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  1. Ben Wingrove

    Render Texture not showing when in symbol

    Im using VW2019!
  2. Ben Wingrove

    Network Publish

    It is mainly the viewports in our sheets when we publish a packet, it consists of Hidden line, open GL, and artistic renders but that varies depending on the project. We have VSS, we did a test between the time on a local and cloud render and found the local was quicker, that was last year though so I may try again. We are in the process of setting up a machine that just deals with our publishing so we can continue working on other drawings whilst it is working its magic. It would be nice to have an option within the publish menu/dialog box to send the publish to a local network machine in a similar way to sending to the cloud. To be able to harness the power of dormant network machines for the renders would be a nice option, especially on some of the bigger drawings.
  3. I know this has been asked for previously but I was hoping there might be some updated news, we have a whole heap of high spec Mac's that we would love to use in a network publish/render. Is there any plans for this in the future? Thanks
  4. I have an extrude with a perforated metal texture, it shows fine in open GL, Wireframe and Artistic White Model. When I place that extrude within a symbol or if I change it in to a symbol it no longer shows up in the Artistic White Model render and a bunch of other render modes but it does show up in Open GL and Hidden line! Is there a sneaky trick to get this to show up in the other renders, unfortunately removing it from the symbol and placing it on its own is not an option. Thanks Ben (the top object in the screen grabs is the extrude on its own and the bottom is the symbol with the extrude inside)
  5. Is this ever likely to be added? I use open GL to grab quick screen shots to send to clients and vendors and it would be nice to not have to hide all the lighting fixtures. thx B
  6. Ben Wingrove

    Hoist Symbols in worksheet flipped

    I managed to find a way to "cheat" it. As it stands, all hoist symbols on the drawing have their dimension display automatically orientated to be pointing towards the hoist origin. I added a new hoist origin in the bottom right hand corner, refreshed the hoists so they all have the dimension display orientated the same, refreshed the worksheet, deleted the new hoist origin and then refreshed the hoists so they were showing the correct x,y dimensions again. Simple Well at least the display in the worksheet is aligned and it pleases my OCD, until I find a better solution.
  7. Ben Wingrove

    Hoist Symbols in worksheet flipped

    Thanks Pat, I will add this to the wishlist forum. The main problem with the hoist symbols is that the orientation of the dimension display is dependent on if it is placed to the left or right of the center line, whilst this makes sense on our drawing I don't understand how the worksheets choose what symbol to reference, it must be referencing some from the minus side and others from the plus side. I'm not sure if it looks at the first instance of the symbol placed in the drawing or maybe from the top down. I will have to experiment next time I get some down time. Ben
  8. Ben Wingrove

    Error loading Vision Library

    Will it jeopardize the chances of this issue resurfacing if I save and import my workspace settings? The thought of re configuring all my layout/settings is very daunting! Ben
  9. Ben Wingrove

    Hoist Symbols in worksheet flipped

  10. Ben Wingrove

    Hoist Symbols in worksheet flipped

    We use worksheets to produce our key for hoist symbols. When we use the image function to get the 2D symbol some symbols have the dimension display flipped and others don't, this means when we turn off the label class the symbols are not aligned correctly. I have attached some screen shots to illustrate. Thanks Ben
  11. Ben Wingrove

    Web View Low res images!

    I am trying to get a model uploaded to web view to show a client. Problem is that the textures are showing up very low res, where is the setting to adjust this? I have set GL render to Very High and Web view quality to Very High Any suggestions Thanks Ben
  12. Ben Wingrove

    Turning Off Classes in Worksheet Images

    Did this ever get fixed or did any one find a workaround? We use this function for our hoist key (Spotlight) and it is becoming somewhat of a pain! Our arrows are appearing huge and there is no way of turning the labels off. B
  13. Ben Wingrove

    Error loading Vision Library

    Has anybody found a solution to this yet?
  14. Ben Wingrove

    Worksheet loosing row height

    I am using a worksheet function to automatically display symbols in the key. I set the row height to 16 points and my image is set to 15 points, if extra symbols are added to the drawing upon re-calculating the worksheet the new rows are defaulting to auto fit! is there an overall option somewhere that I am overlooking or is this a bug? Thanks
  15. I am trying to add some info together in a cell of a worksheet and I want it to appear as such " LED Wall @ 12' x 32' " I can do the last apostrophe by using the trailing function in the cell dialog but when I try putting the apostrophe as the foot symbol actually in the header it is obviously not letting me as that is the syntax to display a character. how can I get around this? This is what I have to make it work but I want to add the apostrophe's in to this! =CONCAT('LED Wall @ ', ('VS4-LED'.'ArrayWdth'), ' x ', ('VS4-LED'.'ArrayHght')) Thanks B


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