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  1. Tim Harland

    Data Tags Disassociate

    Hi Klvanoy, I have just sent you a couple of test files demonstrating the issue. Regards, Tim
  2. Tim Harland

    Data Tags Disassociate

    We are having the same problem (Data Labels dissassociating from spaces) with spaces referenced in to a file using traditional referencing (no project sharing) is this the same issue?
  3. Tim Harland

    Space Label: Finish Floor Elevation

    Hi Wes, What parameters did you use to read the Finish Floor Elevation with the Data Tag tool. I can add it to a space label but cant find it within the data tag paremters for a space?
  4. Tim Harland

    Space Label: Finish Floor Elevation

    We are also using data Tags to report the Net Bottom Bound Level which works well apart from for negative values where is shows no value - does the Finish Floor Elevation display negative values correctly
  5. We have switched to using Data Tags in lieu of Space Labels in our VW 2019 projects due to the restrictions on classing space labels seperately. We are finding that when we use clip surface to adjust the geometry of a space with a Data Tag attached the Data Tag is deleted? Does anyone else have this issue?
  6. Tim Harland

    Spaces Volumes in Worksheets

    The Volume function in a worksheet does not seem able to calculate the volume of a space? The space has a height, Show 3D is turned on? I can see the volume of the space if I use database row but when I use the VOLUME function it returns 0. In the example screenshot the criteria in the formula are the same as for the database rows I am also getting the same figure (just the gross) for Gross and Net Volume despite having set different heights for each?
  7. Am I correct in thinking that the AREA function has been fixed but not the VOLUME? When I try and use the regular worksheet function 'Volume' to report the volume of spaces I get a 0 value returned? I can report volume with database rows (='Space'.'11_Volume' for example) but not in a regular function?
  8. Has anyone else had the isuue that when the geometry of a Space that is using a space label is clipped the Space Label disappears?
  9. Having played around with this a bit more, as long as the classes within the Space label are different to the class that the label itself is allocated to then they can be controlled as in previous versions, so it is not so drastic as I had thought.
  10. Thanks Jim - I thought as much. I still cant control the class of the space labels sepatately in SP0 though correct?
  11. Hi @Jim Wilson Is there any indication when SP3 will be coming out? I have just updated our project (with over 1,000 spaces) to 2019 as I figured by SP2 most major bugs would have been ironed out, only to realise that this one will prevent us from preparing presentation material that we need next week. Should I revert back to our old version, we dont have the time (and/or the inclination ūüėČ ) to set up custom data labels and change the label for each room?
  12. Tim Harland

    Using Vectorworks / Energos for Passivhaus Design

    Have you seen the series of blog posts from mark Stephens. I found them very insightful and give a good sense of an Energos - PHPP workflow http://www.markstephensarchitects.com/vectorworks-energos-passivhaus-passive-house-design/
  13. We are working in Europe and therefore with commas being used as a decimal separator. This generally works seamlessly however I am attempting to use Attribute ranges within Data Visualization (for Gross heights of Spaces) but the ranges are using period separators and therefore not recognizing the gross heights of the spaces (which are using comma separators taken from the overall system settings). Does anyone know if there a way to make the Attribute Range use comma separators?
  14. Tim Harland

    Worksheet: Show zero values as empty

    Yep, tried that in 2018 and it worked - will have to look at the improvements to worksheets in 2018 in more detail - it looks much better! Thanks for your help!
  15. Tim Harland

    Worksheet: Show zero values as empty

    Hi Gadzooks, Your right that was perhaps a bad example - I have updated it to show you what I mean - in our actual example we have certain rooms where more than one category of area applies and therefore the total column is relevant - we do this by summarizing the space number - that may be where the issue arises - I had to reinstate the zero value for the VF and TF columns in order for it to display correctly. Somehow it seems that Vectorworks treats the '' not as empty but as some sort of non numerical value? I hope that makes more sense? Space table with Blanks.vwx


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