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3DConnexion SpaceMouse Makes Big Jumps



I am having an issue where the model makes big unexplained jumps while using my Space Mouse. It was happening with my older Space Navigator and I thought it was a hardware problem, but the same problem is happening with a brand new one as well.


For example, I can be gently and smoothly orbiting the model at 38% when suddenly there is a big jump and I end up underneath the model and zoomed to 3,058,850%. Anyone have a clue? I cannot figure it out. All my SpaceMouse settings are the ones recommended in this thread.


Reset to Defaults doesn't help.


Here's a little movie.


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10 hours ago, markdd said:

I have just uninstalled and then reinstalled the new 3D connexion driver for Big Sur and all the issues I had are now solved. Worth a try?

Hi Mark,

Thank you for last days! Hope everything fine with you 🙂


I saw they've update the beta driver. Do you think it's important to uninstall the driver first?





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Hi Bernat. 



I just took my MacBook in for repair which meant that I had to have a completely clean install of MacOS. After I installed VectorWorks and the 3D connexion driver everything worked perfectly. 

Back to my trash can Mac Pro, - I uninstalled the 3D Connexion driver and then reinstalled the brand new BETA driver and everything works fine.


Updating the 3D connexion driver (without uninstalling)  for some reason does not work at all.


hope you’re well!

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12 hours ago, markdd said:

Updating the 3D connexion driver (without uninstalling)  for some reason does not work at all.




I think I tried that before at some point already.


But currently i have an uninstalled driver, some reboots, installed driver again,

only attached original Space Navigator situation (because of other issues)


But will try 3DNavigator in VW again ...



Edit :


Indeed, seems to work.

No more geometry jumping out of 3D View.

That is fine !

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I'm having similar problems.

This is VW2021, Big Sur, on a new M1 Mac mini.

I use a Space Mouse Pro.


Problem 1: Motion in general is jerky. If I just try to rotate smoothly at a constant speed (or move in any direction at a constant speed) then I get intermittent jerks and stutters in the motion. Demonstrated here (I am trying to rotate at a constant speed - the jerks are not resulting from input from me):


NB that I noticed something very similar when I tried installing VW2021 on my old Mac (a classic Mac Pro running Mojave). It's not something that's been a problem on VW2018 or 2019 installed on that same Mac. That leads me to think it's something to do with vw2021



Problem 2 (I don't know if it's separate or related) is the same as others have reported - sudden jumps to a different position. Eg:

I feel that this may be liable to happen in particular just after I've opened the file. Not sure about that though. Sometimes I end up somewhere in the sky, sometimes underground.



I've installed latest update to Big Sur.

I've installed the 'Big Sur' beta driver from 3dconnexion.


I've tried un-installing the 3dconnexion driver, and re-installing and restarting the machine, but it doesn't seem to make any difference.


Tomorrow I'm going to try running VW2020 on Big Sur and see if the same problems exist.




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An observation: if I start up VW2021 without the spacemouse plugged in, then once it's started, plug in the spacemouse, I don't get any response from it at all. I have to quit vectorworks, and reopen vectorworks with the spacemouse already plugged in.


This is different to what I am used to on VW2018. It doesn't matter if I start VW without the spacemouse plugged in. I can plug it in after VW has started, and it gets recognised.

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I've just updated to SP3 and it looks like this problem might now be fixed.


(VW2021, Big Sur, Mac Mini M1, wired spacemouse pro)


Would be interested to hear whether others find similar.


Meanwhile, I hope not to be back posting on here that the problem has returned after a few hours of use.

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