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  1. @LaureH, adding to what @Pat Stanford said. 1. Select your viewport 2.In OIP open the classes dialog. 3.Look for the class "Glazing-Clear" (the default unless you used something else) 4.Select edit to open the class settings dialog, depending on your render type you will need to change the fill to solid and/or the change the texture to something solid.
  2. For me issued for would be the project phase of the drawings: Issued for coordination, issued for building permit, issued for tender, issued for construction etc. Revision would be: I've issued drawings for building permit but I've made a change to the drawings like moving an exit door. At least that is my understanding. Of course I've never used Revisions because my drawings are always perfect ;).
  3. I just watched the coffee break video on the fence tool. After watching this I got the idea that maybe I could use this tool instead of EAP to create parapet caps for walls. It looks really promising, as I could create a bunch of parapet cap profiles then create fence styles that I could store in my resource manager. The fence tool allows for control of how the object appears in 2D and 3D. Could also be used for baseboards and crown mouldings etc. Maybe VW could use the same programming to create a simplified version of the fence tool to create an EAP tool that allows you to select a profile to use from your resource manager.
  4. @Archistyles my bad. I just checked create multiple viewports is available in my VW2023 Architect version but not in VW2024. I don't personally use this command but seems odd to me that they would remove it.
  5. Big improvements for the handrails, but still needs some love unless I'm missing a setting somewhere. Handrail extensions at the top of run are 300mm, handrail extensions at the bottom of the run are 1 tread width + 300mm
  6. Still available on my copy. Menu ... View/Multiple View Panes/Enable Multiple View Panes
  7. @Tom W.That worked thanks.
  8. During the UI interface webinar it was indicated that we would be able to change the icon color on the menu bar. How do we do this?
  9. Would like to be able to set the open angle of cabinet doors in 2D to angle other than 90deg. Same as we can for the Door tool.
  10. @Boh When I use an extrude along path for a parapet cap I turn it in hybrid object. It will then show as a solid in a top/plan view.
  11. @digitalcarbon making icons bigger doesn't cure blindness.
  12. Is there a way to rearrange the sort order of the top view bar in VW2024. I'm blind on my left side so I like to have the items I use the most on the right side of my screen.
  13. Looking forward to this. For us final millwork drawings will always come from fabricator. However I always show the millwork as BIM objects for my plans, sections and interior elevations on my projects. Hoping this will speed up the process.
  14. I don't think you can embed the hyperlink into a text object. You can make the hyperlink label text whatever you want though.
  15. a possible answer for item 1 on your list, if your current document has layer names that are the same as the ones you want to import they won't show on the list as a layer you can import.
  16. If you are referring to Viewport Crops you can do it two ways. In the OIP make sure that crop is set to visible, Right click on the Viewport and select edit crop. 1. Change the attributes of the crop using the Attributes pallet or 2. Assign the crop to a class that has the attributes you want.
  17. I've used both but it has been about 5 years since I last used Chief Architect. Based on my experience with CA from then. Both programs have the typical BIM features you expect, walls, doors, window, floors roof, schedules, levels/design layers, sheets, viewports etc. For interior work CA has a huge library of objects, Their cabinet tool makes the VW's cabinet tool look very sad. My impression of CA was that it was really designed around Residential wood frame construction and has a lot of settings for that type of construction. I was not very impressed though with their 2d drafting tools for doing details. For me, of the two I really prefer working with VW. I find it is a much more flexible program to work with. I find the 2d graphics components far superior. I also find changing from 2d to 3d views for navigating around in my model much easier. Over the years I've used quite a few different CAD programs, a lot of them have similar features. One thing they all have common is that not one of them excels at all features. One might have a great floor tool but a terrible roof tool, some have great drafting tools others not so much and so on. My best suggestions to you are determine what you need to produce from your CAD program and select the one that suits those needs. Most CAD programs will allow you to download a trial versions, so try them out yourself and see what you like. Last of all a lot of the time it is not what CAD program you choose it is whether or not you commit the time to learn and develop the skills to use your chosen program.
  18. Change your class to None for the fill, either in the class or the class over ride for the viewport. Or you can use a different render style that will use the opacity mask in your texture. Also I just screened in a patio in my backyard.
  19. What @Tom W. said. Here are some screenshots.
  20. Ok here is my go at the Trellis. 4 steps. Trellis.vwx
  21. Your angle dimension in the annotation viewport is being associated with the entire length of the line. I deleted the dimension then drew a short line in the annotation viewport and attached the dimension to that line. After that the viewport worked fine. Image attached.
  22. If you know the basics of making your own TB it is very easy. I've attached a quick sample for you. You need to create a sheet data parameter (I used a pop up). Then edit your TB add some plain text draw lines etc. to create your design, then next to it add a text placeholder that is linked to your sheet date parameter. Works exactly the same way as linking sheet numbers, drawn by, date and so on. Checkbox Titleblock.vwx Checkbox Titleblock v2022.vwx
  23. @VIRTUALENVIRONS Define too old. I'm past my 6th decade and I love working with Twinmotion because of the fact it is very simple to use. The learning curve is hours instead of years. Now spending years learning 3Ds or C4D probably would probably take me well into my retirement years.
  24. Attached find an example of a titleblock with the date set to update when published. TB Example.vwx
  25. @spettitt interesting comment. I would be willing to put my VW skills up against anybody else's, and I use the auto classing feature all the time. I do have two issue with auto classing -More objects should be automatically assigned to classes. I want to spend time drawing not sorting objects or remembering to change my active class. ( Per the SNL skit I want more cowbell) -I wish I could assign dimension styles to different classes rather than all going to the one dimension class.
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