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  1. How can I intelligently create a BIM model in timber frame construction Thanks P
  2. Hello Pat I have another quaestion for this script. How can i select parametric object which are in a wall with this script please mvg Pascal
  3. After updating my mac to monterey 12.3.1 i have problems with my stair I select the stair and i go to settings. Then i get my beach ball for a very long time. The only solution is force stop VW this was not a problem in the 12.3 P
  4. Is there a possibility to shut down a Vectorworks G-series remotely. Suppose my colleague who works from home via VPN forgets to close the vectorworks, can it be released from the office, for example?
  5. No it is nog possible to log in in the upper-right corner. Its a dutch version 2.1 on a mac. And the strange thing is it is not by every Mac user. So I think it must be something in the settings of the preferences. Could it be resolved by delete net.netmetschek2022NL.plist?
  6. Any idee how it comes that when you start up Vecotrworks 2022 you not able to login, so you can not use the VSS libraries. Is there a workflow to solve this?
  7. It is one drive. Everything is setting as the buy the new computer.
  8. I have a hard drive with a name with Macintosh HD, with a space in it. I can install VW 2022 So I don't think this wil resolved the problem Pascal
  9. Some customers get the message not enough disk space on mac, but when you look at it there is plenty of it. how can this be solved to instal 2022 on a mac? Pascal
  10. ok but it can not be the workflow to every 15 minutes restart Vectorworks It often happens with Monterey en the M1 chip
  11. When we use Vectorworks 2022 with Monterey, sometimes we get withe spots in the drawing. You can not select them and they doesn't disappear anymore. Is therefore a solution?
  12. What can be the problem, when i have al light with a color, it gives the color in the designlayer when i choose shaded. When i choose a rendworkssytle it becomes white. The same happens in my sheetlayers. Is this a kind of setting and where can i find these?
  13. After installing vectorworks 2022 and Monterey 12.1 I notice that sometimes the menu bar is blocked, I can't open any menu anymore, which makes working with Vectorworks impossible. In 2021 this will not be a problem. is this a known bug? How to solve.
  14. How can i make a DV so i can put all the objects which has not an ifc label in red Thanks P
  15. In the future not only be able to put a texture on an object, put also can use it to put a fill color to it Pascal
  16. you can duplicate the label and put it in another class, label 1 can you set on an angle of nord orientation and label 2 in a other orientation. No can play with the visability of the classes in the designlayer or sheetlayer greets Pascal
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