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  1. Is it possible to change the revision/issue data stacking order so the latest is at the top, if I turn on the "Up Page" option it just creates from the text point up which doesn't help, I would like it to appear as it does in the Title Block Manager window. Thanks
  2. In Spotlight the red box indicating the input is on opposite sides between the 2D and 3D view dependent on how the 3D model is rotated. Whilst I appreciate the "Custom Plan Rotation" option is there any way of auto aligning the inputs to avoid confusion. Thanks
  3. Did this ever get looked in to? I could really do with this functionality right now!
  4. Would it be possible to use the "display at detail level" for symbols to turn on and off level of detail for a whole design layer?
  5. The problem occurred when cutting the last few segments, it seemed Vectorworks felt there was no sphere there to cut, it showed up in the Open GL view but the slice tool had no affect!
  6. I was trying to slice a sphere in to equal segments, as you do on a Thursday morning. I came across a strange phenomenon! I used the split tool in equal increments starting from the middle of the sphere and working upwards the sphere started "collapsing" on its self. I have attached some screen shots to try and explain, I am using 2020 SP 2.1 is this a known issue? I found a work around by starting my trimming exercise from the top to the middle and then copying and flipping the results for the lower half. Happy Spherical slicing day Ben
  7. Is there any way to use layer tags as a worksheet criteria? We have a main inventory on our front page that auto counts symbols of all different types with different records attached. When we duplicate a layer to try a different symbol layout or show a second position on worksheets our worksheet then adds all these duplicate fixtures. Rather than going in to the worksheet and setting each criteria to ignore the new layers (there are a lot) it would be nice to say to ignore all layers with a certain tag, lets say an "Ignore" tag. Is this possible or failing that does anyone have any cunning ways of accomplishing the same result. Thanks Ben
  8. I have just wasted at least 2 hrs trying to arrange sheets ready for publishing, we have a drawing with 26 sheets, and I am spending at least 25% of my time looking at a spinning ball!! It has taken me 20 minutes to arrange 4 very basic viewports and update text. It feels as every mouse click initiates a wait sequence of spinning ball and fans spinning at top speed. Is there a process for having drawings analyzed for problems?
  9. If I use an AppleScript to detect the new file and then get the file name as a variable can I then pass that to a vector script?
  10. We have a powerful machine in our office we would like to use for doing our publishing so we can free up resources on our personal machines. We are using a piece of software that looks for new files in a folder and then runs a script on discovery. Our ideal workflow would be to send a vwx file to this watch folder over the network and then when it is discovered it opens in vwx, vwx then does a publish to a set folder and then closes the vwx file. Is this even possible any tips would be appreciated. Thanks Ben
  11. It is mainly the viewports in our sheets when we publish a packet, it consists of Hidden line, open GL, and artistic renders but that varies depending on the project. We have VSS, we did a test between the time on a local and cloud render and found the local was quicker, that was last year though so I may try again. We are in the process of setting up a machine that just deals with our publishing so we can continue working on other drawings whilst it is working its magic. It would be nice to have an option within the publish menu/dialog box to send the publish to a local network machine in a similar way to sending to the cloud. To be able to harness the power of dormant network machines for the renders would be a nice option, especially on some of the bigger drawings.
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