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  1. I think it's great that you share your questions with the forum, so no problem there! In this file, I've created a popup node that references the default line styles, hopefully this can help hold you over while I work out a fix for our default content 🙂 You may need to enter and exit the script of the node to update it to the line styles that shipped with your version of Vectorworks. Please let me know if you have any questions. SetLineAtt_iLinestyleQuestion_MFarrell.vwx Edit: This node works in the English version. In order to use this node in non-English versions of Vectorworks, you may need to edit the filename in the script.
  2. @STERNontwerp It looks like the description for this node is incorrect. If you plug a value in such as -26, you will get a linestyle. The -1 through -8 appears to be outdated from a time before modern linestyles came into place. I'm going to put a bug in for updating the description as well as a more user-friendly interface for this node. Thanks for pointing this out! I'll also create a node for you (hopefully sometime today) that will provide a popup to select the linestyles in our default content.
  3. Not a dumb question! That's on me 🙂 Good point! I was trying to say that the script verifies that the VP is on the active layer, and the identifier I use doesn't differentiate between the Design Layers and Sheet Layers.
  4. The following script will leave out Drawing Labels if they only have the default records added to them, which is how they are inserted by default. Extra logic would need to be added in order to check if multiple records are attached to the drawing labels. #Created by MFarrell 12/05/18 #Modified to exclude Drawing Labels #collect handles of selected VPs on active layer def GetHandle(h): if vs.GetTypeN(h) == 122: if vs.GetParent(h) == vs.ActLayer(): hVP.append(h) hVP = [] vs.ForEachObject( GetHandle, '(Sel = True)' ) #Traverse into the annotations group of selected VPs and delete all objects aside from Default DLs for VP in hVP: anno = vs.GetVPGroup(VP, 2) h = vs.FInGroup(anno) objs = [h] h = vs.NextObj(h) while h != vs.Handle(0): #recs = vs.NumRecords(h) if str(vs.GetName(vs.GetRecord(h, 1))) != 'Drawing Label': objs.append(h) h = vs.NextObj(h) for obj in objs: vs.DelObject(obj)
  5. @NicoleD I wrote a Python script that will delete all objects from the annotations group of selected VPs. This script will also only work on the active Layer (either sheet or design, though DLVPs do not have an annotation group). The script is undoable in case you make a mistake, but it is always recommended to test this in a copy file. The script is located in Palette-1. DeleteAnnoObjs.vwx
  6. @Haydenovative Try doing it opposite - change the class visibility BEFORE you go into edit mode of the symbol, then exit without making any changes. Does that update it?
  7. I would suggest using the Yes/No dialog node in conjunction with a Valve node. The valve node will accept a boolean input and suppress anything past the valve node if the value passed is False. If True, it will pass the values in the item list through. In this example, a circle is only drawn at (0,0) if the Yes/No result is True. BooleanValve_MFarrell.vwx
  8. You can use the Extrude node after using a Convert to Poly Group node. (You just need to be sure to ungroup the result of the convert node first) MarionetteExtrudeText.vwx
  9. Could you send that file to me privately?
  10. @Jab_be thanks for pointing this out. I believe that got left behind when descriptions for functions were copy/pasted. I'll make a note to try to take these out and provide the relevant information within the descriptions themselves.
  11. The primary use for a menu command would be to run a script on a selected object or to complete a repetitive task that does not require a PIO. If you want to place a marionette object similarly to how you would use a tool, I would suggest saving your marionette object as a Red Symbol in your resources.
  12. Menu commands won't place a working Marionette object, they work how it would if you just ran the Marionette script or wrapper once.
  13. If you supply a locus object with the profile object, it will offset respectively. OffsetSweep_MFarrell.vwx
  14. I'll put a bug in for this, it appears when the node was created a situation like that wasn't taken into account.
  15. @STERNontwerp It appears there is a naming conflict somewhere because if I multiply the numbers you are assigning by 100, the issue goes away. I'm trying to figure out exactly why it's not working, but that's what I've found so far.
  16. @STERNontwerp - just wanted to let you know that I'm looking into this.
  17. Yep! I just answered this over here (still a work in progress):
  18. Here's a head-start on this. I haven't added handling to check if a sheet of that name already exists, so it will continue to duplicate the sheets when re-run. I'll work on handling it later. I just wanted to show that yes, there is a potential workflow for this. SheetLayerSizeTBB_MFarrell.vwx
  19. I can't attest to this not being buggy - but if you prefix your names for nodes numerically, such as 1Width, 2Height, they should order respectively without displaying the number. This is not a VW recommended workflow, but I know in many cases it has been used with success. As for VP creation, yes, there is a way to create a Top/Plan VP, but from there you may have to make your changes manually. I haven't yet found a way to create a VP of a specific view, though I've spoken with some relevant engineers on the possibility.
  20. Vectorworks 2017 will not be made compatible with Mojave, Vectorworks 2018 and 2019 have an actively updated article with remaining known issues in Mojave as well as recent fixes to issues:
  21. @ericjhberg I'm attaching a file that contains two custom nodes: Layer List - Returns all layers in the active document Set Sheet Size - sets the sheet size for the given layer At least this will get you a little further in your endeavors 🙂 I think viewports will be a little trickier, but since it's a challenge, I'll end up looking into it at some point. SetSheetSize_MFarrell.vwx
  22. @Kevin McAllister I looked at the hidden records as well, sorry for being unclear. No record information attached to the Data Tag object is useful. My approach would be to run a script to query the objects inside of the Data Tag, but I feel like the process would be too dynamic in the long run to be useful. I cannot find a current way to pull incremental data reliably at this time.
  23. @Kevin McAllister My understanding is that the Data Tag just uses linked text to information, so @ericjhberg has the right approach to this. I did look at the records attached to the Data Tag and nothing there looks like it would be useful. It's mostly information on how to draw the Data Tag object, but not the data being displayed by it. It's possible that the objects inside the Data Tag Layout have some extra info in some cases, but extracting that may not be so straight forward. I'll take a look.


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