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  1. Thank you Art V and Alan, I was hoping to be able to have just independent 2D vector drawings of my viewports so that they can be copied to other files too if necessary. I do get a nice dwg version of my viewports but they are linked to crop layers in the same file so that they can not be copied outside of the file. Which I assume our client will need to do. But I will keep this in mind and prepare the next batch of viewports accordingly.
  2. @Alan Woodwell Hello Alan, I'm trying to export my viewports to dwg in the method you have suggested but I still get the extra information that is cropped out from my viewports. I tried both with 2018 and 2017 but I don't get the last dialog box that you shared in the image. Do you have an idea what might be the solution? Is it really not possible to only get the viewport information and nothing else in the export file?
  3. Hello, Is there a solution to surface from curves yet? It is a very vital problem that I keep encountering in my work. I for some resaon can not see the files attached to this topic...
  4. Hello, I have a list of polylines that I have made using a compose node made by Marissa. I need to add them together into one surface however I can not get the script to work. (It does what I need it to do when I explode the group and do it manually at once.) I can't figure out where the problem is in the script. Can someone guide me towards an alternative for either composing lines to polylines or adding surfaces? Thank you in advance!
  5. Thank you Marissa! I hadn't thought of this solution. It works well for both variations that I need. Really appreciated!!! Cheers!
  6. Hello Marissa, Thank you for replying. My curve is a 2D poly in one case and a simple 2D arc in another case that I would have to use the algorithm. I want to extract the intersection points in a list so that I can use them to create a diagonal grid between. I attached the example where I want to intersect lines with an arc for now. 170112_1710_Marionette_Question.vwx
  7. Hello Everyone, I'm just getting started with marionette and I couldn't find a solution to something that I thought would be just another existing node. Maybe I'm not using the correct search words. I'm not sure. I have been trying to retrieve the intersection points between a curve and a set of lines. Like the line-line segment intersect node does but I couldn't see an easy enough way to do it for 2D curves. Can anyone tell me if I'm overlooking something?


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