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  1. @Boh That seems to work if I put each piece in its own class so I can turn off all but one example of the part. Many ways to skin this cat, I might play with making each part a symbol as all 8 cross pieces are the same and all 4 uprights are the same.
  2. Hi- Long time 2D drafter using some of my free time to dip my toes in the 3D world. I've modeled a simple wooden desk lamp in Vectorworks and I'm pretty happy with how that went. Now it is time to make the construction drawings and I want to see what the best practice is before I get some bad habits. My lamp is made up of two parts 4X Uprights and 8X Cross Pieces. I'd like to have a sheet for the Upright and a sheet for the Cross Piece. Each piece would need a top, front and right side view. My current solution is to put a copy of each piece on it's own layer and move the viewport crop around as I change the view. Am I missing an easier approach? I'd love to be able to click on the part in the design layer and have a command give me an orthographic projection of it on a sheet layer I can than annotate with dimensions. Any thoughts?
  3. @markdd Thanks, but I think I figured it out. I haven't dealt with Fore Color and Back Color before but that is a very clever way to handle this issue. Thanks for your help!
  4. You are a star. That is what I am after. Now if you'll excuse me while I reverse engineer this to apply it to my own symbols 😉
  5. @Pat Stanford Do you have any clue where I could find the posts you linked to before the forum moved? Looks like these Broken Links would be helpful.
  6. @markdd Thanks for the example file. I think I might be missing something, I can only get all the symbols to do the same thing. And to change which My goal is to be able to use a symbol for the basic shape and be able to change the properties of each instance by the attached record to the symbol. Like how link text to record works but for things like fill color of a specific shape.
  7. @Pat Stanford left edge center. I can handle it being anywhere if that makes another step easier. I'm playing with the Data Visualization ( a big thanks to Bill Vincent at MegaBitsNZ for this video) and I can get it to color every rectangle in the symbol as I would expect. However I seem to have run into a road block where I can't control the attributes of a specific rectangle in the symbol, even when I use class as one of the Object Criteria. My hunch is that because the pink stripe has no record assigned to it the pink stripe doesn't have a record to check for display criteria. If I assign a record to the stripe the colors change as expected but I can only edit the record in the symbol. Hard to explain but its like there is a nesting issue.... I'll look for some PIO examples to learn from.
  8. Ignore the color field for now, that was used to test the link between the record and the managed field. I'd love to start getting into PIOs but it is uncharted territory for me. This does seem like a good starter project, and I have a bit of time on my hands.... I am running 2020 so I'll look into Data Visualization.
  9. I'm trying to clean up a bit of my workflow and would like to explore 'Modifying objects by record value' I am working on my truck pack symbols for the entertainment industry. I have a 2D symbol for each 'standard' size case that has 2 lines of text and a case number linked to a record. I'm very happy with how that all works. I then have another version of each size for when they get doubled stacked that has "Double Stacked" in text around the edges. Then I have a third version of each size with a pink stripe on it to denote it as spare. It works, maybe a bit clunky but it works. I would like to reduce the number of symbols I have to use and add 2 boolean fields to the record. One for if it is stacked and another for if it is spare. Ideally this would just toggle the viability of the text or the pink stripe. I've read the help file for modifying objects by record value and can almost get it close to what I want for a rectangle but not a rectangle in a symbol. When I attach my record to a rectangle and then modifying object by record value, set few color ranges and then clink ok the rectangle changes colors as I would expect BUT when I update the color field in the record it does not refresh the rectangles color, that only happens when I click tools>records>MBR> and then click ok when the MBR dialog pops up. Am I trying to use the tool in a way it wasn't intended? Or am I missing a step...
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