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  1. FYI same issue in 2023 - was pasting a png file. Deleted that and it was fine
  2. continuing to have issues with data tags disappearing. Have sorted out scaling issues with data tags in symbols but now am seeing data tags just plain going for a walk
  3. updating a section viewport (simple wireframe) and goes into render mode and won't stop?? Inflates the CPU and maxes out the dedicated GPU (8gb)
  4. used to be able to select multiple objects (grid lines or datum for eg) and reshape line length by all simultaneously - what happened?
  5. just had the issue for the first time - odd. I was running vw 2022 and 2020 at the same time. Closing 2020 corrected the problem
  6. Hi 2022 - seems this was happening in 2007 or so. Custom elevation option greys out - close vectorworks restart..... works for a while, close vectorworks, restart works for a while....
  7. this is now happening in 2022 - shut down fixes for a while then custom elev option greys out
  8. i'm getting lags changing door label text size and memory drain as a result. Running windows 11 on a 16 core i9 w/ 64gb ram w/ a wx 7100 amd radeon card - this should not be happening that I have to kill and restart the program to keep working....
  9. I might have mentioned this before but increasing issue with callouts 'disintegrating' into lines and groups - frustrating that an automated feature of creating callout instances turns into more work..... the callouts randomly appear all over the drawing and refuse to go home or sometimes reappear but bring all their friends along. Makes for a stupid drawing.
  10. thanks Benson. I've had good luck with align surface in general but no this is simply the geodetic reference for top or bottom. I have a .15m hardscape and I want a modifier (stake or grade) to reference the top and some hardscapes reference to the bottom (seems random). I'll send a screenshot when I am back in that project
  11. Hi- modifying hardscapes and settings are for modifier at top and it seems to randomly work at top or not. Frustrating in that the workaround is to go back and set modifiers to adjust to the component thickness... Especially fustrating when it aligns to the top of one edge and then to the bottom of the next. Is this a known issue or is there something I am missing thanks john
  12. Hi - when adding a callout reference to a sheet the outline appears but the callout does not, when editing the annotation the grip handles show for the callout but again no callout - as a work around I switched the callout styled (or position) and it appears randomly on the drawing as circle, lines and text - (instance references are correct). This is happening across numerous drawings (randomly). VW2022
  13. probably more of a wish list item but is there a way to increase the decimal accuracy of the slope tool. Frustrating to show a ramp on plan at eg. 7.72% 'Fall' (also wish that term could be edited) and then on section at 7.7%
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