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  1. I'd also like to know if this is possible - I understand it may be trixky as the colours are much more wide ranging that Hatches or image fills that are all resources and therefore cleary defined and associated with the specific file. Is supect the answer (at least since VW 2021) is to use data visualisations to set the colours of the spaces based on some criteria of the space (floor finish for instance). That being said for early stage stuff when we are working with polygons (with colours for different functions) I'd love to be able to do some quick and dirty analysis based on the colours. @JMR a workaround woudl eb to set up a series of hatches with one widely spaced line the same colour as the background that reflect your colour palete - is still double the works like importing an image.
  2. Does anyone know how design layer stacking oder is controlled in Project Sharing files? I have Admin status and have tried saving and comitting with 'Document Preferences and Setting' and 'Navigation and View Related Settings' both checked, however when I open the file again the layer order is not saved. We do have a number of traditionally referenced layers in the file.
  3. It even recognises when the same layers are referenced into the new file and switches them on in the viewport, it's great now!
  4. Hi @Nikolay Zhelyazkov , I have sent you an example test file. It is a bit difficult to replicate as there doesn't seem to be a clear pattern to when it occurs. Kind Regards, Tim
  5. Hi, we have an issue with a number of our sheet files where at irregular intervals our title blocks lose all of their data (apart form sheet number and sheet name) and revert back to the default values. We have a titleblock style saved in our project library, with the associated record format, and this style is then referenced in to our various sheet drawings. Periodically all the information resets itself, which is an absolute nightmare as we usually just notice it as we are preparing to issue a set of drawings with it associated other stresses 😉 We had the same issue on VW 2019, have recently updated to VW 2021 but are getting the same behaviour. Has anyone else seen similar issues?
  6. Service Select has provided a solution to this issue: if you change your navigation graphics option, it should fix the issue. Tools > Options > Vectorworks Preferences > Display > change Navigation Graphics to Good Performance and Compatibility. For Info the text exported to pdf with the correct colours, ie it was just a display issue.
  7. It seems like in VW 2021 class colour overrides are not actioning on text inside symbols that is linked to a record? Is anyone else seeing this?
  8. I have just seen in this thread that this should be coming back in SP3
  9. We use this all the time too - it still works for polygons there doesn't seem to be any reason for it to have gone away?
  10. @Boh that could work but our class colours etc are defined by the client (for dwg export) and we often have multiple sets of viewport within the same file that have different attributes required. It is not just overrides it is also class visibilities that I’d like to control in one place. The biggest issue is that the workflow to adjust the override properties across multiple sheets is tricky - every time you adjust a property or switch a class on or off you need to get the correct eye dropper settings and run through the whole set - this is not very intuitive or efficient especially when there is a big team working on the project with different skill levels.
  11. We would love to have a way to manage class and layer overrides in viewports, at least within files - we have some project with over 100 plan sheets alls with the same class override - any tweaks to the override settings requires a very careful use of the eyedropper tool and is difficult to manage. If these styles were able to be transferred across drawings (with the same class set) that would be even better.
  12. Hi Juan, what ist meant by this feature?: "Data Mapping for Custom Records This task adds data mapping functionality to Vectorworks records." Thanks, tim
  13. I have been querying about this sort of ability to 'lock' fields in a record so that they can be centrally controlled form a project library for years - as Pat says it is currently not possible. There are many use cases where we want to have some data fields fixed per symbol instance and some adjustable (and that the data can all be listed in the same worksheet database). I imagine it would be implemented similarily to the way styles (Space or Window styles etc) allow you to have certain aspects locked ot the style and others adjustable per instance. I have had limited success by embedding an additonal 'data' symbol with the record attached to it inside my symbols - that allows the updated information to be 'pushed' to referenced files, but limits how you can access the information in worksheets.
  14. Hi Kostadin, Sorry I have tested it a bit more extensively. They behave like page based symbols on design layers but they don't behave like page based symbols in Sheet Layer Viewports - ie they change sizes with different scale viewports. Ideally they would stay the same size in different scaled Sheet Layer Viewports like Page Based Symbols do? That tends to be our real world use of them, ie we want a door label that is on a particular design layer to be the same page size on a 1:00 as on a 1:50 drawing. Regards, Tim
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