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Data Tag Label vs Reference File

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I have a question on data tag label. does it works on reference file? coz i separate model file from drawing/sheets file. do refer the image on how i setup my file. for info i am using project sharing workflow.

Thanks in advance.



* the only elements that the data tag label detect is spaces. door,window,wall etc are not detected.

* only door that are not inserted in wall will be detected.

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Hello Acip79,


The data tag should not work with Reference File. The ability to tag space/door in reference file is a bug and we will remove it. We do not allow tagging object from reference file, because if you removed the object, the model will not know for this until you update the referencing.


Best Regards,

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Thanks Klvanov, I gave that a try, however when the reference is updated the link between the data tag and the object is broken. 

It also wouldn't work in interior elevations as the tags would need to be put in the annotations layer.

I think this really needs to be resolved and VW needs to put forward a workflow as this is something that's so fundamental.

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@KIvanov Sorry, this would not be a good workaround because once we update the reference file all elements will be locked back. So the data tags will note attached to the elements. Furthermore if we move the data tags, a ⚠️ sign will appear meaning we need to reattached to its elements. We might need to repeat this steps whenever we update the reference file.


VWX2020 SP3.1 (64-Bit)

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We are using data tags and working as you describe with a master model file and referenced files with sheet layers for printing. We have annotation layers for every floor plan in the master file and place the data tags there. The master file is still relatively slim without section and elevation viewports 



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