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Timber frame constructions

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Model it!  I do a lot of work with pre-engineered metal buildings - either rehab, or new with unique architectural features.  Like timber frame, there is a lot of redundancy, so, I create custom symbols of major components.  Be sure to use symbols as much as you can- both for ease of changes; but, also to help manage the file size.

Screen Shot 2022-05-23 at 3.55.43 PM.png

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13 hours ago, Tismacfan. said:

How can I intelligently create a BIM model in timber frame construction

It depends a little on the type of building. We just show the thickness of the framing as a component of our Wall, Slab and Roof objects.


We've never felt the need to model framing because the timber frame manufacturer has produced their own set of framing drawings. So, depending on the the type of building and the level of information you need to provide you might model it yourself. Modelling the framing can also inform your detailing and highlight any issues early on.



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x2 on modeling it.  Some of this was done with the existing BIM tools (yellow structure, stairs, tan framing components), some was done with custom modeling (grey steel brackets for the bench, balcony railing).  I actually started the steel modeling using the built in steel shapes and trimmed them.  Lots of power hiding in this program.



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I use the Wall, Slab + Roof tools to model the building, then right at the end when everything's complete, use the 'Wall Framer...', 'Create Joists...' + 'Roof Framer...' commands to 'replace' the framing components of the Wall/Slab/Roof objects with Extrudes/Framing Members.


It's all a bit fiddly + the commands could do with improvement but if organised correctly you can switch between viewing the Wall/Slab/Roof framing components + the timber framing itself very easily, and turn all the other components off to just see the framing.


@Wes Gardner has a good example somewhere + I'm sure will share it again if you can't find it

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Guest Wes Gardner

I agree with Tom, it is a bit fiddly...in the image, the roof was a combination of scissors trusses and dimensional lumber...I modeled the trusses as a "check" on what I sent to the truss manufacturer to "proof out" the heel condition, etc.  You will need to size your headers to meet local codes I suspect...The oldest tool in the "set" is the Wall Framer which creates extrudes...they can be easily modified as required.


This is for what we call "stick framing" here in the States... (2x material)...timber construction usually refers to "post and beam" where the timber is actually joined with, well...joinery 🙂


Coming from a boat building background, I envisioned building a post and beam framed house one day...never got around to it 🙂





Framing Model.png

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23 hours ago, Tismacfan. said:

How can I intelligently create a BIM model in timber frame construction




You can use the ancient Wall Framer command, but if you are looking for a parametric way to do it, like in any other software out there, you are out of luck, you will need to do it by hand, and remodel it every time the desing changes, wasting a lot of time in the process.

Even sketchup has a great tool for wall framing


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