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  1. @Marissa Farrell I've been looking into changing the grid from a square array to an offset circular grid, but am encountering some troubles with what are the correct nodes to use. Would you have any suggestions?
  2. Hi All, I'm attempting to write a wrapper that applies to control geometry that allows me to create & edit a number of random circles within a set circle. Can't get my beginner brain around what nodes I need to achieve the desired effect 😕 Any help is much appreciated! See attached file for reference. CIRCLES IN CIRCLE.vwx
  3. Amazing! Can this script be manipulated to apply + extrude timber to a 2D polygon area for different types of decking?
  4. Amazing! Can this be edited to get weather data from outside the US?
  5. Is there a service (paid or unpaid) which converts student VW files to Professional files for ongoing research work??? Preferably provided by Vectorworks etc.
  6. Problem: I select a symbol and complete a dup along path command (from basic tools) which goes great. Then, after a lot more work, alterations to the drawing, coffee, saves and minutes later I use command+Z. Takes me straight back to before the dup along path view. Removes all work completed after that command. Solution: ??? No idea, probably a bug.
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