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ClipCube to 2D Polygons?

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Hi all,

I"m sure this is an easy thing - only I can't find a thread.


I have a complex model I imported - that I want to convert to 2D Polygons; however I want to take it about 1/2 way 'up' the z-axis.


If I clip cube (clipcube) it I can see what I want.


How do a get this to be usable in 2D ?






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I guess the object you imported is a mesh. You can edit the mesh and remove the parts you do now want (front ortho and drag around and delete). From memory if you double-click the mesh it will screw up so be careful. Maybe worth a try


Or can you create an auto hybrid and set the cut plane at the right height. I am not sure how you extract the 2D shape from the hybrid though. 

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There's basically not any way (as far as I know) to convert a 3d view into usable 2d linework.


I don't know why this seemingly simple thing is impossible. It's very frustrating. If it were possible, it would massively improve the speed and quality of early-stage presentation drawings. Build a near-enough-right 3d model, generate your views, then convert to linework and do the necessary tidying-up and add in a bit of manual 2d drawing.

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Yes this is something I'm deeply missing in VW, there should be a way to direcly create a 2D Linework form a Section by clip cube. I prefer Hans-Olav's workaround and use it a lot:

- create a section vewport, export it as flattened 2d to .dwg, re-import this to an empty VW file, dissolve all groups and symbols and try to purge all coincident lines.

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20 hours ago, Hans-Olav said:

Another workaround is to render the viewport in hidden line, ungroup the viewport and copy the group to another design layer or file. 

You will then have to scale the group up relative to the scale of the viewport


Thanks for this - I didn't know this was possible and is very useful. Just tried it - I think all you need to do is 'convert to group', you don't necessarily need to copy that group to another layer (or maybe you just mean you need to copy it to a design layer if you want to work on it at scale).

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