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  1. And NOTICE the Complete Lack Of Response to the Real Issue. That They Know They Release Broken Software Riddled with bugs year after year. Instead of calling it a Release Candidate Or Beta. They Put Their Name On It and release it as a Finished Ready for Production Product when It Is Not. And When You Point This Out They Stop The Conversation.
  2. There is no added security in requesting a second reply from what by your explanation could be a compromised email account. If someone had hacked my email to send a cancellation notice. What security is achieved by requesting a second reply from the same said compromised email? Which by the way they accepted and canceled. and by that means I could still be the Said hacker going to town all over the forum as well. there is no 2 factor there. So I discard this as not valid.
  3. This is Just More of the same reply. While not addressing that your software is not usable before at least SP3 because there are so many bugs that Your QA team seem unable to find but yet your Paying Customers seem to find with ease. Another example of Not Listing to your customers. The Best Example of this is the Reply I had to send your Customer Service when I was canceling. I was Asked To Confirm that I really wanted to Leave. My Reply: This Email Requesting Confirmation is just another Baffling display of How Disconnected as a company you are from reality. And Further Proof you do not listen to your customers. How can " I am canceling Service Select and will no longer be a customer. " be interpreted any other way? The Below Reference Support Discussions and your OWN SUPPORT REPLY that your software is not usable before SP3 Plus the Fact That Bugs I submitted Years ago are still Reproducible Today Bring Me Daily Frustration. YES I AM 100% POSITIVE I NO LONGER WANT TO GIVE YOU MONEY FOR ANYTHING! CONFIRM! CONFIRM! CONFIRM! And I will Try to convince as many people as I can to do the same.
  4. I Believe the Only way to get Through is to Hit them In the Bank Account. I have already Canceled and Told them I Give Up In Frustration and Disgust. I simply cannot take the Crap that they force on us year after year any more. 2020 is nothing but a crash fest. I can crash Vectorworks in 2 clicks %100 repeatable by using the insert drop tool? as well as: I have been forced to set auto save to every 5 minutes and Still feel Like I should Click Ctrl-S after almost every action. I am not getting Paid to Bug Test your Issues. Where Can I submit my invoice for my time? Service Select Provides ZERO Value. It Only serves you with Phone Support That Further Re-enforces this we will let people who are paying us test it for us mentality. Stop The Insanity That lets them think they can get away with this. Until more of us stand up nothing will change. Years of complaints in the forums has a track record of ZERO RESULTS.
  5. The Pictures are 1 of each Rotated check box clicked 1 without Fail Answer Try Again
  6. Is it lost on you guys that this basically Confirms my argument that everything up to SP3 is a Release Candidate because you cant fix all the problems in the release version until then? Truth in advertising goes along way.
  7. Label Legends Rotations and alignment are Mangled. Total contract renewal price: 1829.00?????? for this Really???? single seat per year! this is behavior in a brand new 2020 file. How can you even make anything with this to present to client? What good is a schematic view if you can not present fixture data. yet another example of how your QA Team is Failing your paying customers. and the software is Never Usable when Released. HOW do errors like this get through your Beta? Why do paying customers have to wait until SP3 to get a working version? This is what the label looks like and this is what happens in drawing back to 19 and fighting Broken Display view ports because they are still better than this.
  8. File this Under Frustrated Rant. When I open an existing file from another version. I expect it to look just like it did in the Old Version. What good are new features if you can't open old files with out re-editing things that you have already drawn? Is this too much to ask from software that we pay Thousands of dollars for? My company does not pay for my software I do. 2019 2020 Instead of the Rotated 3d pipe I get a schematic view of it. Did I want this? No Is this what you would call expected Behavior? Not to me Did no one Use a rotated pipe at any time during your beta? Just a question I would have for QA? Text added to Non-Rotating Label Legend does not display correct. We should not have to Re-edit every file we open to see what is going to be broken this time. This is Death by a thousand paper cuts. I saw a Reply to another comment about batch converting reference files to not have to update each file manually. This would Scare the living Crap out of me because of things like this. Now you would have Broken views in every file that used the reference. Everything Before SP2 should be re-branded as RC-1 RC-2 etc. This is not Production ready software and making paying customers Beta test for you is getting old.
  9. 5 Years Running Still Have this in 2020. Anyone Surprised?
  10. Could we get a New Version of Vectorworks that you could just take whatever file you are currently working on in the last year version. Open it in the New Version and it Work without errors? 3 years running this has not been an option. This year it is my Label Legends even though they are non rotating. Extra text elements in the label rotate. I can import the legend into a new drawing and all is good. it just Breaks in the conversion to 2020 opening the existing file. I understand this is an S*** comment but the Frustration is High. Most company's pay their beta testers not make the testers pay them. I said the same thing last year. Your Beta Test Pool does not use enough of a diverse workflow to catch errors that should not make it through your testing. You guys need to cast a wider net.
  11. I had a similar issue this morning. I could double click and the Mouse would let me highlight the text but the box would not accept input from the keyboard. I could tab to another application and type away I could type in other sections of vectorworks but the in line edit would not work. Yet another year of not enough beta testing and let the people paying you test it until at least SP3 then mid year it is kind of working until the next version. Wash Rinse Repeat.......
  12. I had a similar problem after requesting a profile. I got the following response. I did not attach file as it would be out of date but I would say hit support up again. "We’ve recently had some reports of issues with the updater. There’s several things that can cause the updater to fail such as, issues with internet connection, firewalls, antivirus, and user permissions. To by pass that we can manually update the library file. Save the attached file to your computer, then move the file to the location listed below, overwriting the existing file and you’ll have all the latest fixtures. On PC: Program Files\Common Files\Vectorworks 2019\Library On Mac: Mac HD\Library\Application Support\Vectorworks 2019\Library"
  13. Version 1.0.0


    My First Run at creating new objects. I used the swivel CB object below for the start of what I made so thanks go to him. just Drag into your File and set the sliders in the OIP.
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