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  1. I think in the publish dialogue you select the sheets and click the “Options...”.
  2. You can avoid this if you can sort your worksheets by criteria that already exists rather than creating a new A,B,C system. E.g I have 300 doors: 150 are red, 100 are blue, and 50 are green. One worksheet wont fit on a sheet so I create three worksheets, one for each colour. New doors will automatically go on the correct worksheet (as long as they are either green, blue of red) and if one of the doors changes colour then it will automatically switch to the correct worksheet (after recalc). May work, may not work depending on the application, but if it does this is the best way.
  3. I never knew that! Nice to learn a new trick. Thanks @Matt Panzer !!
  4. Yes. It is a bit annoying. One of the reasons to try and keep layer numbers down. Not easy.
  5. No there isn’t. This would be a good Wishlist item. Meanwhile I suggest either setting up saved views or using multiple view panes and just using the navigation palette to make layers active.
  6. I can't see how to remove it either. Are you sure you have done this before?
  7. In vectorworks you would use a data tag for this rather than the call out tool. The data tag tool is on the dims/notes palette. There are a bunch of default tags in the vw libraries. If there is not one you can use you can always customise one to do what you want. Data tags are fully customisable in respect to their geometry / layout but also in respect to what information you want it to provide from an object.
  8. @Steve Riddle. The local provider Megabits still has to do it's thing before we get it here in Aotearoa. I'll be emailing them later today to prod them along!
  9. I suggest you put it in the Wishlist forum. I’m an architect and so like to round to 5 or 10mm when setting out anything rectilinear. So what I do is use a snap grid set to 5mm in both x and y directions. For detail drawings I set the grid to 1mm. This allows me to draw freely whilst keeping everything to a nicely rounded dimension.. It also means I can set my units to very high precision. Because I’m using a snap grid the constrained dims are all multiples of 5mm. If they aren’t and I get a dim with 8 decimal places it’s telling me that something has moved off grid and I jump in and fix it before it compoundsto a bigger problem. This is my way of pretty easily and consistently getting really highly accurate drawings.
  10. We are also a small to midsize arch practice and with our recent upgrade to vw2021 I am trying out putting our office vw workspace in our shared workgroup folder. I am not 100% sure but this may be causing some errors on my machine where my vw prefs all revert to the default factory settings occasionally on start up. Not sure it is the cause yet. So far I’m the only one in the office having this issue. I can confirm that when you edit a workspace that is in a workgroup library the edited workspace is actually saved back into your user library. You need to cut and paste it from your user library into your work group library. @Pat Stanford I haven’t noticed any untoward behaviour with palettes moving around. Link to other post re vw prefs: https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/discover/content-started/
  11. I don't think you can set dimension precision by style. Dimensions by default will take on the precision set in the File > Units... setting. If you change it there then all subsequent dimensions will use that precision. Units is a document specific setting so it's good to set up your templates with your preferred precision setting. A quick way of updating the dimension precision settings for multiple dimensions is the custom modification tool in the tools menu.
  12. I am not familiar with the native window and door tools as we use a third party plugin called WinDoor for this (Australasia release only). The Windoor windows and doors can be linked to spaces so in theory they should be able to be listed in a spreadsheet room by room (or space by space). As I'm not familiar with the native window tool I'm not sure if it is possible with that. Another possibility is to have a worksheet with a data base row for each room with the criteria being that windows between certain ID numbers are present (i.e. the windows in each room if numbered consecutively. You could then have a columns for glazing area and sum the totals to get the total glazed area for each room. A further possibility is that there are user fields available in the spaces tool so you could use one of them for your glazing area and make a worksheet of all of your rooms (spaces) and manually enter the glazed area for each room. The WinDoor objects can be linked to spaces so I could possibly use that as a criteria to get just the windows in certain rooms to appear in a database list but not sure that can be done with the native window tool.
  13. Bit rushed now but for 2) I don't think there is a record for area rather you have to just multiply the length by the width. I would recommend using space objects for this sort of thing rather than the Room Name Simple tool. Space objects are much more sophisticated and because of that have their own learning cureve. But you have done the best thing and posting on this forum as there are some very helpful people here.
  14. Now just need SP3 to make it's way over the Pacific to New Zealand. Apparently goes by sea...
  15. Thank you! I haven’t had time to play with the notes manager since my earlier post but do need to sort this out as notes databases are very much part of my workflow. I should find time this week. Thanks!
  16. Boh

    Scale Bar

    Hey @collins. Low tech manual approach I’m afraid. I don’t like any of the styles provided in the scale bar tool and I like my scale bars to live at the bottom of my sheet so I have made my own set of scale bar symbols that I place manually on my sheet (I.e. not in vp annotations). So I have a scale bar for 1:100,1:50, 1:25 etc. They are all kept in a shared library file so can quickly be brought in to a file. If there are vps of different scales on a sheet I just don’t have a scale bar, rather just have the scale noted in the drawing label.
  17. Already done that! 🙂 Thanks again!
  18. Perhaps also check you have unified view activated.
  19. Very cool @Pat Stanford! That has taken a lot of annoying repetitiveness out of our work. We have a drawn grid as part of our titleblocks and also on design layers that we use to set up our drawings. The grid is on the guides class so the ability to flick this class off and on quickly is a real asset. Thank you so much! I notice that by simply changing the class name in the first line of the script that this can be used to toggle on/off other classes too. That is also very handy!
  20. You must have toggled the “show other objects while in editing modes” setting. Go to tools menu / options / preferences/ display tab to turn it back on. Or better click the little arrrow on the upper right of the window to show a toggle icon in the adfacent little tools.
  21. My workaround is to just group items that need to sit behind other items in top/plan and "send to back" in the drawing order. Not perfect but works. I could put on separate design layers but prefer to not create DL's just for this reason. I also similarly sometimes group some items that I want at the front of the top/plan draw order like dashed lines indicating something to the foreground (or background).
  22. Click on the eyedropper tool preferences in the mode bar.
  23. Hey @Hugues I've just upgraded from vw2019 to vw2021 and am struggling with the new notes manager. If I write a callout note I'm struggling to see how to add that note to a database. I have the callout. I right click "edit" to open the edit callout dialogue I click on "Add Note to Database" Now what? Do I have to retype or copy/paste my note into the dialogue? I've already written the note, how can I just add it to the database? See video. I must be missing something.... Please help! 2021-03-10 12-22-14.mp4
  24. I think you have to click back into the drawing window to activate pan and other drawing tools.


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