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  1. BUMP. Has this been taken care of yet? It would be pretty darn helpful for a lot of my work, especially coming from CAD which has this functionality.
  2. jg@swcm

    Site Model Base Files

    Ok, I'm really new to a lot of the terminology that you just used. What is your typical workflow for bringing in survey info and using it for a site model? Are site models part of your typical workflow when you get grading info? Thanks for taking the time to reply!!
  3. jg@swcm

    Site Model Base Files

    Hey everyone, I'm curious what your workflow looks like for generating a base file from civil data. I've tried creating site models with some .dwg's that I've got, but the contours have no Z value and it's a PITA manually assigning Z values and manually closing so many contour lines. I'm wondering what the fastest and most efficient workflow is that you guys have developed and if it differs based on how big the site is (seeing that maybe it would slow down my computer). Often the majority of the grading for a project site is already done by a civil in a program like Civil 3D and there is a lot of data/metadata in those civil files. Instead of dumbing it down to .dwg, do any of you ask to recieve survey data as a .txt file? It seems that civil flies might be able to be exported as point files and it looks a lot easier to create a large site model using a survey .txt file. Would you have to have a separate survey .txt file for existing and proposed grading and then create two site models? Is there another file type that you prefer or anything that allows you to easily update or recreate site models as the grading changes throughout the project? Thanks!
  4. Hi guys, I've created a custom formatted worksheet for our plant schedules that is just in a .vwx file on my desktop. I want everyone in my office to be able to have access to it via ourVW Workgroup. Is there a way for me to export just the worksheet into the Workgroup or do I maybe have to save the file it's in as a .sta template and access the worksheet in the Resource Manager form there? Any help is appreciated ūüôā Thanks!
  5. Bumping this post - has this been added in 2019 yet? I'm trying to turn off the visibility of layers with the Visibility tool. I have 3 .dwg's directly imported into a .vwx file that is then viewported into another .vwx file. -Thanks
  6. jg@swcm

    B&W 2D Plant Symbols

    Hi there, I'm running VW Landmark 2019 and I'm wondering how you guys go about 2D planting plans? Working in the landscape architecture profession, our 2D plan sets are B&W and plants are generally easily distinguishable symbols. Using the Plant tool in Landmark, I am able to lay down certain plant species, but all of them are relatively artistic with colored fills. When I turn off the color fills, only the outer border remains and the plants are barely distinguishable (see attached photos). How do you all go about having distinguishable 2D plant symbols? Do you have to amend the pre-loaded Vectorworks ones? Thanks!
  7. jg@swcm


    I'm a new user trying to change the linewieght of my plant tags. I don't see the "Create Plug-In" command but I do see a "Plug-In Manager". Should I be going through here? I'm using VW 2019 Landmark.
  8. jg@swcm

    How to change the line thickness of plant tags ?

    Hey, I'm also trying to change the lineweight of my plant tags and I've been searching the forums. Has anything changed for VW 2019, how would I go about this now?
  9. jg@swcm

    2 or more people working on one file

    Thanks, I'll take a look!
  10. jg@swcm

    Multiple Users on 1 Project- How do you do it?

    New to vectorworks and searching around on the forums for how people go about this - has anyone found a better way for multiple users to work on a project yet?
  11. jg@swcm

    2 or more people working on one file

    Just bumping this post to see if anyone has found a new solution that works for them
  12. jg@swcm

    Dimensioning Standards

    Hi guys, I'm working on a standard dimension for my office, let's call it SW_DIM_STD. I have created it and it now exists within my three template files that our office work will use. Is there a way that the custom dimension style can live within the office workgroup, not just each individual template? The way that I see it, if the dimension style is updated within one file, it will not update across all files. Although it is great to have the ability to have custom dimension styles in each drawing file, is there a way to update SW_DIM_STD without manually doing so in each template file?
  13. jg@swcm

    Scale patterns

    New to VW and trying to learn about tiles - how do you go about changing the scale of a tile? I don't see it when I click around through the usual dialogue boxes.
  14. jg@swcm

    Scaling Hatches

    Great, thanks!!
  15. jg@swcm

    Scaling Hatches

    Maybe I'm doing something wrong here but I found that hatch in the resources manager, right clicked on it, any only got these options - no "Edit Hatch" option. (See attached picture) Also, would this change the scale of the hatch in every occurrence or just a single occurrence?


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