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VW2022 Some UI issues



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Not sure if I got the Question correct.



if you open older Files that already made use of screen plane aligned objects,

screen plane will be already available in VW 2022.


For new Files created in VW 2022, you need to activate the 2D legacy features



In VW's Top Bar, you can reactivate the Unified View Icon, which is hidden by default.

But if 2D Legacy OFF, it is only a reduced version UV, which can only switch OFF

screen objects.



Unfortunately for me, any Files created in a previous VW Version will have that

2D Legacy Stuff ON and you can't switch it OFF as long as there are screen plane

or UV things in.

I fear that is even valid for my migrated Template Files.

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1 hour ago, zoomer said:

I fear that is even valid for my migrated Template Files.


No, the migrated Templates seem to have 2D Legacy OFF.


My current VW 2021 to VW 2022 file can't switch 2D legacy off.

I have no saved views, I converted some screen plane Objects

in Slab Modifiers to Layer Plane.

Maybe I did not find all of them.


I have a Referenced underlay File displayed with cropped DLVPs.

in a 3D View I see the crop being screen plane and so not working

as usual.

I tried to convert my Crop Rectangles to Layer and OIP shows them

by Layer, but when I go into Crop Edit again, they are screen plane

aligned again.

I can't even draw a new Crop Geometry without being Screen Plane only !?



How can I get rid of that Screen Plane for all and ever ?


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