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Texture from hatch



Discovered this option to create a texture but can't seem to make it work.

Select a hatch in the Resource Browser. Right click and select texture from hatch. Dialog comes up to name the new texture. So far so good.

When I go to use the new texture, nothing shows up. No texture shows. In the preview of the texture, it is just white, no lines are showing.

I'm thinking that this may be a problem in 2022.  So I try 2021 and get the same result. 

Any suggestions. VW usually has a hidden something somewhere to make things work.

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I wasn't aware of the 'Create Texture From Hatch...' command but seems a bit of a strange workflow. You still need to create the texture by adding an image or whatever. Like Zoomer says the normal workflow would be to start with a texture then add a surface hatch to it rather than the other way around. But perhaps this option is designed for circumstances where you are only rendering in Hidden Line + are concerned only with seeing a surface hatch + not textures? i.e. it creates a surface-hatch-only texture for use in Hidden Line renderings only + not in OpenGL or Renderworks...?

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It's not really a question about whether this is a good workflow but rather, how does this work. On inspection this morning, I see that the command simply inserts the hatch into the texture but doesn't actually create anything to do with the image. Not really useful as has been pointed out. I was hoping that the command would generate the image portion of the texture from the hatch. That would be useful to me.

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On 10/1/2021 at 4:00 AM, zoomer said:

I would go the other direction.

In RM, create new : Renderworks Texture

Edit Texture

and in the Texture Hatch options select a Hatch.

I set up my textures this way.  Now my question is can I adjust the hatch lines like you can if applied to a polygon?  I tried using the mapping feature but got an error.

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