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  1. This might help someone else, but I encountered a bug where I was unable to click on slab objects in the open GL mode. The object was incredibly far from the origin point of the layer (like 100,00 feet away from 0,0). After moving the objects closer I was able to select my slab objects once again...
  2. I found that the Smart Sync feature on the dropbox file sharing service will cause the a .vwx file to not open and to post the "This is an unrecognized file" error message.. Upon switching the file from Smart Sync to Local, the file opens normally. Hope this helps someone. -Raymond
  3. Vectorworks 2020 on PC. All of my clerestory corner windows objects that are under 2'-0" in height do not connect in the 3D model at the corner. I'm not sure when or why it happened but every corner window in my project is now offset from each other. It did not used to be like this. Let me know if you are aware of any mistakes I may have made here. ***I just tried this in a new file and the same thing occurred. Something strange is happening with corner windows set to "Clerestory" Turning off clerestory fixes the problem however I would like for my windows to display as single dashed lines in 2D. I'm curious to see if this happens with anyone else.
  4. I resolved this by checking the "Display 2D Fills" box and setting my ID tag class to None fill.
  5. I'm experiencing something like this in 2020. Have a look at my uploaded images. The viewport with hidden line rendering is mostly blank with stray text randomly scattered around. Going into the design layer in orthagonal/hidden line rendering reveals more text but not all. Open GL reveals all text on the ID's. Not sure how to resolve this.
  6. I think I figured it out, the objects that weren't taking on the hatch were actually "Solid Subtration" and "Solid Addition" objects. I think it's unfortunate that I can't simply hatch these objects and that they need to be strictly unmodified extrudes, as I enjoy using the push and pull modeling tools.
  7. I'm having this issue as well. My extruded object (set to class styles) is placed in a class assigned with an RT texture, which is supposed to give it a 3D texture as well as a hidden line hatch. The extruded object displays the 3D texture fine in open GL, however the hatch does not come through in hidden line rendering. The object remains 100% opaque with no hatch. I am using VW 2019 on windows 10.
  8. This is still an issue that I've just experienced in Vectorworks 2019. My hatches in an annotation layer would display incorrectly (larger) and would publish at a much smaller size. The size of the hatches would change for a split second every time I zoomed in with the scroll wheel. This was observed on both Mac and PC machines running OSX Sierra and the latest Windows 10. This display bug was fixed upon switching to 'Good Performance and Compatibility' on both Mac and PC.
  9. Okay, I just remade the component from scratch and the issue resolved itself. That was really weird though. I'll make a new thread if this comes up again. 👍
  10. I've just opened this file on another Windows 10 PC as well as a 2014 iMac on Yosemite. This issue persists in both computers which also leads me to believe that my file is at fault.
  11. Yes, here is an image of the component class settings. These are default settings and textures for the roof style named "Sloped Wood Struct Insul Spanish Tile". I have converted these roof objects to unstyled.@zoomer
  12. This issue returned. Restarting my computer did not solve the issue this time. Here are images. The 2D representation of what appears to be the top component (Spanish Clay Tile) of my roof object is showing as a wireframed object. This affects my hidden line render in my elevation viewport as well as my openGL render. Just yesterday, these roof objects rendered as solid. I came into the office today and opened vectorworks to find that these objects were transparent. I went back into a backup file not too long ago and found that these same roof objects behave normally. These two files, one with transparent roof components and one with solid roof components, are open simultaneously. This appears to be caused by a bug in the software as opposed to my own doing. Let me know if you have a solution, or if I should be posting this to a different location on the forums. Thanks, Raymond
  13. This issue went away after making the slab objects again from scratch (polyline tool -> AEC -> Create objects from shapes -> Slab..
  14. @michaelk That worked perfectly, Thanks for your help Michael.
  15. Hey guys, I'm having a hard time shaping this wall with an elongated arched opening. Not a seg head and not round. I have a wall with a squared opening, and I have modeled these two filleted extrudes to round out the corners. However in elevation, these two objects, although they touch, still leave behind a line. I need the stucco component from the wall to combine with the custom extrudes in elevation. I've looked online for help, however it still isn't clear to me how I would do this. Thanks, Raymond
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