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  1. Ha. Thanks for that. I have always paid attention to the Layer Options - Show etc. I have never looked at the Class Options and didn't realize those options were there. I set the Class Options to "Show / Snap / Modify Others". All are selectable now. Funny thing is that, not knowing this option was available, I have never changed it. VW sometimes changes things without prompting. Another obstacle solved. Slowly acquiring enough solutions to be somewhat functional.
  2. I went back to the last working backup. I copy and pasted from the bad file the objects I needed and this is working so far. I had to do objects in three classes but it wasn't too bad. You should never be too complacent with VW. Whenever you're smoothly sailing along, some random weird bug will surface. I just work on single family houses. I cannot imagine the issues using VW on a large project.
  3. Tried restarting VW. Didn't help. Restarted computer. Didn't work. All layers turned on. All classes turned on. Went back two backups and the file works as normal. I didn't notice the problem as all the work I was doing was in the same class. Another hour lost to the vagaries of VW. Irritating!
  4. All of a sudden, I can't select objects not in the active class. I have 'Show / Snap / Modify Others' turned on. This seems to be only in the one file I am working on. I opened another file and I can select everything as normal. Any suggestions on how to fix this?
  5. It is very annoying that VW doesn't do this better. I followed the suggestion of a previous post and made a symbol of the layer elevations for one viewport and used that for the other viewports. At least that makes changes easy.
  6. Not done yet. Definitely needed.
  7. Jesse, Thanks for that. I will definitely give it a try. I didn't know that the eyedropper tool would also work for this. So much to learn.
  8. Having just edited 12 viewports with the same class overrides, viewport styles (including overrides) can't come soon enough for me.
  9. Jesse, I can see that you certainly have use for the current organization. My needs are much simpler.
  10. Why the visibility of the section lines is handled like this is a total mystery to me. Just using classes would be so much simpler.
  11. For me it was a workspace issue. I put the new menu command into my workspace and now all is well.
  12. Found it and fixed my workspace. Thanks.
  13. I've installed SP3 and I am not seeing Unreal Datasmith as an option under Export. I've restarted VW but no luck.
  14. I'm going through the file and replacing all the walls with a style I have tested and know works. Royal PITA. Seems like the walls in the file have been corrupted. While I have had plenty of crashes with VW, I have never had corrupted elements before. This is by far the buggiest software I have ever used. However, there are too many good things about VW to abandon it. If VW was stable, it would be truly great.
  15. Restarted the computer. Now I can see the control points of a wall change but the the OpenGL representation doesn't change.
  16. Adobe mucked up my computer the other day. There were some issues with the C++ runtime. After rolling back to a previous restore point everything was working again. Vectorworks seemed fine yesterday except fit to walls wasn't working properly. Again this morning, the fit walls to objects wasn't working properly. This afternoon, changes in the OIP for walls stopped working. I could only change wall height by going into components and adjusting the height there. So reinstalled VW but the problem persists. VW as part of its install reinstalled the C++ runtime so that shouldn't be the problem. Not sure where to go from here. Any suggestions out there?
  17. Good tips. Problem solved. Thank you. Another VW mystery solved. About 90% functional with VW now. 100% is an elusive goal.
  18. In using the door tool, under options for the leaf, there is an option for a custom door. Picking one of the available options (a Craftsman style), the door comes in coloured brown and the glass is blue. I can not find any way to alter these two colours. They are not affected by class settings. The colours seem to be built into the leaf option. Is there a way to control them?
  19. Yes, while VW has some great features, it is riddled with these behaviors which seem designed to send you to some other software.
  20. I don't have a strategy. I average about one crash a day. While I have found VW to crash more (a lot) than any other software I use, I find it crashes very politely. I have never had a corrupt file. I have my backup set to 10 minutes plus do a save probably every five minutes. The most I lose is 10 minutes work and it never appears to effect anything other than the work since the last save or backup. VW has some great parts and I put up with the crashing because of them.
  21. As far as text height goes, you need to print out some fonts and then adjust your input size accordingly. Two problems - 1) Fonts do not all print the right height for a given desired height and 2) VW has it's own system for deciding what the font height actually prints out as. Your 1/8" desired size may have to defined as 3/16" in VW. just the way it is. You need to define each font you use individually to get the right output.
  22. Not quite sure where to look for the problem. The only difference between the 17MB file and the 71MB file is that in the first file, I had the elevations in hidden line view (no textures and no colours) and the the 2nd file had OpenGL (textures and colours on) with hidden line over. I have used only normal VW objects and Renderworks textures.
  23. Some answers - 1) VW 2021, current version. I only have Renderworks textures, no funky 3D imports. No good reason for the file bloat. 2) Used ilovepdf. File size is now 4.2MB. I opened the file and I can't see any difference from the 71MB version. Great tip. I will use this in the future!!!
  24. I have a project I'm working on. The last published documents had two floor plan sheets, two elevation sheets (hidden line), and one sheet of some axo views. File size for the pdf was 17MB. Just sent some new documents where the elevation views were done with OpenGL as the background render (textures and colours turned on) with hidden line as the foreground render. File size for the pdf was 71MB. This seems ridiculous. With Archicad or Revit, this doesn't happen. Any suggestions for reducing the file size?
  25. I have a keynote table which has two columns. The left column is much longer than the right column. I can't see any way to control the length of the columns. Is this possible?


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