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  1. Hi Juan, what ist meant by this feature?: "Data Mapping for Custom Records This task adds data mapping functionality to Vectorworks records." Thanks, tim
  2. I have been querying about this sort of ability to 'lock' fields in a record so that they can be centrally controlled form a project library for years - as Pat says it is currently not possible. There are many use cases where we want to have some data fields fixed per symbol instance and some adjustable (and that the data can all be listed in the same worksheet database). I imagine it would be implemented similarily to the way styles (Space or Window styles etc) allow you to have certain aspects locked ot the style and others adjustable per instance. I have had limited success by embedding an additonal 'data' symbol with the record attached to it inside my symbols - that allows the updated information to be 'pushed' to referenced files, but limits how you can access the information in worksheets.
  3. Hi Kostadin, Sorry I have tested it a bit more extensively. They behave like page based symbols on design layers but they don't behave like page based symbols in Sheet Layer Viewports - ie they change sizes with different scale viewports. Ideally they would stay the same size in different scaled Sheet Layer Viewports like Page Based Symbols do? That tends to be our real world use of them, ie we want a door label that is on a particular design layer to be the same page size on a 1:00 as on a 1:50 drawing. Regards, Tim
  4. It would also be good to be able to set Data Tags with Page Based rather than World Based sizes like symbols.
  5. Hi Pat, How do you make records invisible? That could work although still has the issue that the data cant be updated in a central library. I have used the data attached to an object inside the smbol as a worksaround before, it works well for scheduling, it is just that the new data tag tool, (which is great and had so many uses BTW) then can't access this data as far as I can tell? I have tested out ifc too - when you change ifc data for a symbol in the resource manager it updates all instances of the symbol in the file where the symbol is located, unfortunately it doesn't push that across to symbols in referenced files as far as I can tell.
  6. Hi Boh Hi Pat, Thanks yes I understand how worksheets and custom selections work, but not all our staff do and it is too dangerous when people can edit individual instances of a symbol, and ideally we can push changes from a library to multiple files without having to open them indiviually and changing each instance there. It is not only me, after I posted the wishlist I found this old post with the same request: The end of that post has a work around that I am going to explore using IFC data instead of Records. Thanks for your feedback!
  7. I woudl like to be able to have the new Data Tags be able to be set to world or page based units. As it is primarily a labelling tool we usually want the label to always be the same printed size in differently scaled viewports.
  8. I would like to be able to fix all or some of the data fields in a Record Format - essentially so I can allocate specific data to all instances of a symbol and be able to update it from a central point. For instance for a particular element of furniture I woud like to be able to give it an ID number and a description (which I can display using the new data tags) and be able to update this information in only one location. At the moment the data fields are independent for every instance of the symbol which is sometimes useful (for a window or door number for instance) but not always and can be dangerous when someone edits the fields without understanding the implications. Is there any way to have fixed data assigned to a symbol that is readable by the data tag?
  9. Hi Klvanoy, I have just sent you a couple of test files demonstrating the issue. Regards, Tim
  10. We are having the same problem (Data Labels dissassociating from spaces) with spaces referenced in to a file using traditional referencing (no project sharing) is this the same issue?
  11. Hi Wes, What parameters did you use to read the Finish Floor Elevation with the Data Tag tool. I can add it to a space label but cant find it within the data tag paremters for a space?
  12. We are also using data Tags to report the Net Bottom Bound Level which works well apart from for negative values where is shows no value - does the Finish Floor Elevation display negative values correctly
  13. We have switched to using Data Tags in lieu of Space Labels in our VW 2019 projects due to the restrictions on classing space labels seperately. We are finding that when we use clip surface to adjust the geometry of a space with a Data Tag attached the Data Tag is deleted? Does anyone else have this issue?
  14. The Volume function in a worksheet does not seem able to calculate the volume of a space? The space has a height, Show 3D is turned on? I can see the volume of the space if I use database row but when I use the VOLUME function it returns 0. In the example screenshot the criteria in the formula are the same as for the database rows I am also getting the same figure (just the gross) for Gross and Net Volume despite having set different heights for each?
  15. Am I correct in thinking that the AREA function has been fixed but not the VOLUME? When I try and use the regular worksheet function 'Volume' to report the volume of spaces I get a 0 value returned? I can report volume with database rows (='Space'.'11_Volume' for example) but not in a regular function?


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