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  1. Thanks for all your efforts and patience Pat, very much appreciated - and I have learned something else along the way as well. Andrew
  2. Works like a treat, and I have learned a lot, but ... unfortunately the latitude and longitude values are not accessible (they are different to the inserted X and Y position). I think they must be calculated as part of the Stake function itself and inserted as a text string rather than stored as a retrievable value. Shame. Presumably if I can discover the conversion factors I can create a custom function/calculation. Persistence is key! Andrew
  3. I am a boundary surveyor and spend my time trying to sort out peoples problems with the location of their boundary lines. I align my surveys to the (UK) OS National Grid and if we submit the findings to the Land Registry I need to know the Eastings and Northings for each change in direction the boundary line takes. No Z coordinate, only X and Y. Using the Stake tool makes marking these changes in direction really easy, what I would like to do is create a report for each Stake instance with a number and the two coordinates in. Nothing fancy, just three columns. Try as I might I cannot find a way of doing this, is anyone out there able to help, or to suggest another way I can gather this information? VW2020 SP6 on Windows10 Andrew.
  4. Our workflow is now to make sure we import the point clouds in PTS format and use in Orthogonal projection, Layers set at "Show Others" to get all the colours in the point cloud. We're using VW 2020 SP2 at the moment. Most of our point cloud work is for measured building surveys for plans, sections and elevations, or parts of ships for 3D modelling, so our models are fairly small in dimensional size, rather than landscapes that are relatively larger, although we still max out on the number of points imported every time.
  5. Solved it - draw on Screen Plane not Layer Plane. Like most things, it's easy when you know how 🙂
  6. Folks, I have created a survey of a building using a point cloud, and imported the cloud into VW2020. I have used the clip cube feature to reduce the cloud visibility to a lovely section through the building from which I can draw the floor plans. I know how to set up working planes. BUT, no matter what I try I cannot get a plane set so that I can actually draw any lines I can see. I can draw lines, but they are placed on the working plane that is invisible due to the clipped cube. Anyone know how to get this set up so that I have my working plane set at the working face of the clipped cube plane? Andrew.
  7. Thanks Jeremy. exporting would be good - but the clouds we are using have many millions of points, I don't think the spreadsheet would cope (and even if it did it would take for ever to create and import). We have lodged the problem with Vectorworks support to see if they can come up with something. If they do I will post back here 🙂 Andrew.
  8. Hi Jeremy, did you resolve this? We are suffering from the same problem and are really stuck. We have one point cloud that come in very well, nice thick cloud that provides an easy profile to trace over, but the last three we have tried are next to useless, showing the same sparsity of points as your screen captures. Andrew.
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