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Object Info Palette blank





I am having an issue where the Object Info Palette is blank. When I select an object the shape tab of the OIP doesn't show anything, the data and render tabs display as expected.


Has anyone else had this issue?



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I am on version 2021 SP3, and on Windows 10. Occasionally moving the window fixes it but not very often.


It was originally a problem in on file but now it is happening in another. Yesterday I tried uninstalling Vectorworks and reinstalling but it didn't help.

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No idea what is happening. I asked about versions because I think there is an interaction between VW2019 and Win10 that causes similar symptoms.


First thing I would try is go to VW Preferences and click the Reset button at the bottom left. 

The next thing I would try would be to rename you user folder and restart VW. A new user folder will be created. If there is corruption in the user folder that is causing the problem then you should be OK. You may have to re-enter your serial number.


After that I would check your system preferences (I am a Mac guy, so I can't help on how to do this in Win) and delete anything with Vectorworks or Nemetschek in the name. You will almost certainly have to re-enter you serial number after this step.


Good luck.  Write back if you need more help.

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Thanks for the tip Sam, I have tried nudging and it doesn't restore it.


It comes and goes and I can't figure out what triggers it. It is now happening in multiple documents and slows down the workflow considerably.

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I've had some issues with VW2021 showing only "No Selection" in the OIP when I first open a drawing, but it rights itself if I change my active layer.  So when it happens, I just do the Ctrl+up and Ctrl+down and continue with the drawing.  I have not run into this yet in SP4, however, so maybe that particular issue has been fixed.

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This was happening on SP3, I have just installed SP4 so haven't had a chance to get stuck into it yet.


One thing I found though was swapping from multiple view panes to one view pane seemed to fix the issue. It was working and I had to get something finished so I didn't do any more testing but will do soon.

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