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  1. Hi There I have a Question about the "If in String Node": The following circuit should me depending on the value, set a prefix, or not. However, the "If in String" not only outputs False / True, but also the sSub input string. How can I prevent that? Wohnung_marionette.vwx Greeting KroVex
  2. KroVex

    Z Values from OIP

    Hi All With your help, I was able to finish the tool. In our project we need the absolute sea level to control the component heights. The red cone is placed on the object to be measured and the text indicates the sea level. In the OIP it can be specified on how many meters the project height (0.00m = 550 meters above sea level) is. The display is updated via the Actualize button or move the text. You could certainly optimize the tool, if you somehow manage to connect the text with the object. But for us it is enough as it is. Greets KroVex Meter_ueber_Meer_Marionette.vwx
  3. KroVex

    Z Values from OIP

    @Marissa Farrell Thank you a lot for this great Node Idea. It works perfectly 🤩 I need it to show the sea level in relation to the building. When it's completely finished, I'll share it here. 😊 KroVex
  4. KroVex

    Z Values from OIP

    Hey Marissa The Node is from the 2018 Version, but i have change the botZ = zValue-depth/2 to botZ = zValue, because the value was never right without this change..
  5. KroVex

    Z Values from OIP

    Hi All I'm trying to create a symbol-marionette that displays the Z values from the OIP. For that I used the "Get 3D Z" node. However, a different value will be displayed, depending on which layer the Symbol is on. Also I tried the node "Get Height", but it did not work either. What is going wrong? Greetings KroVex Get_Z.vwx
  6. Thank you so much Marissa It works perfect! Krovex
  7. Hello all I have a little Problem about to create Sheet Layer by Name, with the Node "Layer With Type" . The name is created by the layer number instead of the Layer Name (red arrow), and I have no idea how to change it: I tried to add the "vs.NumLayers ( ):" command to the node, but it did not work: And yes, I only have little script experience... Does anyone have a idea how I can customize that? KroVex Work with VW 2018 Designer (German Edition).
  8. KroVex

    Symbols in Rows

    Very useful Tool. Thanks Mate!!


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