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  1. Phileas

    Solid substraction from wall objects

    @Kevin McAllister Thanks man, worked fine 🙂
  2. Hey everyone, I have a problem: whenever I make a solid substraction from a wall using the AEC menu, the wall then stops showing it's components in a section view, making it look like a hollow object. Is there a way to correct this?
  3. Phileas

    Trouble with slab drainage tool

    @Matt Panzer Thank you very much! solved my issue and helped me understand the mechanism behind it better :)
  4. Hey guys me again, and again I'm having a fight with the slab drainage tool. I'm working on a flat roof, and have made a plan on how I want the water to be evacuated from it: (The left wing's roof is pitched, so ignore it) This is what I get when I try to replicate my plan. Every line is attached to it's final location and height as you can see with the highlighted red one, but the tool keeps making these lines up itself, and they don't have a handle at all so I can't edit them. I know I could just keep it like this, create a symbol out of my roof and redraw my plan as the 2D part of that symbol, but it'll still look wrong in section viewports. So if anyone has a solution to make the tool do what it is supposed to, please help me. I don't really have the time to create these slopes by hand with solid substractions, since I'd have to adjust all the components of that roof slab above the sloped one manually as well.
  5. Phileas

    Best Way to Manage classes?

    @Jonathan Pickup Thanks mate, I'll have a look 🙂
  6. Phileas

    Best Way to Manage classes?

    @Rossford could you give the link to said video? I'd be interested in watching it!
  7. @zoomer @MRD Mark Ridgewell @EAlexander I don't have blender on my working computer, and am unfortunately not allowed to install things on it since it's my office's property, but I have blender on my PC at home, I have to export some files and send them to my E-Mail so I can import them to VW the next day at work. I'll gladly give some feedback on how I get along with the different options you guys offered when I checked it out! @zoomer I also fear that a DXF file would only import lose geometry... I'll try it out tho
  8. @MRD Mark Ridgewell I'll give it a shot, thx man!
  9. Hey I wanted to know if it is possible to import 3D Objects I modelled in Blender into VW, and if that's the case, how you'd do that
  10. Phileas

    Best Way to Manage classes?

    @zoomer couldn't have said it better 😶
  11. Phileas

    Best Way to Manage classes?

    @Boh thanks for your advise, I'll take a closer look at your thread :)
  12. Phileas

    Best Way to Manage classes?

    @Jonathan Pickup yeah I guess you're right... Anyway this thread will still me personally to get a decent class and layer managing system, so even if my collegues don't use the same files than me at least I'll get more efficient 🙂
  13. Phileas

    Best Way to Manage classes?

    @Jonathan Pickup Yeah definitely, but in my opinion it can be useful if an office has a default setup file, that way we don't lose time when we have to help out a coworker. So I think having a few default classes and a class library like @Boh suggested sounds pretty good to me
  14. Phileas

    Best Way to Manage classes?

    @Boh @zoomer In my office, we don't have a default template to work with since every employe uses the program according to his own habits, and so everytime we have to pick up a case for a collegue who's sick or on a leave, we have no f*cking clue of what's going on and we lose a lot of time I'd like to introduce a template with class and layer management that suits everyone, that's why I wanted some information on how other people do it, and both your answers really helped me so thanks guys 🙂
  15. Phileas

    Best Way to Manage classes?

    Hey everyone I just wanted to ask how you all manage your classes when building a 3D model of a house/building you want to export later: Do you have a class for evry building material? Or one for every component of your slabs/walls? or a completely different technique? what about interior furniture? I'd actually just like to know if there's a universal way to manage the classes in VW Architecture, or if you have any suggestions on how to do it the best way


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