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Organisation Design Layers Saved Views Sheet Layers & Viewports

Grethe Connerth


It would be SO very useful and supportive if it were possible to organise Design Layers, Saved Views, Sheet Layers & Viewports to into sub-folders, showing up kind of 'grouped' in the Navigation Palette.


--> Same as you can do with Classes, by simply adding a dash ' - ' in between the words.


I have many highly complex VW files, and they are filled with a huge number of Design Layers, Saved Views, Sheet Layers & Viewports.


Any input is much appreciated.

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Yes I saw that.

I believe it's just an overkill to when I want something 'simple'.

Also having to assign tags will take it to a level of complexity I don't necessarily want, when I want to quickly create straightforward drawing files.

I am happy to have both options, keeping it simple with a dash creating sub-folders, and tags when I am diving into the deeper end of my works.

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11 hours ago, Kevin McAllister said:

Already on the wishlist here - 




aah, embarrassing, I voted on that post myself and forgot I did ... 😱


Hi @Boh hi @Kevin ,


same here, I do this with

Design Layers " ^^^ Name of type of work in Design Layers above ^^^ -------- "

and Sheet Layers " --- ^^^ EMPTY ^^^ "

haven't done it in Saved Views or the Viewport names yet ...


Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 11.21.49 am.png

Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 11.22.25 am.png

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What I do at the moment is creating Layer filters, so I can "group" my design layers for each floor. If you go to Organization > Design Layers > Manage Filters you can open the "Layer Filters Manager" and create filters that will be available at the navigation panel.


I agree it would be lovely if you could expand a menu using the hierarchical display mode as you can do with classes.

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@Grethe Connerth Not to highjack your thread, but a similar addition would be to add folders to all the Resources (not just Symbols) in the Resource Browser   Manager.  


@Andrew Davies Not to criticize your comment about Tags too much but the issue is that Tags, while powerful, is yet one more new thing to learn. I'm struggling still to get one that works the way I think they should work; I just have to perceiver I guess.   


Folders on the other hand are something that the world  knows how to use, it's a simple, straightforward concept that we already have for Symbols. A tag is another level of complexity that frankly I don't think the vast majority want/need in this case.



BTW, I think Grethe's wish has been around since MiniCad days. 😉

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