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  1. Hi Christiaan, Could you send me a test file and I will analyze it why the formula "#AnyIFCEntity#.#Pset_WallCommon#.#Reference#" does not work? Thanks, Kostadin
  2. Hi All, I looked the short video of Christiaan and I saw that the wall in his file has ifcWall. The default Wall Tag w Leader is looking for ifcWallStandardCase and this is the reason why his walls does not recognized by this data tag style. If you want to recognize both IFC, I recommend to use #AnyIFCEntity#.#Pset_WallCommon#.#Reference#. I attached a simple file with modified style. Best Regards, Kostadin Ivanov New Wall Tag w Leader.vwx
  3. Hello Joshua, This is good remark. We will try to find a solution for this. Best Regards, Kostadin
  4. This is the file for VW2019: Massing Model v2019.vwx
  5. Hello Matt, If I understand correct the floor area is the area of the Massing model: and the building area is gross area: If I understand correct, I create a simple file with data tag that pulls these areas - Massing Model.vwx.
  6. Hi Julian , The fix is only potential fix. If you can give us a test file with steps how to reproduce the issue, we will be able to test the fix. Thanks, Kostadin Ivanov
  7. Hello Julian, We have potential fix for this issue in SP2 of VW2020. Best Regards, Kostadin Ivanov
  8. KIvanov

    Data Tags

    Hello Tui, I will send you a simple script how this can be done. Best Regards, Kostadin Ivanov
  9. Hello Tui, For first question you can relink data tag using its control point. For second question this is an enhancement request, so you can fill such. Thanks, Kostadin Ivanov
  10. As I can see from your file, if you use the "Sub weight" data tag style, everything is working. Do I miss something?
  11. Hello, Could I ask you for a simple test file and I will analyze the problem. Thanks, Kostadin Ivanov
  12. Hello Samuel, Could I ask you for simple test file? Thanks, Kostadin Ivanov
  13. Hello Acip79, The data tag should not work with Reference File. The ability to tag space/door in reference file is a bug and we will remove it. We do not allow tagging object from reference file, because if you removed the object, the model will not know for this until you update the referencing. Best Regards, Kostadin
  14. Hi Tim, Thanks for your feedback and detailed explanation. We will consider this. For the moment my recommend is if you wan to tag a something in design layer and the tag to be same in different scales of viewports, to use annotation group of the viewport. You are able to tag a object from the visible design layers and the data tag can be placed in the annotation group of the viewport. Regards, Kostadin Ivanov
  15. Hi Tim, The data tag at the moment is Page Based. Best Regards, Kostadin Ivanov
  16. Hi milezee, I attached a short movie to illustrate how I create a new style. Best Regards, Kostadin Ivanov New Style3.mov
  17. Hello, Could I ask you to provide a test file? I will try to reproduce the issue. Thanks, Kostadin Ivanov
  18. Hi Tim, I saw the issue. This is another issue. For the moment as a workaround you can use the menu command "Reset All Plug-Ins". Thanks, Kostadin Ivanov
  19. Hi Tim, I think that this is another issue. Could you send me a simple test file and steps how to test the problem? Thanks, Kostadin Ivanov
  20. Hi milezee, If I understand correct you want to copy auto incrementing value to symbol's attached record. At the moment this is impossible, but we will think for some improvements. For the moment you can read the date from the attached record. I create a new data tag style - Test Data Tag. You can try whether it will work for you. Best Regards, Kostadin Ivanov test (KIvanov).vwx
  21. You can attach it here, or you can send me on KIvanov@vectorworks.net
  22. Hello milezee, Could you send me a simple test file, that contains your record and example how do you want your data tag to look like? If you want to see only "quantity" from your record, you can use #Record#.#quantity#. Best Regards, Kostadin Ivanov
  23. Hello Samuel, Thank you very much for the examples. We will discus this wish and we will try to find a solution. Thanks, Kostadin Ivanov
  24. Hello Samuel, Could I ask you for a simple file with a data tag and symbol to illustrate how do you use them in annotation? Thanks, Kostadin Ivanov
  25. KIvanov

    Data Tag references

    For the moment we do not have such a functionality, but we will add.


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