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  1. Hi @C. Andrew Dunning, I removed the right alignment of the dynamic texts and this is the result - Test.vwx. I am not sure whether this is the expected result. @Nikolay Zhelyazkov, do you have another suggestion, how this can be solved? Best Regards, Kostadin Ivanov
  2. Hi @JasmineTamara, You can use the worksheet functions #WS_AREA# and #WS_PERIM#. I attached a simple test file.Test.vwx Best Regards, Kostadin Ivanov
  3. Hi @Grzegorz Krzemien, What do you mean that data tag disconnects from objects? In your file all data tags seem to be associated correctly. About data tags inside symbols: in VW2023 we add a new option "World-based data tag" and I recommend to use it, if you want the data tag to be placed inside a symbol: Best Regards, Kostadin Ivanov
  4. Hi @gfilippini, The problem is that one file uses IFC4 and the other file uses IFC 2x3. The data tag style takes the information from IfcWallStandardCase which is default when the IFC is 2x3. The default IFC entyty for IFC4 for walls is IfcWall, so this data tag style could not take information from it. for IFC4 you should use another data tag style. IFC.mp4 Best Regards, Kostadin Ivanov
  5. Hi @station, Could I ask you for a video, because I am not able to reproduce the problem? Thanks, Kostadin Ivanov
  6. KIvanov

    Data Tags

    Hi @DomC, You can try the function DT_AssociateWithObj. Best Regards, Kostadin Ivanov
  7. Hi @gester, If benelux windows and doors are implementing the "Energos" interface, they will be included in calculation. This depends on the developers of benelux windows and doors. Best Regards, Kostadin Ivanov
  8. Hi @drelARCH, You can customize the default "Display" in Libraries\Defaults\Energy Analysis\EnergyUnits.xml. If you change: <UValue> <IsUsed>true</IsUsed> </UValue> Best Regards, Kostadin Ivanov
  9. Hi All, This is a short video how you can put the extracted data into a record attached to a data tag and then to list it in a worksheet. Best Regards, Kostadin Ivanov Data Tag.mp4
  10. Hello Andy, This sound as a bug. Could I ask you to add it and we will try to fix it. Thanks, Kostadin Ivanov
  11. Hello, We was able to reproduce the issue (when the default database does not exist). @iborisov will look it. Best Regards, Kostadin Ivanov
  12. Hi @Amorphous - Julian I was out of the office from 16th April till today. Could you send me a steps or video how to reproduce the problem? I was not able to reproduce from blank file. I guess that your data tags were disconnected before publishing, but you do not see this, because they are not reset. The exporting of PDF has option for resetting plug-ins. Could your data tags/file be broken before exporting? Could you reproduce the problem from a blank file? We need a steps how to reproduce the problem otherwise we cannot fix it. If you able to reproduce the issue from a blank file this will be very useful. Also if this is related with project sharing we need to know this and steps how to be reproduced. I added a short video with steps what I am doing. Best Regards, Kostadin Ivanov Data Tag.mkv
  13. Hi Eric, For shifting I am not sure whether this is same issue. If you are able to add a bug (or to send a test file with steps how to reproduce) for this We will analyze it. Thanks,Kosta
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