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    Z Values from OIP

    @KroVex Where is this "Get 3D Z" node from? What version was this network created in? The "Get 3D Info" node in 2018 and 2019 works better than the node you are using, so I'm curious if this was a node from default content, or if it was a custom node.
  2. Marissa Farrell

    Marionette Wrapper

    Hi @BillV I assume you're aware of Marionette Objects? I think it would be cool to allow Marionette Objects to be saved as Tools in your Tool Sets, but for now, you can save your Marionette Object as a Red Symbol (plug-in symbol) in your file, and it will be inserted similarly to how other Tool objects are, allowing you to customize the parameters in the OIP.
  3. Marissa Farrell

    Resource Manager is blank

    @MHBrown Are you by chance using Mojave?
  4. Marissa Farrell

    Barn Door

    @GatRed In general, planar objects in Marionette scripts will show in a Top/Plan view, and 3D objects will show in 3D views. 2D Objects created with Marionette are set to screen plane by default which allows the Marionette Object to display as a Hybrid object.
  5. Marissa Farrell

    Move Group Question

    Here's a network that I think fulfills your requirements. Please let me know if you need more help. Move Group Question - tessel_MFarrell.vwx
  6. Marissa Farrell

    Move Group Question

    Looks like the Move node is considering groups to be non-planar in all cases, so it's trying to return 3D info which your planar group does not have. I'm looking into another way to get your network to work while the issue is looked at.
  7. Marissa Farrell

    Index Bounds Question

    My answer stands. Use the Index node.
  8. Marissa Farrell

    Index Bounds Question

    You're going to want to use the Index node instead of Index Bounds. index-bounds-question_MFarrell.vwx
  9. Marissa Farrell

    Get Cell Value (Marionette)

    Yes. As long as you dont run the marionette script in rotated plan, you should have no issue. If you do find yourself still having an issue, please let me know the steps you took before the origin shifted. Hope this helps!
  10. Marissa Farrell

    Get Cell Value (Marionette)

    @Mi&D There is a known issue running marionette in rotated plan with a user origin and it is being worked on right now. Currently, if you avoid rotated plan while running a marionette script, you won't have a user origin shift. There is no other workaround at this time.
  11. Marissa Farrell

    Delete Marionette Menu Commands

    Hi Melanie, First you need to open that file. If you right click on the file in the left pane of the resource manager and open it, you can then delete the resource. Hope this helps!
  12. Marissa Farrell

    Installing Python Image Library in Marionette 2018

    @Gytis in 2019, the issue has been resolved on internal builds based on my testing, I don't believe it is fixed in the release. However, I don't believe 2018 has had a released fix at this time. Windows computers should have no issues installing external libraries in any release at this point while using the correct version path. Edit: I do need to update the file attached to this bug to get it to properly run in 2019 on Mac, still. https://pypi.python.org/packages/13/3e/cb24be6c222138c7d2028502cd2be3b7bec3592456a01c9450bb0f7be641/Pillow-4.2.1-cp35-cp35m-macosx_10_6_intel.macosx_10_9_intel.macosx_10_9_x86_64.macosx_10_10_intel.macosx_10_10_x86_64.whl#md5=28c49cafcd80b160494e3628b8148e0d
  13. Marissa Farrell


    Here's a place to make requests for new nodes/enhancements for existing nodes. The libraries of nodes are continuously growing and changing - either to fix inadequate behaviors that have been found in general usage, or in other cases to change the way certain nodes behave (i.e. OIP Controls vs. Input Ports for variable inputs). The best thing about Marionette Content is that, for the most part, it won't be necessary to wait for a new version to be released! In some cases, you can get new content within hours of the request - depending on how difficult implementation would be - so please report here if there's something you're looking to accomplish that can't be done with the Default Content.
  14. Marissa Farrell

    Color By Size

    Version 1.0.0


    Starting in Vectorworks 2018, users can now create menu commands defined by Marionette networks. To do this, select a wrapper in your file, right click, and choose "Convert to Menu Command..." This will open a dialog window where you can name this command. A background process will save your Menu Command to a file in your User Folder. Once that's complete, you can access the menu command by navigating to Tools > Marionette Commands > [YOUR COMMAND HERE] Try this out with the attached file. After creating your menu command (I named mine 'Color By Size' when I created it), select some or all of the objects on the drawing area and run the command!
  15. Marissa Farrell

    Color By Size

    There is no way to have the actual OIP to open while running the command, however the network could be modified to use User Interaction nodes which would prompt the user for values.
  16. Marissa Farrell

    Color By Size

    Unfortunately, networks and wrappers can't be run while other objects are selected. That is one of the biggest reasons we implemented Menu Commands.
  17. Marissa Farrell

    Slider control

    To my knowledge, there is not a way to get decimal values without doing the math for them. You have the option of factoring the math directly into the node's script or performing the math within the network using other nodes. The decimal values will not display within the slider control.
  18. Marissa Farrell

    Rebuild 2016 networks with 2018 nodes?

    @mpo The change in the Rotate node now requires you to define your center point. If a center point is not defined, the object will rotate around its own center. In your case, you will want to wire a Point3 node to the pCent port on the Rotate node with values of x=0, y=0, z=0. This change was made to correct the issue where the description did not match what the node was supposed to do, which is rotate about its own center if none is provided, or rotate about the center point defined if it was provided. Within Marionette default content, there is no way to repeatedly run the network without deleting the other results, however, if you convert your network to a Marionette Menu Command, each time the Menu Command is run, the old results will remain on the screen. We prevent leaving things behind when you re-run a network to avoid performance issues and duplicate objects. Let me know if you need any more help!
  19. Marissa Farrell

    Morphy, pawn to queen

    You can use the Chunk List node to split your list.
  20. Marissa Farrell

    Orthogonal arrows for schematics

    To my knowledge nothing has been built so far, but I'm in progress of something promising if you can give me a little more time.
  21. Marissa Farrell

    Mirror Node Huh?

    Yes, it seems that way. I didn't write this node, but that's how it behaves. I'll put in a request to have the checkbox changed.
  22. Marissa Farrell

    Mirror Node Huh?

    It's a little complicated for some features/functions vs. others... some things we have an agreement with the original developer that we cannot expose them within our scripting languages, other ones have dependencies that aren't quite up-to-date with new tech, and I'm sure there are some other reasons as well.
  23. Marissa Farrell

    Mirror Node Huh?

    This behaves how the Mirror tool does - if you run the Mirror tool on an object with create duplicate mode, then only the new object is selected at the end. This is the same with the node - the node only outputs the handle to the newly created rectangle, that is why you still need to wire the original rectangle node to the extrude node. You are correct that there is not currently a 3D Mirror node, This is because there is not a Vectorscript/Python function for that behavior and writing a function to do that manually would take a lot of effort.
  24. Marissa Farrell

    Symbol to Group Node

    I think this should be possible with some work, but unless I'm forgetting something, there's not a command that does this in Vectorworks, which is why there is not a node for it yet. edit: i take that back, obviously convert to group would work...
  25. Marissa Farrell

    Symbol to Group Node

    There currently is not one in our default content, but I think I have one floating around on my computer. If I'm understanding correctly, you want to insert a symbol object as a group? Generally this is just a setting of the symbol resource, but I can certainly get a network together that can take the contents of a symbol definition and insert them as a group on the drawing area.


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