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  1. The problem here, for me anyway, is not that Vectorworks is not currently compatible with Mojave; or that some of us have upgraded to Mojave without realizing the incompatibility- It is Vectorworks' failure to communicate. If Vectorworks can send an email notifying me that 2019 is here and available; it also could have sent an email urging users not to upgrade to Mojave.
  2. Concur. I am in a similar boat: either use an old computer in the back of my office; or wipe my entire HD, downgrade, and start over (which is another day of lost productivity).
  3. I upgraded my laptop to Mojave this morning only to find that both Vectorworks 2018 and 2019 are not compatible. It never occurred to me to check the Vectorworks forums to verify compatibility; and frankly, I should not have to. A simple email from Vectorworks with their recommendation not to upgrade to Mojave at this time would have curtailed this problem. Now, I have to either not use my new MacBook Pro until a Service Pack comes out; OR, find a way to revert back to High Sierra, which appears to be much easier said than done.. Very, very disapointed.
  4. A lot of symbols have objects within the symbol on a class called 'None.' Double click the symbol and review or edit both the 2d and 3d component. You might even consider changing the class for better control.
  5. The ability to lock an entire class from the Navigation palette (perhaps next to the visibility option?) would be useful.
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