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  1. Hi All I have the same problem and can't switch to VW22 for a while.. Simple Testbuild: Testfile: ControlPoint.vwx Is there a solution for VW21? Greetings KroVex
  2. Hi All Inspired by this Network created by @sbarrett, I would like to create new Story's, but without creating new layers. To do this, however, the Story should be linked to the existing layer. The Dev-Wiki says that with the command "vs.CreateStoryLayerTemplate" the creation of a new layer is optional. However, if no layers are created, I need the command "vs. AssociateLayerWithStory" so that the story is linked to the layer. So that "vs. AssociateLayerWithStory" works, "vs. SetLayerLevelType" is also required (according to the Wiki), but this creates a new LayerLevelType (without elevation o.O) and I can't use the existing LayerLevelType from the Node "Create Default Story Level". It is also strange that in the organization I see the additionally created LayerLevelType at the Layer, but as soon as I edit it, it is not assigned to any one: What am I doing wrong? Or have I misinterpreted the procedure? File with the new Node: Story.vwx Greetings KroVex PS: I hope the translation is not too bad and you understand what I mean. 🙈
  3. Hi @sbarrett Thank you for this great Script 👍 However, I noticed that the wall height is not adopted: ("Ebenenwandhöhe" = Wall height) Do you know what that could be? Tested in VW 2020 SP4 (550627) and VW 2019 SP6 (522773). Greetings KroVex
  4. Hi All I have some marionette network saved as a symbol in the resource manager. But even when it's not placed in the drawing, and I import a DWG or just update "intelligent objects" (by the menu command), the marionette network will be triggered and give some error messages (which is logical because no data has been entered to the Marionette Object). But why? Is there a way for the Network only to be triggered when it's placed in the drawing? greets KroVex
  5. Thank you Marissa for the detailed explanation. Then I hope that the priority of the bug is big enough, that it will be fixed soon 😀 Greetings KroVex
  6. Hi All Simple Question: Why does the plan turn to 0 ° when running a Marionette? When executing a vector script or Python script this does not happen... We work a lot with rotated Plan's, and this effect isn't so cool. Greetings KroVex
  7. Hi All I have a question about the Layer Order, when i use "Layer with Type" or "Layer". I have textfields wich i manipulate with some "String replacer" before it reverse the list* and create Layers. The Order of the Layers are in the correct range then. But if i only add some new Nodes, which have nothing to do with the create layer section, the Order will change. I have no idea what affects the layer order. It seems to me completely arbitrary. *I need the reverse node - without it, the order mess is way larger. How can I determine and influence the order? Greetings KroVex
  8. Hi All I have e question about to add Tag's to Layer: I have a Marionette-Network which creates several design layers at once. So the output is a list which ends in the node "Layer with Type". Now, if I use Marissa's Node (Set Tags) to add tags to the layers, then only one layer will be tagged. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? I have tried several ways: Result: File: Tags_to_Designlayer_List.vwx Greeting KroVex
  9. Hey @Nikolay Zhelyazkov Thanks for your File. I could find the mistake. The nodes "Set Record Field" and "Get Record Field" come from a VW2018 file and do not work anymore after migrating. When I use yours, or new nodes, it works. 🙄 Greetings KroVex
  10. Hey All I want to ask, if it impossible to read or write to/from the Title Block - Database? I have try it like this: But it didn't work... Did i do something wrong or it is impossible? Greetings KroVex
  11. That's wonderful, thanks Marissa. 🤩 It looks understandable, I'll test it 🙂 Greetings KroVex
  12. The Vale-Node Works fine, thx. Another Question: Since Vectorworks 2019 you can assign tag's to classes. Are these Tag's Class attributes? Or how can I add Tag's to Classes with Marionette? Greetings KroVex
  13. Thank you a lot, I'll try it with the valve node. Greetings KroVex
  14. Hi all I have two questions about Marionette: 1. Is there a way that only an alert dialog appears when a "true" or "false" arrives the Input from the alert dialog-node? 2. I have made e specific Class-Generator. Is it possible to generate an attribute popup, which allows me to choose the fill color and pen color/thickness in the OIP? Greetings KroVex
  15. Hi halfcouple Thats not so Complex: 1. 2. Right-Click on a Node -> Wrap to Marionette Network* -> Right-Click to the Wrap-Node -> Convert to Object Node* (If you give the nodes a name, they will appear in the OIP (e.g. "X_Axis")) *Or a similar command name (have only the German VW version). Greetings KroVex
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