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  1. Phileas

    Wish List for Slab Drainage Tool

    @Hans-Olav Embarrassing confession time: This is exactly what I wanted to do this whole time, but it never actually crossed my mind to try and right-click the blue handles. I right-clicked the drain probably 250 times, but never thought of trying to click the handles 😞 I feel stupid lmao Thanks man you saved me again, if I could I'd like your comments ten times 😉
  2. Phileas

    Wish List for Slab Drainage Tool

    @Hans-Olav How do you edit the endpoints of a slab? I've never seen a dialogue box where you can set a thickness for a particular spot of a slab
  3. Hey so I'm working on the water evacuation system of a terrace, and I've encountered a problem that I believe is impossible to solve with the slab drainage tool: This is a quick sketch of what the slab looks like. Now here comes the problem: This terrace is on the first floor, so the sides of the slab you see here need to be joined to the concrete slab of the first floor of the house. To do so without creating an insulation problem with the heated rooms below, this joint needs to be done using "thermal consoles" (or I don't know how you call them in english, basically 8cm thick insulation panels with steel beams, capable of carrying the weight of the terrace just like normal concrete). Thing is, these thermal consoles have a fixed height, and can only be joined to a slab with the exact thickness matching this height. So all the sides of my terrace slab need to be exactly 22cm thick. So what I would want to do in VW would be to somehow tell the program "OK so all the sides of this slab are 22cm thick, the drain is 7cm lower, please adjust the slopes so they match these requirements". With the slab drainage tool, I can adjust the desired maximum thickness value of the slab, the altitude of the drain, and the slopes by hand. The point is, I have no way to ultimately fix the thickness of the edges of the slab and have the slopes calculated by VW, I can only fix the slopes and then have the thickness calculated, which is useless to me here. So if anyone has a solution for this (other than creating a 3D-Object counterpart to my slab and then use the "substract 3D Object from slab" command), please let me know. If there is no real solution, then I'd like to know where I can add this feature to the wish lists for future versions of VW. Also for the wish list: The automatic cotations of the slopes that are generated by the slab drainage tool are impossible to move around properly, and the only way to edit them somehow is through classes. I'd like to be able to edit them like normal text characters, that would make everything much easier.
  4. Phileas

    Problem with 3D Objects in section view

    @Diego-Resuelvectorworks Worked perfectly, thx 🙂
  5. Hey so I have a pretty specific window in my project that I had to create using 3D Objects because the window tool wasn't powerful enough to do it. Which means I can't add a sill to that window as easily as with the window tool. For aesthetic purposes, this window is set to have a double sill (one underneath the other, so that the condensation water from the window is evacuated, and an upper one that hides the lower so it seems like there is no transition between inside and outside (see my attached screenshots)). In order to keep the building well insulated, the lower sill is set to be lying on insulation material and screwed to the window frame, and the upper one simply screwed to the window frame: Here's a 3D view of it: My Problem is the result I get in a Section view: VW renders a line that links the part of the sills, which makes the whole thing look wrong: unfortunately I can't get these line to disappear... some help would be appreciated
  6. Phileas

    Cutting holes in slabs

    @Markvl Lucky me I have 2018 lol 🙂 Made my life a lot easier since @Hans-Olav showed me this feature
  7. Phileas

    Cutting holes in slabs

    @Hans-Olav thank you very much my friend 🙂
  8. Phileas

    Cutting holes in slabs

    In the project I'm currently working on, I've got a window whose guiding rails are inserted in the concrete slab above. I wanted to know if there was a way to cut a corresponding hole into that concrete slab, without using this tool: , because it cuts through the whole slab, which is something I don't want. Here's a screenshot with the part of the slab I'd want to cut highlighted: I know I could create an extrude in the corresponding rectangular shape, place it where I want the hole and use "substract volumes" to get what I want. Then I'd have to assign a fill to the new 3D Object my slab became, so that it still appears as concrete in section views. The problem with that method is that the resulting entity is not a "slab" object anymore, so any reshaping of the boundaries would become quite time-consuming... I wanted to cut that hole without changing the object style.
  9. Phileas

    3D Object Fill in a section view possible?

    @Hans-Olav worked perfectly 🙂 I wanted to thank you for helping me so much recently, I'm quite a newbie to Vectorworks and still learning
  10. Phileas

    3D Object Fill in a section view possible?

    @Hans-Olav Thank you very much! Do you happen to know how I assign a fill to a 3D Object?
  11. I wanted to know if it is possible to set the options of a 3D Object (an extrude for example) in a way that the Extrude would show a fill in a vertical section view, like floor slabs do.
  12. Phileas

    space tool sludge

    @jnr could you show a screenshot of the things you activated in your 3D options panel? I'd like to see a screenshot of your problem actually, I'm not sure I have the solution but you got my attention there. Quite surprised that your Mac can't handle a part of VW with the specs I read in your signature
  13. Phileas

    Weird window Frames

    Hey so I'm working on a window, and when adding some extra struts using this command block of the window tool: I get this type of weird result: Obviously I don't want these two weird struts to stick out like that... Anyone knows where I went wrong when configuring the window?
  14. Phileas

    Trouble with Window Insertion

    @Hans-Olav hahahhaha should have read this earlier, actually destroyed both the symbol and the wall ^^ luckily I always make backup saves so no big deal 🙂 To correct it, I simply reduced the distance between the window and the outer part of the wall till the lines were one above another, and then moved the whole window back into the right position. worked out fine. Hope you understood what I did, I can show you some screens otherwise
  15. Phileas

    Weird Plan view of a window



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