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  1. I had a similar problem after requesting a profile. I got the following response. I did not attach file as it would be out of date but I would say hit support up again. "We’ve recently had some reports of issues with the updater. There’s several things that can cause the updater to fail such as, issues with internet connection, firewalls, antivirus, and user permissions. To by pass that we can manually update the library file. Save the attached file to your computer, then move the file to the location listed below, overwriting the existing file and you’ll have all the latest fixtures. On PC: Program Files\Common Files\Vectorworks 2019\Library On Mac: Mac HD\Library\Application Support\Vectorworks 2019\Library"
  2. sbarnett

    Pipe and Base Objects

    Version 1.0.0


    My First Run at creating new objects. I used the swivel CB object below for the start of what I made so thanks go to him. just Drag into your File and set the sliders in the OIP.
  3. sbarnett

    Service Pack 2 for Vectorworks 2019 released

    you are not alone in this. Had an issue where I have a truss Structure with fixtures attached. Rotate Structure to apply a rake. Do not like the angle I chose undo and only the fixtures move Truss Stays Rotated and Locked in Position. Only Revert to Save corrects.
  4. sbarnett

    Undo not working with Lighting Instruments

    I have also had this and similar problems with undo Rotation. I have a Truss Structure that is hung on a 25 DEG angle when I rotate the structure it rotates correctly in place. Hit undo and only the Lighting fixtures un rotate they revert back correct but the truss is still displayed as rotated but can only select when you select as if the undo had worked. so you can select the truss as if it had no rotation but it is still displayed rotated. only a revert to saved fixes this issue. Also show 3d only option on truss deletes 2d info from drawing if you unselect show 3d only after you have saved drawing truss is not visible and only insert points are shown. and we are @ SP2 level. Hours of my life I will never get back
  5. I am not using Lightwright but have had similar issues trying to get U/DMX to map correctly. I gave up and had to map them separately and use universe and dmx as separate fields. and built a symbol legend that merges the fields to look like i'm using U/DMX. Would love to see an answer to this as well
  6. sbarnett

    VW 2019 -- BEWARE Upgrade

    The issue for me is related to the Custom Lighting symbols I have created. as soon as I import one of my custom symbols into a new 2019 file the instrument summary tool crashes to desktop. So if I want to keep my current Document Style I have to use 2018 or Generate Summary by hand. Support says they hope to have the issue fixed in SP1
  7. sbarnett

    VW 2019 -- BEWARE Upgrade

    I have to agree with this also 2019 Spotlight is not usable for me. This is by far the worst release I have seen. The Instrument Summary Tool Crashes to Desktop every time I try and use the tool which makes generating paperwork impossible. Bug has been submitted and verified. How does clicking the button on a Tool Crashing Program make it through Beta? They really need to step up the Beta Program to Wider Group. Because the Current release is in Terrible condition for a release that was advertised as a quality of life improvement release. I Participate in Closed Alpha's and have had to Sign NDA's contracts to be included there is no reason VW could not do something similar if they are worried about features being spoken about too early. But the Test Group needs to be larger and use a wider selection of Real world Files to identify the issues.
  8. sbarnett

    Imperial Bridle Lengths

    Thanks for the Help It will get me started on adding the other parts of my inventory
  9. sbarnett

    Imperial Bridle Lengths

    Everything in the Document Is set to Imperial. But In the Manage Bridal Parts All I see are Metric Parts? In reading help section it mentions editing the File in the Default Library File. Do we really have to go make our own imperial library to have this work? No Steel 5',10',15',20' ?
  10. sbarnett

    Vectorworks and NAS device

    I have the same Gear and have not had the Issue. But I do not save to the Synology Directly often. I use the Cloud Station app to Mirror my Local Drive folder and then Set the Share properties of the Mirrored copy on the synology if I need to send someone a link to the file. Not an answer really to your issue but maybe a work around until you get it straight.
  11. sbarnett

    Imperial Bridle Lengths

    What is the easiest way to have the Bridal Calculations done With Imperial instead of Metric Steel Lengths? I feel like I am missing something easy.
  12. sbarnett

    Label Legend

    In the Label Legend manager edit fields dialog Check the Non Rotating check box and see if that gives you the result your looking for.
  13. sbarnett

    Using Symbol Library with Spotlight Tools ?

    Find your install location ie: C:\Program Files\Vectorworks 2018\Libraries\Defaults\Audio Tools\Speakers edit the Generic Speaker file and add all your symbols you need and they will show up in the tool. There may be things that do not work using this but it works for what I need it to do. There is more info on landrudesign Audio tool info page
  14. sbarnett

    Which New Laptop did you Choose to run VW?

    Correct Setting the scaling to 100% on the Laptop Monitor will Correct the Issue but then the laptop Screen Becomes un-readable at distance. And setting the Scaling of the Second screen to 200% defeats the Purpose of the Screen. Either option means I cannot use both screens in an effective manner. So I choose the Best of the Option for me is to disable the Laptop Display and only use the Second screen. Not the Result I would want after spending 6K on a laptop and 34" widescreen to be more Productive.
  15. sbarnett

    Which New Laptop did you Choose to run VW?

    I bought a MSI GT75 8RG with the 4K screen Option. Core I9 with 32gb Ram and a 1080 Nvidia Card laptop is Great. Screen Resolution is Not! Vectorworks does not handle Display Scaling correctly when Using a second Monitor. When I try and Use My Second Monitor 3440x1440. I can open Vectorworks on Laptop Screen. As soon as you Drag it to Second Monitor VW crashes. Tech Support has No Solution to this Problem. So Avoid anything that you need to use Screen Scaling on. I am forced to turn off laptop Display if I want to use 2nd Screen.


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