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  1. Exactly as you described .-) The case was modeled in 2016 and still works down to it´s original shape .-) 250 of them have been printed in the first step and several after they have been damaged. But the ipads survived .-)
  2. The history of modeling in 3D is one of the best options insinde vw (as long as you don´t convert your model into something that does not support the history.-)). I have done several models that have been printed as 3d objects, that completely obtain their history to modify their geometry from the very first steps. I don´t know any other cad solution that provides that feature. But i think you have to differenciate between history base modeling and parametric modeling. Soliworks, Catia are, in my understanding, more parametric based. The same to Rhino in combination with Grasshopper. But these programms need a lot of knowledge to get the best for your final result and what you want to adjust. Several years ago we designed for a german car company some kind of "silver flow" architectural element, that was part of exhibition stands. That was completely done in Grasshopper and tweaked a lot of parameters. More part of a spatial component. And also several years ago, i designed an ipad cover, customized to the exhibition and clients needs, that i still can tweak from it´s basic geometry to the new meassurements compared to actuall ipad model, based on the history based modeling inside vw... attached 2 screenshot of "things" that are modeled with complete history, down to it´s original shape... printed hand that holds a small lcd screen ( luxemburg expo pavillon / dubai) ipad case for a visitor experience in vienna
  3. Hi Joseph, i wrote an email to support with the file attached and a link to the forum post related to the description. Shall i send you the project file in cc?
  4. We finally have begun to use project sharing with one of our projects. Our server is a Synology nas, fresh out of the box for 6 weeks. The project that we started with, is converted from a vwx 2022 version. The project was setup yesterday and in the afternoon the first message appeared, that the metadata size is to large and should be cleaned. The count was 99379 entities. We followed the instructions to clear the metadata and after that 2 users got the message that the working file is no longer valid to work with the project file. We generated new working files and copy-pasted the data from the old working file to the new one. So far. This afternoon the message about the increase of the metadata appeared again! This time the count is 59959 entities. The size of the project file is 150mb. Actually only 3 people are accessing this file. Two have administrative priviliges, the other one is set to project level. Vectorworks version 2024.2 Accessing machines are 2 windows pc´s with win10pro and my mcbook as in the signature. Connection to the server is set to smb only. Anything we might have done wrong or any suggestions why this happens in such short time? screenshots from yesterday screenshot from this afternoon
  5. working for me like always in vw23...
  6. Hm. The BIM related projects that we are involvolved, only rely on IFC data exchange. The BIM coordination is managed by an external company and they are checking all models from all participants. I.e. architects, structural engineers, hvac etc. They use Solibri to align all models and for collision detection and issue management. So i think there are many ways to do the job, but IFC, wether 2.3 or 4, has got defined standards that ensure a clean exchange via different cad solutions.
  7. I would always go the way of an ifc format. Revit is a proprietary format of a single manufacturer, whereas the ifc format is the official format for exchanging bim information. And the import into vectorworks is much faster than a revit file. In addition, a level of detail for geometries can be created within Revit, which cannot be influenced when importing from vectorworks. It can then happen that, for example, connecting elements between ventilation units are only displayed as individual 3d only lines, but a complete geometry is stored within revit.
  8. no, i don´t think so. viz palette does not to seem work better after repairing files. event though they stated it has been fixed with sp2 -.)
  9. I had the same today after updating to sp2 with 2024. I did a repair from the vwx updater and after that it does not seem to appear...
  10. As long as the realtime engines accept ies files and do a correct interpretation - that would be the best. In our office we do a lot with UE for visualization (except me .-)) and they often use ies files (to my advice) and the results are fast and quality vice ok. But if the source program is not able to handle lights correct then, i think, also tw will not represent the correct result...
  11. It seems that the interpretation of some IES files is not working correct. As to be seen in the example, i used an IES file for an LED striplight, that is defined to represent a luminaire with the length of 1m. Vectorworks does not recognize this information and the light distribution is shown as a single light emitting point instead of a linear source. Comparison is done in the actual version of DIALux.
  12. I think the render time is ok. But i really like line & area light because they are easy to setup compared to addintional geometry that has to modeled to apply a texture to it. And often, to get the correct light power out of them, these textures get washed out... It´s a bit of struggle to find the best and most effective way... I posted something similar in this topic -> light combination
  13. Sadly the visualization palette hasn´t got any improvements with the update 2. Furthermore i see something that did not happen with update 1.1 I have 2 files open. The first has got three lights, one named area light. The other are named Light-1 / Light-2 When i open a second file the visualization palette is still showing the lights of the first file... Switching Light-1 and Light-2 on and off works (even they are from the first file) but an error message shows up, that some lights could not be selected... Weird...
  14. Same here. It´s working with 2024. Works like a charm...
  15. I was playing with lighting, trying to simulate led stripe similar lights. I used a small area light and saw in an elevation, that the light distribution is unequal compared to the geometry. The aera light was generated from a rectangle, 2000mm by 10mm. I compared this to a line light, which has an equal light ditribution. Maybe a very specific case, but not as expected. See the screenshots below. Upper images rendered in vwx. Lower ones "tuned" in ps to show the lightdistribution.
  16. Break the modeling down to many as possible symbols, so you can fast change dimensions, fillets etc on repetative elements .-)
  17. Is this the correct behaviour that lighst outside a clipcube are rendered when in shaded view? The drawn lights are from lighting instruments...
  18. On Mac, there was a small update 1.1. If available for Windows... Did you apply this? Also try to use the repair function within the vectorworks updater application. Sometimes that fixes misterious things... On my Mac i have very less random crashes... Maybe 2-3 a week... But not replicapable...
  19. it´s working again after a reinstall...
  20. ok. thanks tom. we don´t see this on machines that have update 1.0 but after a crash a few minutes ago vectorworks won´t start. it´s stuck with the final initilization maybe that has somehting to do with the failed operations in the updater i´ll do a re-install .-(
  21. it seems that the X-ray selection in update1.1 is broken. everytime i hit the b-key the x-ray can be seen, but as soon as i move my mouse it disappers. i tried a repair from the vectorworks updater, but the updater always fail on a file "-_NaN.zip" also the function to ga back to update 1.0 fails at exact that point... is both a known issue?
  22. Did you try to generate the area light with only a 3d polygon? Looks as if your area light is made from an extrude object...
  23. Maybe use a combination of a backlit texture or a glowing texture and an area light. I just did a quick test with one hollow box, a thin extrude with a transparent texture in front and an area light inside the box. May this is a way to achieve what you are looking for when you separate the texture and the light to get better control about the look. 1st image with only glowing surface, 2nd with area light inside the box.
  24. I have to exchange a network switch to another model with more sockets .-) But my block schematic is nearly finished and all sockets on my 24-port switch are connected to their destinations. What is the best workaround to replace the switch in my drawing with another that will have 48-ports without re-connecting all existing connections? I tried to place a new one and drag it to the existing connections but that does not connect the wires... Any help is much appreciated .-)
  25. Hi Conrad, yes, you described it correct. Just to describe my intention behind the multiconnect. The LED processor has got 40 outputs in the device description. If i want to connect every single output to its destination, then i have to place every single led module so that the output gets connected to its corresponding led destination. In my understanding this is more like a detailed cabling plan for the supplier, so it doesn´t have to be a part of the block schematic. So the single device, which i called "LED Wand (wall)" represents a bunch of led tiles. Maybe it is an option inside the device builder to build a connection that sums up a number of destinations with a checkmark or pop-up window. just my thoughts .-) best. bjoern
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