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  1. Thanks Jim, good to know. Regards, Tim
  2. Hi Jim, This is similar to my query on wrapping texts in title blocks - do you know if it has been implemented yet? Thanks! Tim
  3. Hi Jim, is that likely to come in a Service Pack or not till a future version? Thanks, Tim
  4. At a guess you have =('Space'.'11_Area') in your database header rather than =('Space'.'Area') - this is the difference between 'Space Area' and Space Area Number when you are selecting fields under create report. If you change the header to =('Space'.'Area') it should work - you will have to add the 'sq m' as a trailer to the cell formatting.
  5. I have looked at this in a bit more detail - 3D items can have colour overrides but only in standard viewports (not section viewports) and only in wire frame not in hidden line, which isn't much use for 3D work.
  6. This is an old thread I know, we use layer colour overrides in viewports successfully to show demolished and new works with 2D layers. I was just wondering if anyone knows if the layer colour override should wprk for Section Viewports as well, so we can do the same thing with elevations generated from our model? - it doesn't seem to work for me at the moment?
  7. I would like to locate an office standard colour palette in our common Workgroup and Project Folder for everyone to access. However any colour palette xml files that we put in the common folder (Libraries\Defaults\Colour Palettes) do not appear as an option in the Colour Palette Browser? If the same xml file is located in the User Data and Preference Folder (which is unique to each user) then it does appear in the Colour Pallette Browser? I could put the file in each users folder but it would be better and easier if there was only one instance of it in the common folder. Has anyone set up standard colour pallettes using the Workgroup and Project Folder? Thanks, Tim
  8. Can you not just use the 'I' key to toggle it - or whatever you have set as the shortcut key for mode group 2 - check tools/workspace/edit current workspace & 'keys' tab to see what you currently have set for mode group 2?
  9. Just a quick update - it seems this has been 'fixed' in VW 2015 at least, shame as it was a very useful feature.
  10. You can add a thin paint component like Wes says to unstyled walls as well as styled ones, and then just adjust the thickness of the middle component manually as you would the overall thickness, although it involves a few extra clicks to get there? That area can then be scheduled using the CompAreabyName function that Alan notes?
  11. There is also an issue if you have a hidden line foreground render and render works background - only the rendered background (+ any annotations) exports not the hidden line which is usually the bit you are trying to get as a DWG.
  12. You would be able to edit the other groups - with the settings as you describe you can see/snap other groups but you can't change them, or am I missing something?
  13. It would be useful to have a suspend groups function for times when you want to select items that are contained within a group and edit them (swap out a symbol for instance, or change text properties). Also related but perhaps different the 2D reshape tools doesn't work on groups - it would be very useful if it could (or if groups could be suspended to allow it as noted above)
  14. Thanks for the comprehensive answers Jim, it all sounds good. Just a bit of clarification on defining the envelope - great that we can use custom geometry - will the building need to be perfectly enclosed by defined geometry to work properly - i.e. if there are holes or overlaps you will get strange or incomplete results? Cheers, Tim
  15. Hi Jim, The Energos is exciting for me (along with the project sharing both are something we have been looking for for ages ) - great that it is based on passivhaus. Lots of questions apologies for the mind dump; I assume it will have metric figures as well as imperial? Will you be able to add local regulatory requirements to the compliance page in addition to the presets in the video (or can this be done by resellers?) - i.e. UK energy regulations, I see BREEAM is already in there which is great. And not really related but does the fact that windows recognise different glass configurations mean that they will show sensible glass thicknesses in plan and section (as well as having the thermal properties?) Can you expand on the reporting functions, and is there any ability to track and/or compare different options and or combinations of possibilities (i.e. is increasing the u-values of the walls better than more high performance glazing) Do you see this as being a competitor in terms of ease of use to Sefaira and also the Passivhaus sketch plugin that is currently available? Can it be used to demonstrate Passivhaus compliance or export in a fashion that can be directly dropped in to the Passivhaus spreadhseet? What are the performance implications for large non residential buildings? Ie it only shows a project with 8 walls and 1 standard roof objects, many of our project would have hundreds of walls (can it distinguish between internal and external walls?) and far many more spaces. Further to that does it require the project to be completely enclosed by standard architectural objects (roofs, walls, slabs etc) and completely filled with spaces to function properly? Our projects often use elements in unexpected ways to achieve the geometry we need - i.e. custom symbols, stacked or overlaid walls (where cladding changes halfway up a wall for instance), or windows set in openings rather than in a wall (where windows span across a floor level for instance). Many of these elements currently don't have the same level of architectural layers available as for instance the wall or slab tool - the roof face being a prime example - how would we add insulation to it?