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  1. Hey Stephan, That's awesome! It works perfectly. I haven't had a chance to go through it properly to see exactly what's happening, but I will over the weekend. Thanks for taking a look at it - will help me a lot when makeing new networks :) - Mick
  2. Thanks Marissa! I've had a look at those nodes, but I still can't quite figure it I'm afraid so any pointers would be great. My issue is that my wrapped network needs to be ran each time to generate the new starting points for the next tile, and I can't see how to implement this with any of the existing nodes. My network takes two starting points a and b then adds a random amount to the y value of each to make points c and d - to make the four points of a quad. Then it takes c and d, adds a vertical spacing amount to each, and then the new c and d should be the start of the next tile, but I'm at a loss as to how to get this to happen, without my original solution of just putting copies of the wrapped network one after the other.
  3. Hi all, Just looking at Marionette for the first time for an upcoming project so apologies if I'm missing something obvious! What I'm trying to create is a network which will generate a series of semi random tiles within a given set of paramaters. Something kind of like this: I've created a network which creates the first tile, then takes the top two vertices of that tile, adds a space, and uses those as the starting points for a new tile. Then the resulting tile is fed into a copy of the network and so on: So it's somewhat working. :) My question is, is there a way to get the wrapped script to repeat automatically, so it's not just copied and pasted like I have done, or is this a python job? Essentially it would be a for / while loop which keeps going untill the top vetex of a tile hits a maximum and then stops. Thanks! - Mick
  4. Yup - same here. Windows 10. The data bar one is SUPER annoying!!


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