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    Workspace Woes

    Yes, i have learned to have a backup copy of my workspace. That solves the issue of an edit operation going awry. It doesn't solve the problem of trying to open a workspace for edit and VW seizing up. I don't actually use the Edit Current Workspace but rather go through Tools/Workspace etc. as you suggested.
  2. This happens regularly, probably once a week. Want to edit my workspace so click on Edit Current Workspace. VW stops working. The cursor is still there but I can't select anything. Also the Workspace dialog doesn't come up. I have to restart VW to get everything working again. When I do get the workspace dialog and do an edit, when I select OK to accept my changes, VW will crash about 10% of the time. This also involves losing my workspace. I'm getting very nervous when I want to edit the workspace. Seems particularly buggy. Anyone else have this experience?
  3. That breaks some item text across columns so I would say that it doesn't work.. My workaround for two columns was to make a copy of the legend and put a blank rectangle over the part of the legends I didn't want to hide. It works but it's not something I think I should have to do.
  4. Tried that. Tried 2,3,4 columns. VW will assign the same number of items to each column or as close as it can. This does not suit the actual content size of the items.
  5. Here's the legend. I can see what it's doing now. There are 11 items in the left column and 10 in the right column. So VW has tried to even out the number of items in each column but has paid no attention as to the content of each item. if you could edit the height of the legend, that would help.
  6. The column width is fine. The height or number of rows in each column is the problem. For example, if my legend has 60 rows with one column, if I click on two columns, the left column will have 20 rows and the right column 40 rows. VW 2021 SP 4 WIN 10
  7. My keynote legend needs to have 2 columns to fit on my sheet. When I pick 2 columns for the legend, the right column is much bigger then the left column. I see no way to control this. Is there a way?
  8. Happened to me too. VW's gremlins at work.
  9. That is great. Works like a charm. Don't know why I didn't see that. I've got a good Data Sheet now so don't really have any need to edit the built in options. Thanks.
  10. My fresh file is a copy of my template file. There are things on most DLs which I would not want to disappear if I deleted the DL. It would be straightforward to deal with imported objects which are ordered by the imported DL.
  11. My project file and my template file have exactly the same DLs. Are you saying I would have to rename the DLs in my project file which contain objects to a new name.
  12. Just remembered the answer to my question. Should have grouped everything before copying. Ungroup after pasting.
  13. Have a new project with not much work in it yet. Just did some major revisions to my template so wanted to copy/paste my new project into my new template. All the objects are assigned to the current class and layer settings after the paste. Is there a way to keep the class/layer settings from the original file? I am not seeing that the paste command has any options. Maybe I'm going about this in the wrong way.
  14. So now I'm looking at the Data Manager and have created my own Data Sheet which presents the data I'm interested in in a useful format (grammar?). I'm using the User Fields for some information. These are text fields. Is there a possibility some of these can be a pop-up field? Or is there some other method which can have a pop-up field in the Data Sheet?
  15. I don't expect VW to work like Revit. It was more a comment about the way my mind works versus the minds of the VW programmers. I can adapt. 🙂
  16. Pat, Thanks for your comment. I worked in Revit for a time and found the logic of it totally understandable. VW and I seem to be diametrically opposed. I will look at the Data Manager. It looks promising.
  17. I have been using the data fields in a door style to provide information for a door schedule. I am looking at using a record format because the presentation and editing of information in the OIP is much easier using a record format (at least I think so). So imagine my surprise when I go into a door style and can't attach a record format. I can only attach the record format for a door which is placed in the drawing. Is there a way to attach the record format to the style settings? I think I'm missing something here.
  18. Ha. Thanks for that. I have always paid attention to the Layer Options - Show etc. I have never looked at the Class Options and didn't realize those options were there. I set the Class Options to "Show / Snap / Modify Others". All are selectable now. Funny thing is that, not knowing this option was available, I have never changed it. VW sometimes changes things without prompting. Another obstacle solved. Slowly acquiring enough solutions to be somewhat functional.
  19. I went back to the last working backup. I copy and pasted from the bad file the objects I needed and this is working so far. I had to do objects in three classes but it wasn't too bad. You should never be too complacent with VW. Whenever you're smoothly sailing along, some random weird bug will surface. I just work on single family houses. I cannot imagine the issues using VW on a large project.
  20. Tried restarting VW. Didn't help. Restarted computer. Didn't work. All layers turned on. All classes turned on. Went back two backups and the file works as normal. I didn't notice the problem as all the work I was doing was in the same class. Another hour lost to the vagaries of VW. Irritating!
  21. All of a sudden, I can't select objects not in the active class. I have 'Show / Snap / Modify Others' turned on. This seems to be only in the one file I am working on. I opened another file and I can select everything as normal. Any suggestions on how to fix this?
  22. It is very annoying that VW doesn't do this better. I followed the suggestion of a previous post and made a symbol of the layer elevations for one viewport and used that for the other viewports. At least that makes changes easy.
  23. Not done yet. Definitely needed.
  24. Jesse, Thanks for that. I will definitely give it a try. I didn't know that the eyedropper tool would also work for this. So much to learn.
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