 years’ relevant experience with a British Columbia Architectural firm; · Completion of a certified Building Technology or Architectural program in a professionally recognized institution; · Extensive experience working independently to prepare contract documents, shop drawings, field reviews, etc.; · Experience in a variety of project types, including multi-family residential, commercial and educational; · Demonstrated expertise in building technology including wood frame, steel and concrete construction; · High level of proficiency in AutoCad, Revit and Vectorworks, The Victoria Office uses VectorWorks for the majority of our current projects. · Familiarity with municipal approvals processes; · Knowledge of the BC Building Code Part 3 and ASHRAE 90.1; · Understanding of sustainable design considerations; · Ability to manage priorities and meet tight deadlines; · Ability to effectively coordinate with Clients, Consultants, and Municipal Staff; · Excellent interpersonal skills and communication skills in English; and · Must be registered with AIBC, or eligible to be registered in the province of British Columbia We will provide the successful proponent with a competitive salary, health benefits and continuing education opportunities.
  15. TomKen

    Window and Door Schedule Problems

    From what I know you can't add a comments field to a database. Window and door objects have about 10 user fields in their datasets that you can type your own information into. Add this text to the column criteria ='Door'.'UserFld1' . This is easily done by right clicking on the grey area in the worksheet where the column headings are. Click on the option to edit the report. At the bottom of the you can add fields to the report. Good Luck
  16. TomKen

    Window and Door Schedule Problems

    Open your worksheet right on the grey area on the left side of the row right click. The option select item will pop up. This will bring you to the object in your drawing
  17. TomKen

    Floating views - multi view.

    I don't think Vectorworks can do this. I'm using windows so when I want to do that I use the Snipping tool to take a screen shot of drawing 1 and then put it on my second monitor so that I can refer to while working on the other drawing 2.
  18. TomKen

    Window and Door Schedule Problems

    Kristen: Set the criteria in your worksheet to only look at the layers that you want to count the doors from.
  19. TomKen

    Wall tool, lineweights

    The overall line weight of a wall (outside line) is controlled by the wall class it is assigned to Wall-Exterior, Wall-Interior. The line weight of the components are set by the class they are assigned to in the wall styles set up. I usually set my Overall wall line thickness to a lighter line then set the structural component of my wall style to a thicker line.
  20. TomKen

    Un-joined walls

    Tolu, The walls are all on the same layer, Some are Wall Exterior Class, and other are Wall Interior. Walls of the same class and different classes both come unjoined. The walls in the attached image were all joined the last time I looked at them.
  21. TomKen

    Laser Measures

    Look at the software that people use to do real-estate floor plans. I was using Chief Architect, a surface pro and a bluetooth laser measure. The walls in chief can be pushed by the dimension line input. So I would draw a wall then have the laser input the dimension to move the wall. There is other software out there that can do the same thing. So when I left the Site I already had my floor plan.
  22. TomKen

    Un-joined walls

    I am also playing whack-a-mole rejoining walls. This happens when using project sharing, we have four people working on the same project. I have no idea what triggers the problem though.
  23. TomKen

    Hide Classes Within Layers

    Boh, I get what you are doing. So the decision is stacked viewports which can sometimes be an issue one gets moved without the other, or having more Design Layer Viewports but then having the SLVP as a single object. I personally prefer to have as few Design Layer as I can in project.
  24. TomKen

    Hide Classes Within Layers

    Why not stack your viewports. Viewport 1 level One, door class on, Viewport 2 Level Two door class off, Stack your viewports on top of each other.
  25. TomKen

    Vectorworks 2019 SP1 Updater Not Working

    I'm also having trouble getting the updater working. I'm getting caught in an endless cycle of the screen that says "updater needs to refresh" Has anyone found a solution for this yet.


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