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  1. can you add textures and hatches to a wall, so that the hatch appears in the section viewport, and the texture appears in the 3d portion?
  2. I'm working on vectorworks 2009, drawing in 3d and generating views. I have an issue with creating views that don't have texture added. For instance, I've drawn an interior with brick walls, that I would like to generate a 2 d brick elevation in white using the brick hatch, rather than a rendered drawing with the brick texture, as the people building it don't like the rendered drawings. Can you do both these things in vectorworks, or do you have to trace over the section drawings, and draw old school to get a hatch on a wall. Can the wall be both rendered in 3d for some views, and produce an old school 2d line drawing for the builders on the same sheet?
  3. so, this is a bad Idea. assumed it would be. Subd modeler - is this a better character modeler? (I need something to dimension and vectorworks is good) I would be handing the final off to a sculptor. as long as the shape is there, I could hand draw over it...
  4. want to do 3 d figures. as carved stone angels. this to me seems too difficult in vectorworks. Has anyone got any ideas about getting to a realistic figure representation in vectorworks 3d. I would have to start with something that is partially already there (the angel) and be able to fiddle with the stance, then drape clothing on her (using drape tool??) anyhow, if anyone has a good idea i'm open thanks
  5. thanks, will check the file, and may have other questions, cheers. tj
  6. I use hatch patterns quite a bit - not actual hatches, but the image version, and they keep disapearing in once I print, turning gray, rather than presenting as a hatch. As well, when I create a pdf of the file, the hatch changes, into a blotchy form
  7. What is the best method of drawing an truncated icosahedron (essentially a soccerball shape), or tetrahedron, dodecahedron, or other such complex shapes in Vectorworks. i'm running vectorworks 12.5 on a mac powerbook not sure how to approach these shapes -
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