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  1. Justin R Smith

    Data Visualization and Symbols

    That is amazingly correct. Thanks! Can't wait until SP3
  2. Justin R Smith

    Data Visualization and Symbols

    I can't find any documentation on how viewport data visualizations work with symbols. Do symbols with different record fields work with Data Visualization? From my testing it appears that any record field that is applied to symbol with a visualization override will apply to all the instances of that symbol, regardless of whether other instances have a different field value. It looks like the last created symbol and the fields attached to it set the visualization override for all instances of that symbol. So if I have a symbol "Door 1" and I have a record field "Type" set to "Fire Door" for that symbol, all the "Door 1"'s in the document will have the same overrides even if they have their record field "Type" set to "Regular". This really limits the usefulness of Data Visualization's for me. We deal with primary modular components which we implement in Vectorworks as symbols. It would be great if I could color my symbols in a viewport based on whether they were on site, or the build order or anything else that I would like to attach to a record.
  3. Justin R Smith

    Data Tag Selection / Auto Classing

    Hear hear. I’ve had this same issue.
  4. Justin R Smith

    Edit Menu Command

    How do I go back and edit a menu command created from a marionette node?
  5. Is there anyway to check if a solid geometry is either generic or an editable 3D like solid addition or subtraction? Since Generic solids perform better I thought it would be nice to create a script to highlight they symbols in my library that are 3D but are not generic. When I check the object type of solids though they all come in as type 84.
  6. To confirm then, these new 2D components only show up in hidden line viewports and hidden line sections orthogonal to the components plane? It would be nice if these showed up in the wireframe viewport as well, more similar to how plan view hybrid objects work. The hidden line pass in my current file still takes about 20 min even with the main elements getting the front component treatment.


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