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Point size control for Point Clouds


Does anyone know if there's a way in Vectorworks to adjust the point display size on imported point clouds, such as LAS files.


At present I find that point clouds display well at a distance, see attached image 1, but when I zoom in to inspect closely and snap a 3D locus/stake object to a point to confirm its coordinates, the point cloud becomes very difficult to interpret due to the sparsity of points against the surrounding background, see attached image 2.


I've tried adjusting the pen thickness of the point cloud object in the attributes pallette / class settings, and searched in Vectorworks Preferences for any relevant settings, but had no luck so far.


I've discovered a very useful open source program called CloudCompare for the inspection of point clouds. This program allows the user to adjust point display size which really helps with interpretation at close range, see attached images 3-5. Note the 'default point size' adjustment buttons in the top left. 


If similar control over point size display could be added to Vectorworks I believe it would greatly improve the point cloud workflow.




Lidar_Cloud Compare.jpg

Lidar_Cloud Compare_Zoom.jpg

Lidar_Cloud Compare_Zoom_Increase Point Size.jpg

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Hi Jeremy, did you resolve this? We are suffering from the same problem and are really stuck. We have one point cloud that come in very well, nice thick cloud that provides an easy profile to trace over, but the last three we have tried are next to useless, showing the same sparsity of points as your screen captures.


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