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  1. KIvanov

    How to make a custom Data Tag

    Hello, The problem is that in Window Hex style has hidden texts in its layout. If you open the layout and call "Select All" command you will be able to select and delete the hidden texts. Best Regards, Kostadin Ivanov
  2. KIvanov

    Callout Tool

    Hi @Gunther and @Walid R., Could I ask you for help. Could you ask you teams to try to reproduce this crash, because we are not able. Thanks, Kostadin Ivanov
  3. KIvanov

    Data Tag displaying polygon area

    Hi Steve, Yes, it is possible. This is a way to display the area in the data tag: Best Regards, Kostadin Ivanov
  4. KIvanov

    Data Tag Disconnects From Record Object

    Hello Liene, We found this issue (issue with project sharing) and we will fix it in next SP. Best Regards, Kostadin Ivanov
  5. KIvanov

    Data Tag Disconnects From Record Object

    Hello Liene, Could you send me a test file and eventual steps how to disconnect the data tag(s)? Do you use the project sharing? Thanks, Kostadin Ivanov
  6. Hi Tom, Thanks for report. We will fix this issue. Best Regards, Kostadin Ivanov
  7. KIvanov

    Data Tag - Not displaying data from record

    Hello Sam, I am Kostadin Ivanov and I am one of data tag developers. What I understood is your data tags are not linked to object(s) anymore. Could you send me a test file and I will analyze it. Also it will be useful, if you can describe how you were able to unlink the data tag(s). If your data tags are unlink, you can relink with control points of data tag. Best Regards, Kostadin Ivanov
  8. Hi Sam, We will address this issue. Thanks, Kostadin Ivanov
  9. KIvanov

    Horizontal Text - Data Tag Tool

    Hello Curt, You can turn off the option "Align to Wall / Objects" of your data tag style: Then you will be able to control the angle of the "Text" by the "Rotation" option in the OIP:
  10. KIvanov

    Data tag - Z above grade

    Hi Samuel, You can use #IPZ#, but there is a small bug for parametric and symbol objects. We will fix it. Thanks, Kostadin Ivanov
  11. KIvanov

    Data Tag Function

    Hi Mark, I will try to add worksheet functions in a future versions, but we are not sure whether this will be possible. Best Regards, Kostadin Ivanov
  12. KIvanov

    Data Tag Function

    Unfortunately we do not have function #LENGTH#, but we can try to add this functionality to #PERIM#.
  13. KIvanov

    Keyed Note Troubles

    I will add a bug for this. I guess that keyed note legends on A10 is copied from somewhere. The workaround for the moment is to change "Keynote Display" to Letters and in this way you will lost linked callout form A80. Then change "Keynote Display" to Numbers and Remove Gaps. After these steps you will have correct fill keyed note legend.
  14. KIvanov

    Keyed Note Troubles

    Hello, Could I ask you for a simple test file and steps how to reproduce this issue? If you are able to add a bug for this will be better. Thanks Kostadin Ivanov
  15. KIvanov

    Callout Database - Broken!

    Sorry I misunderstood you.


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